Providence Blog: 23 – 30 April 2024

Welcome to our final fishing report for our Mar-Apr 2024 Providence fly fishing season. This week saw us welcome a mixed group of anglers from New Zealand and America. Along with Jim and Watts who were lucky enough to be beginning the second of their 2 week stay with us. 

Our first day on the flats proved to be tricky due to dark clouds, severe wind, and torrential rain. The shorts we were afforded for the GTs were often last minute as the fish snuck up on us out of the dark light and unfortunately resulted in a blank day for our group. Nevertheless, we made the most of the time we had on the water and went to town on the various Grouper and Snapper found throughout the atoll’s coral gardens. A tough day for the atoll’s iconic species but still a fun one on the species front. 

The second day saw us enjoy a marked improvement on the weather front with mild wind and decent sunlight for most of the day. Ben got things underway on the flats early on, and although this was his first-ever saltwater fly fishing experience, he managed to hook and land his first Bumphead Parrotfish. A fantastic achievement, well done, Ben! Jim found himself in the action, converting a feisty GT that was found while it swam alongside a stingray. Natalie and Sergey happened upon a rich vein of life in another area of the atoll and managed to land 2 & 1 GTs respectively. Great job, everyone! 

The third day treated us to patches of decent sunlight and the odd cloud burst. We encountered several large GTs during our time on the flats but unfortunately, these fish didn’t come to hand. Jim, again in the action, this time fooling a decent GT as it bow waked along a turtle grass flat. Gene, top rod on day 3, had an exciting scenario unfold while waiting in ambush during the early stages of the incoming tide… A school of roughly 15 GTs swimming high and jet black in colour slowly drifted into his position. His fly went down and all hell broke loose when the school recognised his fly as food. After a massive explosion of mud and water, he was tight and following a long battle, he eventually landed a powerful 90cm GT! A little later in the day, Gene found himself in the action again, this time pinning a lively GT off a stingray. 

The fourth day had us in the doldrums on the weather front with heavy rain and exceptionally dark clouds for the whole day. Despite this, the atoll was still beautiful and we could not help but feel like real trophy GT might pop up in front of us at any moment… And this is exactly what happened, we crossed paths with several giants but sadly, we were unable to convert these opportunities. Ben was the only angler on this day to taste success on the GT front, and a sweet moment of success it was indeed, his first ever Giant Trevally on the flats. Great work, Ben, we’re sure you’ll remember this for years to come! 

The fifth day delivered the kind of action that we’re used to seeing on the flats of Providence. With schools of tailing GTs as well as large single fish encountered during all hours of the day. Mike enjoyed a stellar day on the flats landing 3 GTs himself. The largest of these an impressive 101cm was fooled into eating his fly as a large school of 30 or so GTs tore past him on the falling tide. This powerful fish took loads of backing and gave an exceptional account for itself before it was eventually landed. Josh and his brother, Jack, enjoyed a special moment together, landing a decent GT each. Natalie, while fishing for Bumpies, noticed an imposter in the middle of the school. A quick change of rods, s1 cast and a few strips resulted in success, this time a trophy GT of 106cm! A great catch and another moment of magic from our favourite flats in Seychelles. On the tailing species front, Jim landed the only Bonefish for the day. 

The sixth and final day of our fly fishing season saw the weather take a turn for the worse, with an incredible amount of rain. These blankets of water fell on us for hours at a time and made things tricky, to say the least. We weren’t deterred though and with our spirits still high we persisted and the catches came in droves. Brothers, Josh and Ben, enjoyed a flurry of action with fish tailing and bow waking all over their flat. They eventually managed to land 2 each. The team fishing team of Watts, Jim, and Mike enjoyed action for most of the day and eventually managed to end with returns of 2, 2, & 1 respectively. Gene finished his trip with us in style by bringing 2 GTs to hand while his boat partner John enjoyed a moment that we all dream of experiencing ourselves… While waiting on the end of a lagoon, a large GT happened upon his position and with a quick cast and a couple of strips he managed to hook and eventually land a GT of 116cm! A fantastic catch to close off our season on Providence for the first half of 2024. Great Job, John! 

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed fishing with this group and although the weather gods were certainly not on our side, we managed to come away with some very respectable catches. On that note, our catch tally for the 8th week of our season was: 

  • GTs – 25 (3 of 100cm and biggest 116cm)
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 1
  • Bonefish – 6
  • Total tally of Grouper & Snapper – 211

 We’d like to thank everyone who joined us this season, the memories we made and the laughs we shared made it special.

Till next season, 

The FlyCastaway Guide Team

Providence Blog: 16 – 23 April 2024

The penultimate week of our early year stint at Providence saw us welcome several old friends to the atoll, a mix from the US, South Africa and Zimbabwe, with Paul staying on for the second of his 2 weeks with us. 

Day 1 had us endure severe wind from the southeast, gusting north of 30 knots from time to time certainly made fishing challenging. Our team of anglers and guides somehow managed to make the most of a tricky wicket and picked up loads of GT catches to start the week off with a bang! The fishing trio of John, Watts, and Dave got straight into the action from the moment their feet hit the flats… GTs tailing and bow waking all over the place resulted in returns of 2, 1, and 1 respectively. Good job, boys! The action carried on in other areas of the atoll with Chris C and Bruce chipping in with 2 and 1 GTs while Paul kept up his good form landing 2 GTs himself. Kris and Tim closed off the catch tally for the day with a single GT each. Well done to everyone for soldiering on through the tough fishing conditions. 

Day 2 delivered an improvement in the weather and a bit more variety on the flats. On the tailing species front Dave, John, and Watts enjoyed some classic Providence Bonefishing with the trio each landing a Bonefish each. Joe added a bit of colour to the days catch report with the only Triggerfish landed for the day. John, who had spent 2 weeks with us in 2022 without any success was determined to land a Bumpie, and that exactly what he did. On the second day of trip with us this year he managed to tame a respectable Bumphead Parrotfish to settle the score with Providence. Attaboy John! Meanwhile the Sage team of Kris and Peter each landed a single GT while Watts, Jim, and Chris C followed suit each getting their hands on lively Giant Trevally. 

The third day saw a continuation of the slightly improved weather conditions with stiff breeze from the southeast and the odd squall passing by every so often. Chris W got the GT catch report going early on landing a small fish that passed through a channel. A little while later he added another to his name and shortly after that, his fishing partner Bruce crossed paths with a powerful fish that was following a large shark across the flat. Good job chaps! The Bonefishing continued to be good with Paul landing 4 Bones himself, the biggest in the region of 8lbs and his fishing partner Kris managed to get 3 to hand for the day. 

Day 4 saw us enjoy some of the impressive grouper and snapper fishing available at Providence with most of the fishing teams catching loads of large line ripping fish. Chris C, John, and Paul all managed a single GT. It was however to be Watts’s day in the limelight. While waiting at a drainage channel, and during a heavy downpour 3 large GTs appeared at his feet. A single cast ahead of them resulted in a massive bust-up and line ripping from his reel at a frighting speed. He was quickly put onto the boat and through a bit of good fortune his fish was landed in a large coral garden! A special fish of 105cm, a genuine trophy… Well done Watts!

Day 5 saw us enjoy the best weather conditions yet, with perfect sunlight and a slight breeze from the southeast. It however turned out to be a tricky one on flats with most of the anglers struggling to put numbers of the board. Bruce managed to land 1 GT while his fishing buddy, Chris W, landed 3. 1 of which a fish that Chris had been hunting for several years… a beaut of 118cm that was encountered late into the pushing tide in the surf. A long battle fulled with nerves eventually resulted in his prized catch resting firmly in his hands. A moment that we’re sure he, his fishing mates, and his guide will remember for a long time to come. Great work chaps!! 

The 6th and final day of the fishing week saw us enjoy decent fishing for the atoll’s GTs. John ended his stay with us in true style landing 3 GTs while his fishing buddy Dave landed a single fish. Peter landed 2 while Bruce and Jim landed a single GT each. 

That brings us the end of the 7th weeks catch report from Providence. Our catch tally for the week was:

  • GTs 35 (2 of 100cm – Biggest 118cm)
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 1
  • Triggerfish -2 
  • Bonefish – 11
  • Group and Snapper – 155

Till next week, 

The FlyCastaway Guide Team.

Providence Blog: 9 – 16 April 2024

The 6th week of the Providence fly fishing season for the beginning of 2024 saw us welcome a mixed group of 9 guests. 3 of the group from last week stayed on for their second back-to-back week of fishing, how lucky they were to have another 6 days of fishing this beautiful and outlandish fishery! 

The first day of the week saw us experience a mild breeze from the southeast and high-altitude cloud which made for tricky visibility on the flats. On the fishing front, we still had several opportunities with some of them turning into catches. Tim got things underway early on and managed to get 2 GTs to hand on his first day, well done Timo! Andy also managed to open and eventually close the GT catch report with a single fish caught during the incoming tide. The boat team of Carlos & Patricio were very interested in the atoll’s Bumphead Parrotfish and they made the most of their opportunities each bringing 1 to hand. Great Job gents! Bryan, managed to sneak alongside a large school of these strange green creatures and after a couple of good presentations he felt tension through the line and set the hook. Chaos ensued and he was tight to a massive Bumpie, after a long battle he eventually landed his prized fish. That concludes the first days catch report. 

The second day saw a marked improvement on the GT front with loads of fish encountered in varied scenarios. Edgard managed to live his fly fishing dream, which was to catch a Giant Trevally in shallow water on the fly. While walking along an extensive turtle grass finger flat he was treated to several opportunities. Eventually, one of the bow wakes accepted the challenge and jumped on his fly. A moment we’re sure he’ll remember for the rest of his life. Well done, Edgard! Then, as if things couldn’t get any better, Dennis, on his first Indian Ocean fly fishing experience, managed to hook an absolute monster of a GT. The fish took loads of backing and eventually got wrapped around a large coral head and got stuck. Miraculously, his guide managed to unstitch the fish and eventually bring it to hand. Dennis’s fish pulled the measuring tape all the way to 109cm! His first ever GT and a moment of magic from Providence! Tim also got into the big fish action when hook and landed a beaut 106cm GT.  Well done. Paul enjoyed some action too, hooking a monster but unfortunately losing it to a coral head, he later landed 2 GTs. Carlos, landed another Bumpie and Brian landed a particularly large Bluefin Trevally that measured 78cm. 

Day 3 saw us treated us to perfect weather with a slight breeze from the southeast and bright blue skies. The fishing was good and our guests bumped into fish throughout the day and tide cycle. Patricio landed his second Bumphead Parrotfish for the trip, and later followed that up with a lively GT. The boat team of Andy, Paul, and Brian enjoyed good action on the trevally front with Paul getting 2 to hand while Andy managed to coax a single GT to his longing hands. Tim, while waiting patiently on a large coral head, had a GT swim within a foot of his knees. A quick cast past and over the fish resulted in a spectacular take. He eventually landed the fish, well done, Tim! To round off the fishing report for the day was Dennis’s lonesome GT landed late in the day. 

The 4th day treated us to more great weather, with perfect sunshine a little wind to speak of. It turned out to be a particularly special day for Kevin who not only managed to land his first ever Bumphead Parrotfish but also, a massive Giant Trevally of 116cm! Both special and well-deserved catches, well done, Kevin! Scott found some action on the tailing species front yet again and chipped in with beautiful Yellow Margin Triggerfish. Meanwhile elsewhere on the atoll Paul, Andy, and Brian got stuck in the GTs when they encountered fish tailing on stingrays which delivered fantastic flats fishing action for the trio. Their catch returns were 1, 2, & 2 respectively. 1 of Brian’s fish was a brutish 96 cm, broad and heavy GT which made for wonderful images of the moment.

Day 5 and yet more blue skies but with a little more wind than the previous 2 days. Dennis finally managed to convince a Triggerfish to accept his fly, landing his first Yellow Margin which made him very happy. Brian and Andy enjoyed more action on the Giant Trevally front landing 3 and 1 GTs respectively while Tim had his way with the atoll’s Bonefish, bringing 4 to hand as well as a single GT. Patricio managed taste sweet success when he went tight on his first ever meter GT which was powerful fish of 104cm. His boat partner, who had been quietly going about his business did one better by landing a monster of 112cm! A special catch, Carlos, great job! 

The 6th and last day of the fishing week had us all go the extra mile for our guests. Despite the effort we unfortunately didn’t get the returns were hoping for on the flats. Scott, however, managed to land his first GT of his trip which was a massive achievement! Great work, Scott! Kevin, Carlos, and Paul each landing a single GT to tidy up the catch report for the 6th week of our season. 

We really enjoyed our time on the flats with our guests. It was special to share first-time catches with many of those who joined us this week. To the old and the new friends, we hope to see you all back with us on Providence in the near future. As for the weeks catch tally, it was as follows: 

  • GTs – 33 (5 over the meter mark, biggest 116cm)
  • Bonefish – 4
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 7 
  • Triggerfish – 2
  • Total tally of Grouper & Snapper – 116 


Till next week folks, 

The FlyCastaway Guide Team


Providence Blog: 2 – 9 April 2024

Welcome to the 5th week of the Providence blog. This week we welcomed a mixed group of anglers from the United States and South Africa, most of whom, regulars to the Providence fly fishing experience. 

The first day of the fishing week was warm with little wind. Due to the tiny tidal range and calm conditions, we experienced warm water throughout the atoll. Despite the tricky conditions we still managed to get a few good catches to hand. Rick, 1 of our few newcomers managed to open his GT account early in the day when he intercepted a GT that was following a shark. Peter W struck gold when a large school of tailing GTs crossed his path, a quick cast into the shoal resulted in a beautiful 96cm GT landed. He later added to his tally with a smaller fish that he convinced to jump on a crab fly on his 9wt. On the tailing species front, Kevin and Carlos each managed to get colourful Triggerfish to hand while Taylor managed to pick up a Bonefish late in the day to close of the catch tally. 

The second day was bright and with a slight breeze from the southeast. The day started particularly well for Taylor who managed to land her first ever GT early on when she spotted 2 fish cruising along the edge of a large sand flat. She later added to her tally in a similar fashion while her brother, Colby, wasn’t going to be outdone and landed his first and later another. Well done guys! Nico add his name to the score board with a powerful GT while Peter found himself in the action yet again, landing an energetic GT. It was however Kevin W’s Day, when he spotted 3 large fishing swimming along a turtle grass finger. His fly went down and 3 strips later he found himself attached to an turbocharged GT that pulled loads of backing off the reel. After some fancy boat work by his guide his fish was eventually landed. A trophy of 118cm! Awesome job, Kev! Jeremy, Carlos, and Scott chipped in on the tailing fish front with each of the landing large Yellow Margin Triggerfish. 

The third day was warm, and so was a lot of the water in the atoll. Nico found himself in the action on the GT front again, he landed a fin perfect fish off a stingray. Father and son duo, Peter & Kev got it done, 3 and 2 GTs landed respectively while Colby closed off the GT tally with a single decent GT. Kevin landed yet another Triggerfish while Taylor found a Bonefish, which is miraculous considering the conditions. Great job, Taylor!

The fourth day saw a sudden change in the swell around the atoll with large waves breaking onto the outer banks of Providence. The highlight of the day was the exceptional fishing our group experienced for Group and Snapper with loads of large fish brought to hand. Noteworthy catches were Carlos’s 108cm and Kevin’s 95cm Napoleon Wrasse caught within minutes of each other. GTs were part of the returns too, with Carlos and Jeremy both landing GTs amongst the Group and Snapper chaos! Colby landed the only other GT for the day. 

The fifth day saw a slight change


 in weather conditions with rolling squalls and patchy light. Rick found himself in the right place, at the right time when he stumbled upon some 20 GTs on 3 large stingrays. After a couple of near misses, he eventually got 1 to stick, a proud moment, well done Rick. Carlos managed to complete a flats slam with a GT, Triggerfish, and Bumphead Parrotfish, congrats and well-deserved Carlos. Jeremy  however had bigger fish to fry, literary, and landed a bus 116cm GT, way to go Jeremy! Nico chipped in with a GT that was found while it patrolled the edge of the beach and Gerhard managed to get 1 to hand too, encountered while holding in the current near a small depression. 

The last day of the week saw us experience a mix of bright sunshine, cloud, and wind with flat calm moments thrown into the mix too – very strange for us on the weather front at the moment. Craig left it late, but got it done nonetheless early on the morning of the 6th day when he found a GT tailing on a stingray in very shallow water. His fly went down and the magic moment happened, he was connected to his first GT. A few nervy moments later his prize was in his hands, well done Craig. He later added another that encountered when a school of GTs arrived during lunch. 2 in 1 day, great work Craig! Jeremy also enjoyed good fishing landing 3 himself, the biggest 81cm. Carlos, Kevin, Peter, and Nico each landed a single GT to add to the tally. Colby landed a colour Triggerfish to put a full stop on the tailing fish species catch report for the week. Kev, left his best for last, while waiting in large surf a large GT happened to swim right at him. He made a fantastic cast and hooked yet another giant. This time, there was no boat to help him with the fight of the fish and he had to make due with a little luck and good gear… Both happened to be on his side this time. His fish, a beautiful 126cm GT was the perfect way to end a enjoyable weeks fishing! Great job, boys!

That brings us to the end of yet another week of fly fishing the pristine flats of Providence Atoll. This week was 1 of laughter, smiles, adventure, ups and downs. We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to see all of those who joined us again in the near future!

Our catch tally for the 5th week of the season was as follows: 

  • GTs – 39 (3 of 100cm & biggest 126cm)
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 2
  • Triggerfish – 8
  • Bonefish – 3
  • Napoleon Wrasse – 11 (108cm)

Till next week, 

The FlyCastaway Team


Providence Blog: 19 – 26 March 2024

Perfect sunshine, soaring temperatures, and 100% humidity welcomed our third group of fishermen to Providence Atoll. Our 12 new guests, all from the United States, hosted by The Fly Shop out of Redding, California were newcomers to the Prov experience and over the moon to finally find themselves on her shores.  

The first day of the fishing week was 1 of education. A new marine environment, with new species resulted in us having to spend a few hours couching and tweaking technique before we could get into the action proper. Pat managed to get his first Yellow Margin Triggerfish while Bob, convinced not 1 but 2 Yellow Margin Triggers to his fly as well as a feisty GT. What a way to start, Bob, well done! Evert, meanwhile, got stuck into the Bonefish landing his biggest ever of 9 lbs. and a little while later, he added a colourful Yellow Margin Triggerfish. Dick closed off the catch report with a single Bone. 

Day 2 saw a delayed start due to a powerful squall with heavy wind and rain. The second the squall passed us we headed to the flats and enjoyed decent weather for the remainder of the day.  The GTs made a good show of themselves with Mike G, Mike, Pat, Evert, Dick, and Bruce all tasting success on this front. Dave managed to land the only Bonefish for the day. 

The third day brought with it tricky conditions in the way of dark cloud and little wind. The diminished visibility on the flats really made the fishing tough and only a single GT was caught for the day. Evert, the man of the moment caught a brute 93cm fish that was spotted sitting in ambush position in a small drainage channel. Evert made a great cast and before he could get through his first strip the GT rushed forward and engulfed his fly. Following an epic battle and with a bit of luck going his way, the fish was eventually landed! Great job, Evert! 

Day 4 had us endure strong winds out of the southeast. Despite the challenging casting conditions, we still managed to convert several GTs for the day. Matt found himself in the right place, at the right time, and managed to land 2 GTs himself, while Mark pinned 2 hungry GTs from as many stingrays… His fish were found tailing next to the rays which is always a very exciting spectacle for both angler and guide. Dave and Tom added to the tally with a GT each and finally was Bruce’s impressive 93 cm catch, caught while it patrolled along a white sand beach. The fish ate his fly just a few inches from the shore and was certainly a moment of magic that Bruce will remember for a long time to come. 

Day 5 was an absolute scorcher. No wind and incredible heat made fishing conditions difficult to say the least. Despite this we soldiered on and managed a handful of decent catches with both Bob and Mike managing to fool a GT each. Dennis added a splash of colour to the day’s catch report with the only Triggerfish brought to hand for the day. Though we experienced difficult fishing the seascapes we were treated too were exceptional… As has been said many times before, a day’s fishing sure does beat a day in the office! 

The 6th and last day of the fishing week had us extra motivated to turn things around on the fishing front. All 4 boats headed across the atoll to the eastern side with high hopes of opportunities for the iconic species we so dearly wanted to catch. Mother nature however, had something else in mind for us and delivered a massive weather system by midmorning with incredibly dark clouds, rolling squalls, and periods of almost no wind. This made for exceptionally tricky fishing conditions, and this showed in our catch report with just 2 GTs landed for the day… 1 going to Bruce while the other fell to Dick.

All in all, the third week our season proved to be exceptionally challenging on the fishing front. A mix of hot water and difficult weather conditions culminated to produce the perfect storm so to speak… Nevertheless, we still thoroughly enjoyed exploring our favourite Seychelles fishery with our new friends and hope that they get a better set of circumstances the next time they visit us out here. As for our catch tally, we landed the following fish for the week:

  • GTs – 19
  • Triggerfish – 5
  • Bonefish – 3
  • Total tally of Grouper, Snapper, and others: 181

Till next week, 

The FlyCastaway Guide Team 

Providence Blog: 12 – 19 March 2024

A new day, a new blog! Welcome to the second week’s fly fishing report from Providence for the year of 2024. This week saw us welcome our old friends from Aardvark Mcleod. A full contingent of anglers from England and 1 from Germany all arrived excited, and ready to enjoy a week of fishing our favourite atoll in the Seychelles. 

Ominous cloud banks and showers on the eastern horizon set the tone, weather wise, for the entire week. The first day nevertheless delivered exciting fly fishing for several of Providence’s iconic species… The GTs were out in full force, and we managed to land 11 for the day with the standout catch going to Joern when he was visited by a lunch time GT that wasted no time in grabbing a bit of lunch itself, charging the fly twice before eventually smashing the little brush fly. Joern’s beauty measured an impressive 102 cm, and was a wonderful way to get things going. Brummy, Steve, and James also enjoyed some hardcore action landing 6 between themselves when a large school of GTs were found with several sharks.  Piers chipped in with a colourful Triggerfish and Peter M finally, after several years of fishing Providence, managed to land his first Bumphead Parrotfish, great job and well-deserved Peter! 

The second day delivered similar action on the GT front with a total of 9 landed for the day. This time, the top angler was young Jack, with 1 of his 3 GTs measuring 101cm! Piers, found himself in the thick of the action too, when he found himself surrounded by a school of 10 large fish. He landed the fly and hooked a powerful GT that measured 103 cm. A little later during the day he landed yet another Triggerfish. Good job, Piers. Peter M, Peter O, Fred, and Gerry all added a couple GTs to the tally. 

Day 3 and the weather took a turn for the worse. With little light and no wind, visibility on the flats was especially limited. Despite this we managed to catch a couple fish. Piers, Steve, James, and Peter M all landed a couple GTs. Fred, managed to land a feisty Triggerfish as well as a large Bumphead Parrotfish. Peter O added a GT and Triggerfish to the tally while his son, Jack, chipped in with a colourful Triggerfish to bring an exciting close to the day. 

The fourth day brought with it even more desperate weather conditions. We however soldered on and did what we could to find some action. Peter O, Fred, and James all landed a single GT while Piers, who clearly had his Triggerfish mojo going strong managed to land another one of these colourful and exciting targets. Peter M landed 1 too, his first for the week. Well done, Peter! 

The fifth day of the week delivered scratchy fishing with little returns. Peter M landed 2 GTs, Joern a single fish, while Peter O got stuck into the action on the Triggerfish front, this time landing a beautiful Yellow Margin. It was however Peter Mcleod’s day. As he waited on the edge of the atoll on the slack tide, he noticed a slight disturbance and the caught sight of the tip of a fin protruding just above the surface of the water. He quickly sent out a prospecting cast and before he could get through the third strip of his retrieve there was a massive explosion on his fly and he was tight. With line ripping off his reel in a blur and by the size of the wake caused by the fish as it tried with desperate determination to reach the open ocean everyone knew it was a giant. After a long battle the fish was eventually landed and pulled the measuring tape all the way to 113cm. A beautiful fish, and a deserved catch for Mr. Mcleod. Well done to everyone involved! 

The final day of the fishing week saw the weather continue in the same manor that had abused us for the entire week. The dark conditions and subsequent cool water on the flats however delivered incredible Bonefish fishing for the team of Peter Mcleod, Peter O, and Jack. The trio landed 23 large Bones between them for the day with the largest going to Jack when landed a massive 29-inch fish which put it in the region of 10 lbs.! A great catch for the young man! James, also landed a real beast of Bone, which was close to the 10 lb. mark while Gerry, Piers, and Joren landed the only GTs for the day. Piers, as you probably guessed it, landed another Triggerfish, this time an absolute bus of a Yellow Margin to close off the fishing for the week. 

In summary, this was a week filled with contrasts… Laughter, smiles, and fun despite the depressive weather we endured for the entire week. As always, we enjoyed every minute of it and are grateful that our old friends from Aardvark Macleod did what they could to make the most of their time with us! We can’t wait to welcome you all back next year. As for the catch tally, we landed the following fish for the week: 

  • GTs – 40 (4 of 100cm with the biggest 113cm)
  • Bonefish – 24 (1 of 10lbs.)
  • Triggerfish – 8 
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 2
  • Total tally of other species landed – 85

Till next week,

The FlyCastaway Guide Team 

Providence Blog: 21 – 28 Nov 2023

We welcomed a near full boat of return guests, some from South Africa and some from New Zealand, along with Tony who was about to start a 2-week stint with us.

After an early dinner and a good rest, all the guests rose on the first day to storms, rain, and almost no light. The teams headed onto the flats to look for bonefish and other tailing species. Despite the conditions, Chris M got off the board with his first GT of the week with the rest of the group enduring a torrid time on the flats due to the weather. Eventually after a massive storm we all scampered back to the safety of the Dugong in the early evening.

We had great hope that would be the last of the weather, but the second day held much of the same. With the tides still okay for a few bonefish, we tried to make do with what we had. Chris M landed another GT while Tony added a perfect GT of 92 cm to the tally. The boat grouping of Charles, Richard, and Craig found a few bonefish, it was however Charles who enjoyed the bulk of the action landing 5 bones, 2 Napoleons, and a barracuda. Richard meanwhile joined a unique club, the Bills and Bones Club, landing his first of each. Well done guys!

By the third day, we had become low light and strong wind specialists. Craig, Rich and Charles continued to enjoy the bonefishing despite the weather hammering us relentlessly. Craig managed to finally land his first GT as well as a powerful Napoleon. The father & son team of Chris and James managed 2 bones, a special moment shared between the pair as this was James’s first-ever experience with a bonefish. He later added a GT to his catch tally for the day. Tony found a triggerfish somewhere in the haze and did very well to land it while his boat partner David landed another Napoleon.

We finally rose on the fourth day to what looked like a little bit of a break in the weather, with some patches of blue sky showing up amongst the clouds. Tony and David did very well; Tony landed a GT in a channel of 85 cm and later he landed a speedy sailfish. Chris W, Chris C, and Pete managed to land 1 GT each for the day while Richard finally got the monkey off his back when he landed his first GT of the trip. Well done Rich!

The fifth day saw us battle the wind, rain and lack of light once again. Restricted to a few white sand flats available to us we managed to scratch out the odd opportunity for the iconic species we were after. Catches of note included Chris W’s 2 GTs, a handful of bonefish for Tony and David as well as a big dogtooth tuna landed offshore.

Before we knew it it was the final day of the fishing week and we finally had some pleasant weather consisting of manageable wind and patchy sunlight. Chris C was the rod of the day landing a beautiful 101 cm GT. His fish was encountered as it attempted to cross a shallow area on an isolated flat. With a full quarter of its body exposed, Chris’s fly went down and the fish rooster tailed 10 meters in a second to smash it. A lengthy battle ensued and eventually the fish was landed – A tremendous fish for the week despite everything thrown at the group! Chris C’s success didn’t stop there, he along with his fishing buddies Chris W and Pete got stuck into 3 enormous grouper, culminating in an awesome triple, a massive Napoleon wrasse, an even bigger saddleback grouper and a large bohar snapper. Later, Pete would add yet another trophy Napoleon to his tally for the day. Special stuff guys, well done. Chris W then, in the dying moments of the last fishing day managed to hook a sailfish that actually spooled him. With the fishing gods on his side, the knot to the reel spool held strong just long enough to gain some line on the fish and then eventually land it. What a way to end the fishing week!

Week 6 goes down as one of the tougher weeks we’ve encountered. Hats off to the guides and guests for hanging in there, all while laughing, joking and fishing hard every single day.

The week’s catch tally was:

  • GT – 14 (biggest 101cm)
  • Sailfish – 4
  • Bonefish -12
  • Triggerfish = 1
  • Total number of other fish species landed – 143

Yours in fishing,

The FlyCastaway Guide Team

Providence Blog: 14 -21 Nov 2023

We welcomed a full group of anglers from our friends at Yellowdog for the 5th week of fly fishing during our end-of-year season. Most of our new arrivals had never been to the Seychelles before, while a few others had recently spent limited time fishing another atoll in the region. Eager to show our new visitors our office for the next 6 days, we quickly got their gear ready and set off for an afternoon in the deep blue, hoping to catch a couple of edibles for the week ahead.

We got off to a great start on the first full day with 14 GTs shared between the group. Matt, John, George, Jarret, and Jud all opened their Providence GT accounts during the day, Jud’s fish a special catch breaking the fabled 100 cm mark. The top rod of the day however was Andy who landed 4 GTs, both impressive fish measuring 105 and 97 cm respectively. These 2 fish were caught in as many casts and within a minute of each other! Exciting stuff, well done, Andy!

With good weather conditions and energy levels that matched that of the day before, we headed to the flats excited about the fly fishing potential that lay before us. Pete got off the mark early with a nice GT, while Andy kept his good form going with another GT. Jud got off to a flying start as well with 2 GTs early during the day. On the tailing species front, John C got his and the group’s first bumpy to hand, as well as a Napoleon in a busy afternoon session somewhere deep in the atoll. Well done, John! In the deep blue, the team of Jay, Jeb, and George experienced some extraordinary fishing for speedy sailfish; landing three and hooking many more!

On the third day, the light continued to play ball, but the wind had other ideas, cranking up several notches. Jay got his first GT of the trip, while Matt and John landed their first-ever Bumpies. Well done, gents! The late afternoon Bluewater run produced a very respectable yellowfin tuna for John C, something that was greatly appreciated by everyone on board the Maya’s Dugong!

On the 4th day, we focused our attention on the tailing species and our guests made quick work of the opportunities that presented themselves. John D and Andy landed their first trigger each, as well as 5 bones and 1 small GT, resulting in a slam for John D. Ian and Rob also managed a GT each for the day while Jud added a triggerfish, bumpie, and greater barracuda to his growing list of species landed for the trip. Elsewhere on the atoll, George, enjoyed a purple patch of action landing his first bumpie, 2 GTs, a triggerfish, and a large barracuda. His boat partners, Pete and Jay, chipped in with a bumpie each bringing a busy day of flats fishing action to an end.

The 5th day had us dealing with bad light and strong wind, which resulted in very challenging fly fishing conditions for our guests to contend with. Despite the conditions, Jeb and Jarrett both enjoyed success, each landing their first bumpies, a colossal achievement! John C managed the only GT of the day, while his boat partners, Andy and Rob got stuck into the bones landing 16 between the pair. Ian, Pete, and John D landed 5 bonefish as well as several shots at Big Permit between the bonefish action. The anglers that caught fish on day 5 should be proud of their efforts considering the severity of the weather conditions.

We woke on the sixth day to clear skies, and we thought that we might be in luck, but shortly after breakfast, the clouds closed in, and the wind blew gale. Despite this, the teams did very well. Jud and George landed some bonefish and got some shots and truly massive GTs. John C and Jeb each landed bonefish of 10 lbs. Well done, guys! Andy, Matt, and John D landed 13 bonefish for the day. John D also added a giant barracuda and another triggerfish to his collection, which is a perfect way to end the week.

The week’s catch tally was as follows (tough light and strong winds made it difficult, but we still managed to record some great catches):

• GT – 27 ( 2 of 1m ) biggest 105cm

• Bonesfish – 56 ( 2x 10lb)

• Triggerfish – 5

• Barracuda – 3

• Sailfish – 3

• Napoleon – 3

• Total tally of other fish landed for the week – 356

Till next week,

The FlyCastaway Guide Team

Providence Blog: 7 – 14 Nov 2023

For the fourth week of the Providence season, we welcomed a mix of seasoned guests and first-time Indian ocean fishermen to the Maya’s Dougong. Julius and Rob stayed on for a second week to see what they could find, while Mike, a seasoned Providence guest, joined Mark and James as first-time anglers to the Indian Ocean. We were also excited to welcome back the Mako Reel team of Justin and Matt who made up a two-ball while Vladimir and Gregory, both seasoned anglers finished off our roster of guests for the week.

The first day of week 4 started with a bang for both Mark and Mike. The pair managed to land their first GT and several bonefish. Julius, now entirely in the swing of things, got his first Providence Slam consisting of a GT, bonefish, and triggerfish. Well done, Julius! Matt and Justin got stuck into the GTs, landing 12 for the day and 2 bones and a triggerfish, resulting in a Providence slam for Justin. Gregory and Vladimir landed 3 GTs, a trigger, and 1 milkfish.

On the second day, we woke to beautiful weather, clear skies, and almost no wind. Mike kept the momentum going by landing 4 GTs. Gregory landed his second GT of the trip as well as a large yellowmargin triggerfish. Justin chipped in with a huge trigger, while Julius did the same adding another trigger and a bonefish to his trip’s catch tally.

On the third morning, we rose to yet of the same weather-wise with low winds and good sunlight. The team of Justin and Matt did incredibly well to land 1 milkfish and 1 sailfish each for the day. Vladimir got himself a beautiful GT of 95 cm with several bones while Gregory added a lovely triggerfish to the catch tally. Rob and Julius landed 3 GT’s, 2 milkfish and a triggerfish.

On the fourth day, Julius and Rob got off the mark in spectacular fashion, with a GT double…..the fish measuring 107cm and 101 cm respectively. This incredible achievement was made even better by 2 more GTs for the day. The cherry on top of Julius’s day was a speedy sailfish he managed to get to hand in the dying moments of day 4. An absolute cracker of a day shared between father and son. Well done guys! Meanwhile, elsewhere on the atoll, Mark managed to get another GT and Justin and Matt’s team added 3 more milkfish to the score, as well as 1 bumpy and 1 GT… A busy day on the flats indeed!

The fifth day saw us deal with tricky conditions in the way of weather, with strong wind and rain making for incredibly tough fly fishing scenarios. Thus, Justin and Matt were the only team to catch any of Providence’s iconic fish, each landing a single GT for the day.

The final day of the fishing week saw Justin and Matt keep their good momentum going. Justin landed an outstanding catch in the way of a 60 kg dogtooth tuna as well as a fantastic GT of 98 cm. Rob and Julius managed to land a couple GTs, 1 triggerfish, and sadly, lost a sailfish. The trio of James, Mark, and Mike managed one each for the final day.

Our catch tally for the 4th week of the season was:

• GTs – 43 (2 of 100cm)

• Triggerfish – 9

• Sailfish – 3

• Bonefish – 14

• Bumphead Parrotfish – 1

• Milkfish – 8

• Total number of other fish caught – 155

Till next week,

The FlyCastaway Guide Team

Providence Blog: 25 April – 2 May 2023

In what felt like a blink of an eye, the final week of our March – May 2023 season was upon us. Change over day always seems to bring with it bluebird skies and moderate wind, however, the weather forecast for the week was ominous with fierce winds predicted from the south-east. Nevertheless, we were still excited to explore the atoll with our group which included first-time saltwater fly fishermen and a few return guests. After a quick orientation around the mothership and tackle setup, the group made good use of the change-over day to get to know each other on the mid-deck over a few cold beverages.


Day 1 had our guide team spread out to different corners of the atoll in pursuit of the tailing species, and of course, the atoll’s population of Giant Trevally. Jamie got off the mark early with his first-ever GT on the fly. Well done, Jamie! Mario also got stuck into the action immediately landing his first and best GT for the week on the first morning, a lovely fish measuring 96cm! Meanwhile, in another corner of the atoll, Chris and Steve did very well by landing 4 Triggerfish before lunch. The afternoon however turned out to be tricky, with low clouds causing very difficult sight fishing conditions. Despite this, our team persisted and added another 2 more GTs to the tally.


Everyone was up to speed with the daily program by day 2 and we set off for the flats with high expectations. Catches of note included an energic GT caught by Tom, who managed to convert his fish from a school that had corralled a school of baitfish into a channel. Derek, a wanderer, had made his way into some fishy-looking water when he spotted 3 GTs swimming down a lagoon edge. He presented his fly and watched as the 3 fish made a violent approach towards his baitfish imitation, what followed was a successful hook-up and a short but intense tussle between some coral heads. He eventually landed his first Providence GT. Well done Derek! Jim tasted sweet success on the Bumpie front when he landed the group’s first of the week. Great going Jim!


The 3rd day brought with it powerful winds blowing out of the southeast. The severe wind made for challenging fly fishing conditions, however, the atoll still delivered a diverse set of fly fishing scenarios for our guests, with a total catch tally of 6 GTs, 15 Bonefish, and 3 Triggerfish. A special mention goes to Mike who managed to land his first ever GT, which was a special moment for all involved as Mike had traveled the world on several occasions without any success. Congratulations, Mike, we can only imagine how good that must have felt!


We endured wild weather and exceptionally rough seas during the 4th day of the fishing week. The conditions saw us have a delayed start with our team heading for their chosen areas for the day when the weather lightened up a tad. The short delay had little bearing on our catch tally with our group tallying 42 Bones, 3 of which were over 10lb! John, Chris, and Derrek are the lucky anglers to land those hefty Bonefish….way to go guys! Meanwhile, Jim found himself connected to a personal best GT that was picked from a small shoal of GTs that were encountered while they dropped off the flats during the falling tide. His beauty measured an impressive 98cm. Great job Jim! Last, but not least, was Jamie’s Bumphead Parrotfish…CONGRATS!


Day five saw an improvement in the fishing conditions, with better weather and more good fish encountered across the board. Our total catch tally for the day was 10 GTs, 1 Bumpie, 11 Bones,  2 Triggers, and a single Milkfish. Chris found a rich vein of form and landed 3 GTs, while Steve and Kurt kept the Bonefish numbers ticking over by landing many more good-sized Bones. At the end of the day, Tom stepped into the house of pain when he hooked a monster Milkfish in the early evening, which we’re sure he still regrets. After a brutal one-hour battle, he finally brought the fish into the net. Well done, Tom!


The 6th and final day of the season saw us enjoy fantastic conditions, with a light south-easterly breeze and good light. Ken, had been unlucky on the GT front, not from any fault of his own, but rather some bad luck. He however managed to rectify this when he made a cast at a school of GTs working across a small finger flat and much to his and the guide’s joy, a bigger fish parted the youngsters and viciously accepted his fly. After a good fight, he landed his best for the week, a specimen measuring 94cm! Well done Ken! Tom, however, landed the top catch for the week, a strong GT that measured 102cm! Well done Tom! As the final whistle blew on the final evening, Jamie landed his first Milkfish, while at the same time Mario hooked but sadly lost a Sailfish.

Thanks for a great week guys, we really appreciate your support and hope to see you back out there in the coming seasons!


The week’s tally was as follows:

• GT – 32 ( 1 – 102cm )

• Triggerfish – 10

• Milkfish – 3

• Bumphead Parrotfish – 3

• Bonefish – 70 ( 3 of 10lb)

• Other species – 156

A special thank you to all our guests that were a part of this fantastic season, we made memories, shared laughs, and learned yet more about this outlandish fishery. We can’t wait for what October – December has in store for us!

Until then,

The Providence Guide Team