Providence Blog: 29 March-5 April 2022

The fourth week of the Providence March – April 2022 fly fishing season saw us welcome another mixed group of anglers from all over the world including South Africa, England, and the USA. The mix of personalities aboard the Maya’s Dugong made for a festive first evening as we chatted with eager anticipation about the exciting fishing we were all in for over the course of the 6 days to come…

The first fishing day delivered a total of 13 GTs with both John and Derrick landing their first ever GTs on the fly, well done gents! The atoll’s resident Milkfish population were encountered in good numbers in the late afternoon, providing Matt with the perfect opportunity to try his hand for these turbocharged speedsters of the deep blue. In just a few casts Matt found himself in the thick of the action when hooked up and eventually landed his first ever Milkfish! A great way to start the week, well done Matt!

The second day saw similar returns on the GT front with a total of 13 landed for the day. The standout catch, however, came after Watts saw the fabled sickled tail of a Permit working its way down a sandy beach. He then presented his fly ahead of his golden quarry and waited for the fish to get within a few inches of it before enticing the eat with a quick strip causing a reaction bite. After a short fight the fish came to hand and the first Indo Pacific Permit of the season was landed…. well done Watts, a truly special moment!

The third day brought with it an incredible day of GT fishing with a total of 20 fish landed, 5 of which breaking the fabled metre mark!!!! Matt enjoyed a cracker of a day and landed a fish of 104cm, followed by a beautiful 105cm giant. Gerhard also enjoyed a couple epic catches being a 101cm and amazing 112cm GT. The fishing gods however had something up their sleeve for him! While he waited patiently in a spot during the incoming tide he saw a large blue shape slide across a white hole in the turtle grass flat. After he presented his fly on the line of the fish, the fish charged, and Gerhard was connected to a fish of a lifetime. Following an intense fight through a coral garden he managed to land a truly special fish that pulled the measuring tape to a jaw dropping 130cm. To hook and land a fish of these proportions on foot is moment of flats fishing magic we are sure Gerhard will remember forever, well done G! Gerhard also managed to land the first Triggerfish for the week while Russ, Peter and Kevin enjoyed a great session fishing for Bonefish in the late afternoon.

The fourth day saw a total of 15 GTs landed. After seeing a massive nurse shark come into the surf zone, Peter worked hard to get into position and presented his fly in front of the school that were following the shark. As his fly hit the water the school raced towards his baitfish presentation and after a huge commotion of energic splashes he was tight with an incredibly powerful GT that measured an impressive 106cm, great job Peter! Matt enjoyed yet more GT success and landed another 2 GTs that broke that magical metre mark. The milkfish were present again and Gerhard, Matt, and Russ all enjoyed success while fishing for this exciting species, well done gents!

The fifth day produced more variety of catches on the flats with a total of 8 GTs landed. Gerhard managed to add to his Triggerfish tally while Matt continued his good form on the flats by landing the first Bumphead Parrotfish of the week, fantastic work Matt! Jari who had been eager to land a Milkfish on the fly finally managed to get it done early on the fifth morning… great job and well deserved Jari!

The sixth and final day saw a total of 12 GT landed. Jari managed to break the fabled metre mark and land a beautiful 103cm GT, well done Jari. The day however, belonged to Dale who after multiple trips to Providence lined up the perfect shot on a really big fish holding in the current. After presenting his fly he watched as the fish charged in and inhaled it. After a strong fight he landed the magnificent 126cm GT…. well done Dale, a fish of a lifetime. Gerhard managed to land another Triggerfish and today G’s Triggerfish success was shared by Russ who managed to land his first ever on the fly, well done Russ!

And so brings a close to the fourth week of the season. With perfect weather conditions and excellent comradery to match our group enjoyed a very special week exploring the azure waters of Providence.

Our catch tally for the week was as follows:

  • GTs – 81 (10 GTs over 100cm..2 over 120cm)
  • Triggerfish – 4
  • Milkfish – 8
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 1
  • Bonefish – 7
  • Permit – 1
  • Total tally of other species caught – 358

Until next week,

The Providence Guide Team

Providence Blog: 22 – 29 March 2022

Welcome to the third week of the Providence March – April 2022 fly fishing season. This week saw us welcome a mixed group of anglers from the UK and the US. Some of the guys were regulars to the Providence experience while others first time visitors to the wonders of this unique Seychelles atoll. The previous 2 weeks of fishing action had our expectations set sky high, as we completed the final bits of preparation before the first day of week 3 on Prov’s exciting flats.

The first day dawned with a slight breeze and bluebird skies resulting in perfect sight fishing conditions. It turned out to be a day of firsts for our guests who got into swing of things from the moment their feet hit the flats, with Mark, Margaret, Vaughn, Duncan and Will all landing their first GTs on the fly. By the time all our tender boats had returned to the mothership on the first evening, we had amassed a total of 19 GTs for the day…a great start! 

The second day saw a total of 12 GTs landed, with a special mention for Will who experienced the thrill of shallow water GT fishing when he connected to a large fish that had been seen tailing on the edge of a lagoon. His beauty stretched the measuring tape to 100cm on the dot… well done Will! Gerry experienced something similar when he managed to entice a massive fish from a school to eat his fly, and following an intense battle the landed fish measured an impressive 109cm… well done Gerry! The tailing fish species were also encountered in good numbers resulting in Kris and Chris each landing their first Triggerfish on the fly. Well done gentlemen!

The third day delivered a truly diverse experience for our guests, with loads exciting opportunities in front of the different iconic flats species available on Providence. By day end our group had landed a total of 17 GTs, 5 Bonefish and a Triggerfish. The Triggerfish landed was a special one as it completed a flats slam of a GT, Bonefish, and Triggerfish for Alexander… excellent job Alexander!

The fourth day saw a total of 16 GTs and another 3 Triggerfish landed. The only Bonefish of the day was landed by Duncan, when he completed his first and the group’s second flats slam of the week… well done Duncan!

The fifth day produced more exciting variety on the flats and in the bluewater, with 7 GTs, 6 Triggerfish, and 3 Milkfish landed. The highlights of the day included Mark and Margaret’s first ever Triggerfish catches. A special mention goes out to Margaret who went on to complete her first flats slam consisting of a GT, Bonefish, and Triggerfish… fantastic Margaret! The conditions proved perfect for fishing for the atoll’s resident Milkfish population, which resulted in Will, Vaughn, and Chris all landing their first Milks on the fly, Great job guys! Chris’s Milkfish success late in the day completed yet another slam… superbly done Chris!

The sixth and final day of the fishing week saw our guests enjoy bluebird skies and very little wind. The conditions, perfect for sight fishing,  delivered a total of 19 GTs landed. Margaret enjoyed the standout catch with an incredibly powerful 103cm GT, picked from a school that was found staging up on the edge of the atoll, nicely done Margaret! The Bumphead Parrotfish were encountered in good numbers resulting in both Mark and Vaughn completing there first ever Bumphead catches… Well done gents! The Milkfish were again found feeding heavily on the outer rim of the atoll, Alex and Duncan going on to land one each… their first ever on the fly. Excellent job guys.

Another busy of week of fly fishing for the full assortment of species available at Providence Atoll has come to an end. As always, it was a pleasure to share the ultimate saltwater playground with our guests during week 3 of this season, and we look forward to what the next trip has in store for us.

Our catch tally for the week was:

  • GTs – 90 (3 over a 100cm and biggest 109cm)
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 2
  • Triggerfish – 12
  • Milkfish – 5
  • Bonefish – 8
  • Napoleons Wrasse- 1
  • Total tally of other species landed – 483

Yours in fishing,

The Providence Guide Team

Providence Blog: 30 November – 7 December 2021

Welcome to the 8th and final week of the 2021 Providence Atoll fly fishing season. Following a quick yet thorough tackle setup, we steamed towards Providence with an excited expectation of what the atoll had in store for our group which was made up of new and familiar faces. 

The first morning dawned with clear skies and a stiff south-easterly wind. Water conditions were perfect for the atoll’s tailing fish species and our guests managed to convert several opportunities, with Sergey and Maxim landing a colourful Triggerfish each. Jeremy got stuck into the Bones landing 9 himself, one of which was an absolute monster of 10lbs. After seeing a forked tail break the surface on the edge of a turtle grass pancake, Jeremy presented his fly to the fish and after inducing the take, watched as his backing was stripped off his reel at lightning speed. After an intense fight he eventually managed to land a beautiful Bonefish and a genuine trophy…congrats Jeremy! A total of 2 GTs were landed for the day, with Claire and Michael sharing the spoils each landing their first Providence GTs on the fly. The day however belonged to Michael who after landing a Bonefish and a GT, managed to hook and land a large Bumphead Parrotfish to complete an Indian Ocean flats slam on his very first day fly fishing in saltwater! What a way to announce yourself to the Indian Ocean, well done Michael!

Day 2 dealt us challenging conditions which consisted of strong winds and overcast skies for most of the day. This made fly fishing opportunities for the faster moving targets a little trickier to convert, which resulted in just 2 GTs landed for the day. The tailing species, however, were out in full force and our guests managed to bring numerous special catches to hand. Most notable was a large lead fish Bumphead Parrotfish for Claire who expertly  presented her crab and set the hooks on. She kept her composure and after a long tug of war, she managed to land her first ever Bumpie on the fly. Great work Claire. The duo of Claire and Kevin then went to work on the atoll’s Bonefish population landing several fish each during an exciting skinny water walk and stalk fly fishing session. The high tide then allowed us to try our hand for the resident Sailfish population. Sergey took his chance, hooking and landing the first Sailfish of the week. 

Day 3 dawned with clearer skies and a moderate south-easterly wind. The good light and better conditions from a visibility perspective resulted in more convertible opportunities on GTs . A total of 7 were landed for the day. Steve and Jason managed to hook and land their first-ever GTs. Jason’s fish was an extra special one that was caught after he spotted a large stingray mud trail with several GTs feeding in it. Jason closed the distance between himself and the school and made his presentation only managing to get through a few strips before going tight and eventually landing a trophy of 104cm. A well-deserved catch, well done Jason! Jeremy also converted his chance when he saw a big fish bow waking between two deeper potholes on a large turtle grass flat. He made a long cast across the fish’s path and watched as it blasted towards and eventually inhaled his fly. An intense battle ensued with the fish giving several powerful runs before his beauty measuring 103cm was landed… nicely done, Jeremy! The big fish report continued with the fish of day going to Kevin, who after seeing a fish tailing along a mottled turtle grass edge, got into position and presented his fly with long fast strips. The fish covered the distance to the fly in a blink of an eye and engulfed it in the classic GT style. With the hook set the fish proceeded to strip backing with an aggressive first run and after a dogged back and forth he managed to get the fish to hand. The fish pulled the measuring tape to an impressive 116cm. A fish of a lifetime, well done Kevin!

Day 4 saw us enjoy clear skies and conditions favourable for productive Giant Trevally fly fishing. This resulted in a total of 10 brought to hand for the day. Maxim, who was on his first-ever saltwater fly fishing trip, managed to hook and land his first GT on the fly when he encountered a fish following a stingray during the incoming tide. The fish wasted little time charging down his fly in exceptionally shallow water, throwing water 4ft into the air when it turned following the hookset. An exciting moment and wonderful spectacle, congrats Maxim! 

Day 5 and more of the same from a visibility perspective. The great visuals on the flats assisted our group in converting their opportunities, with us landing a total of 15 GTs for the day. The highlight of the day’s exploits went to Claire after she spotted a massive blue shape creeping its way up the edge of a coral pancake flat. Waiting patiently, she delivered an accurate presentation as the fish came into range. The moment the fish spotted her fly, it accelerated forward smashing her baitfish imitation. After the hookset, the game was on to wrestle the fish out of the coral gardens and after successfully doing this her trophy was brought to hand. A new personal best of 113cm!!! Well done on completing a magnificent catch, Claire!

The final day of the fishing week saw us experience severe weather conditions, with strong gusts of wind and heavy rain for most of the day. Despite the challenging conditions our group managed to land a total of 9 GTs, the standout catch going to Michael who had been on a mission to land a trophy GT on the fly. His efforts paid off when a shoal of 5 fish was spotted swimming along the edge of a large turtle grass flat. He made a great presentation several yards ahead of the fish, waited for them to swim closer, and then began his retrieve going tight shortly thereafter. He later brought in a powerful 98cm GT,  which was a great catch considering the trying conditions experienced at the time. Well done Michael. 

With the wind at our back, we bring the first half of the Providence 2021 season to a close. Our catch tally for the week was: 

  • GTs – 46 (5 over a meter)
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 3 
  • Triggerfish – 2
  • Sailfish – 2
  • Bonefish – 25 (1 of 10lbs.)
  • Total tally of other species caught – 375

We enjoyed so many special moments on the flats this season! Shared smiles, laughs, and the odd moment of heartbreak together. A big thank you from us to the larger FlyCastaway family, we look forward to welcoming you all back in the near future.

Unit next season,

The Providence Guide Team

Providence Blog: 16 – 23 November 2021

In what felt like a blink of an eye, we had already reached the start of the 6th week of the season. This week we welcomed a group mostly comprising of Providence regulars onboard our trusty mothership. The routine of tackle setup and safety orientation was at this point running like a well-oiled machine and we made quick work of both before we set sail towards the exciting saltwater wilderness of Providence Atoll. 

Day 1 began with clear skies and a light south-easterly breeze. The conditions allowed our guests to enjoy the full range of diversity available on the atoll landing a total of 3 GTs, 3 Triggerfish, 5 Bones, and 2 Bumphead Parrotfish for the day. A special mention for Guetye who enjoyed a great day that began with a GT, his first Triggerfish, and eventually a large Bonefish that he managed to entice with a shrimp fly imitation which secured his first-ever Indian Ocean flats slam. What a way to get the fishing week started! Great job Guetye.

Weather conditions on day 2 were good, although somewhat windy with a stiff south-easterly blowing. Fly fishing for the Giant Trevally proved to be difficult on this day with a single fish coming to hand. Other catches of note included Guetye’s first-ever Bumphead Parrotfish caught on the fly as well as an absolute monster of Bonefish landed by Miachel. Miachel’s dream catch was encountered while he was wading the interior of a white sand flat when he saw a tailing Bonefish and after perfectly presenting his fly to the fish, he came tight. After surviving several runs into the backing he managed to land his biggest ever Bonefish which measured a staggering 31 inches. Great Job Miachel! 

Day 3 dawned with clear skies and a continuation of the strong easterly wind. A total of 4 GTs, 1 Triggerfish, and several Bonefish were landed for the day. Stephane enjoyed some cracking moments of fly fishing hooking and landing a colourful Triggerfish and later landing a monster Bonefish that pulled the measuring tape all the way to 29 inches. Awesome fishing, well done Stephane.

Day 4 saw a marked improvement in the GT fishing, with a total of 11 landed for the day. Miachel had a great day managing to land a couple of Bonefish in the skinny water surrounding one of the larger white-sand islands of the atoll. Fly fishing for the different Groupers and Snappers available on Providence also turned up a couple of gears and some truly entertaining fishing was had by our guests while drifting over the various carol gardens scattered throughout the atoll. 

Day 5 and we welcomed a break in the strong south-easterly wind that had been blowing for most of the week thus far. Enjoying the somewhat improved conditions our guests went on to capitalize on their opportunities and landed a total of 7 GTs and 1 Bumpie for the day. John landed 2 energetic GTs and Guetye continued his good form with Bumpies landing yet another one for the week. A special mention for Igor who encountered one of his bucket list catches after wading through some deep water and onto a shallow coral head exposed by the spring low tide. Once perched on top of the coral head he saw a magical blue shape appear on the edge of another large coral head just inside casting range. Following the presentation of his brush fly and an energetic retrieve, he came tight to the almost mythical Napoleon Wrasse. After an intense fight trying to keep the fish away from the numerous coral snags in the area, he managed to land his dream saltwater fish. A well-deserved catch, well done Igor!

The last day of the fishing week dawned with gloomy skies and heavy rain. Fortunately, these conditions were short-lived and we enjoyed clear skies by midmorning. A great day was had by our guests with 11 GTs brought to hand! A special mention goes out to Hugo who managed to land and tame 3 of 11 himself. After landing a beautiful Bumpie, Rodolphe then went on to hook and land his first ever GT on the fly, a great achievement, well done Rodolphe! 

That brings us to the end of a fairly challenging but enjoyable week of fishing on Providence Atoll. The diversity of fly fishing scenarios available to our guests was on full display this week and we made the most of the opportunities presented to us with several epic catches coming to hand.

Our catch tally for the week was: 

  • GTs – 37
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 5
  • Triggerfish – 4
  • Bonefish – 9 (2 over 10lbs.)
  • Napoleon Wrasse – 2
  • Total tally of other species landed – 486  

Until next week,

The Providence Guide Team

Providence Blog: 9 – 16 November 2021

Welcome to the fifth week of the Providence 2021/2022 season. This week we welcomed a group of familiar faces aboard the M.V Maya’s Dugong for the first time since the beginning of the CV-19 pandemic. Following a quick orientation of the mothership, we set to work readying our guest’s gear for all the exciting fly fishing scenarios likely to be encountered out on Providence.

Our guests this week were mostly interested in the tailing species that call Providence home, specifically the Bumphead Parrotfish and Triggerfish. Conditions were favorable for this and several opportunities were enjoyed during the first day of fishing delivering a total of 3 successful Bumphead Parrotfish catches. Grigory caught the standout catch for the day, landing an incredibly powerful 109cm Bumpie. Well done Grigory! Oleksandra experienced the thrill of walk and stalk fly fishing and managed to land her first ever Yellowmargin Triggerfish on the fly while exploring a lagoon edge. The GTs however proved difficult to come by on day 1 of the week with a total of 2 landed for the day, one of which was a trophy caught under unique circumstances. While fishing to a school of Bumphead Parrotfish Vadim presented a cast with his crab fly towards the school, going tight, shortly followed by the traditionally long first run into the backing. After a long battle, the fish was eventually landed and to his surprise, he had hooked and landed a 100cm Giant Trevally on his 9wt. Well done on this special catch Vadim! 

Day 2 dawned with clear skies and a slight south easterly breeze. The tailing species were again on the menu. Grigory managed to land his first Triggerfish of the trip, while Andrei and Gennadiy enjoyed a productive Bonefishing session. A total of 6 Bumphead Parrotfish were landed for the day with John enjoying a truly memorable day on the flats landing 4 Bumpies, one of which a monster measuring a whopping 115cm. Well done John! Justin, an experienced visitor of the outer islands of Seychelles also got into the action and managed to hook and land his first Bumpie, and then followed that with another fish. 

Day 3 dawned with clear skies on the horizon. A total of 2 bumpies were landed for the day with Vadim and Grigory enjoying the spoils by landing one each. The GTs finally began to make a reappearance on the atoll providing several opportunities on the flats for our guests. Gennadiy made the most of his chances after encountering a school of GTs tailing near 3 Nurse sharks. He presented his fly into the school and following just a few strips his fly was engulfed, shortly followed by yards and yards of backing as the fish steamed off. After an intense tussle, the fish was eventually landed pulling the measuring tape to 113cm. A fish of a lifetime… well done Gennadiy! Andrei also managed to land his first GT for the trip along with Vladimir also landing his first GT for the trip after spotting it pushing a bow wave in very shallow water. Vadim had another great day landing 2 Triggerfish.

Day 4 dawned with clear skies and a stiffer south easterly breeze. A great day was had on the tailing species, with no less than 8 triggerfish landed. A special mention goes out to Vladimir who managed to land 3 for the day….well done Vladimir. Vadim managed to land a GT early on in the morning and then followed that up with 2 Triggerfish and then a Bonefish to complete an Indian Ocean grand slam. Great job Vadim! Gennadiy had a great day too, landing both a Bumpie and a GT before the day came to an end.

Day 5 dawned with clear skies and a stiff south easterly breeze. Another great day was had while fishing for the tailing species, with John managing to open his Triggerfish account, following it up with another in quick succession. Justin also enjoyed a great day landing 2 Bumpies, while Vladimir again managed to land himself 3 Triggerfish. He followed that up with his first Bumpie of the trip… well done Vladimir.

Day 6 dawned with a change in weather, the eastern horizon littered with dark storm clouds and rolling banks of rain. A total of 2 GTs were landed for the day with a matching number of Bumpies being landed. John managed to better his first massive Bumpie. After landing his crab in a school of tailing fish, he hooked and tussled with a monster that measured 116cm…awesome fish well John! And finally, late on the final day with the sun nearing the horizon, Nikolai managed to hook and land the first and only sailfish of the week….well done Nikolai.

That brings us to the end of a very enjoyable week of fly fishing for Providence’s full assortment of tailing species. Our catch tally for the week was as follows: 

  • GTs – 9 (2 over a meter)
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 17 (Biggest 116cm)
  • Triggerfish – 19
  • Bonefish – 12
  • Sailfish – 1
  • Total tally of other species landed – 387

Until next week,

The Providence Guide Team

Providence Blog: 2 – 9 November 2021

Welcome to the fourth week of the Providence 2021/2022 season. After picking up our new group of guests and welcoming them all aboard the Maya’s Dugong we set sail for Providence with an energised expectation of what the atoll had in store for us and our group of 12 new friends.

The first day dawned with clear skies and a southeasterly breeze. A great day of GT fishing was had with a total of 34 GTs landed. Al, Hal, and Bryan all managed to land their first GTs on the fly while Chris enjoyed fantastic success on his first day on Prov’s flats landing 12 GTs by himself, two of which broke the magical meter mark!

Day 2 saw a strengthing of the south-easterly breeze which had been absent for the previous week. Nevertheless, our group enjoyed yet another cracking day on the flats on the GT front with a total of 26 landed. Bryan enjoyed a moment of Providence magic while wading onto an exposed sandbank. He saw a large dark shape come into range and following a great presentation and a few quick strips he went tight and eventually landed a beautiful Giant Trevally of 102cm. Bryan didn’t stop there and went on to land an incredibly strong Bumphead Parrotfish, his first and the first landed by our group for the week. Well done Bryan!

Day 3 dawned with a stiff south-easterly breeze and conditions that allowed us access to the difficult-to-reach areas of the atoll. A total of 19 GTs were landed for the day with Dave and Tom managing to open their accounts for the week.

Day 4 dawned with clear skies and another opportunity to explore the far corners of the atoll which resulted in our group landing a total of 13 GTs for the day. While wading the edge of an exposed flat, Ken spotted two fish cruising the edge heading in his direction. He presented the fly with a good lead on the fish, stripped and watched as his fly was engulfed. After a long first run he landed a beautiful fish of 102cm, well done Ken! Whilst watching a massive school of tailing Bumpies wave their tails in front of him, Al made a perfect cast, came tight, and landed his first ever Bumpie on the fly!

Day 5 saw the south-easterly stiffen again with the eastern horizon remaining clear of cloud cover and rain. A total of 7 GTs were landed by our group for the day. Catches of note included Dave realising one of his dreams by connecting with a real trophy GT in the surf zone. His trophy was spotted surfing in behind a school of Bumpies, and following a pinpoint cast, the fish rushed forward and engulfed his fly. A long fight ensued and eventually, Dave had his dream catch firmly in his hands. This powerful fish measured an impressive 113cm…well done Dave! Bryan continued with his good form from the previous few days of fishing and hooked and landed his first ever Triggerfish, which was soon followed up with his second Bumpie of the week. With the potential of that elusive flats slam on both his and guide’s minds, the hunt was on for the GT. He eventually went on to hook and land a lively GT that was spotted pushing a wake in very shallow water. Congratulations on a well-deserved slam Bryan! Hal also enjoyed success on the Bumpie front, ticking off the fish he had been most interested in from the start of his trip. Nicely done! 

Day 6 dawned with a darker horizon and a continuation of the stiff south-easterly breeze. Tricky conditions from a visibility point of view resulted in a total of 4 GTs landed for the day. Ken enjoyed the highlight of the day when he found himself in the right place at the right time. A very large black shape suddenly appeared in front of him, he shot out a quick cast and after several strips, a huge mouth exploded out of the water connecting him to a turbocharged Giant Trevally. After a blistering first run and a nervy battle to the end he eventually landed a monstrous fish that measured 122cm…..another fish of lifetime! Bryan then found himself amongst the Bumpies yet again and managed to land his third for the week, closing his weeks fishing on Providence in style. 

Another week of tremendous fishing was enjoyed on Providence Atoll. A special thanks to all our guests who joined us this week, we had a blast exploring Prov’s flats with you all and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Our catch tally for the week was as follows: 

  • GTs – 101 (6 over a meter)
  • Triggerfish – 1
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 6
  • Total tally of other species landed – 285

Until next week,

The Providence Guide Team

Providence Blog: 20 – 27 April 2021

Providence Blog: 20 – 27 April 2021

Sadly we were already at the beginning of the third and final week of the Providence April 2021 season. With two weeks of hardcore fly fishing action behind us, we were however excited to make the most of the remaining time we had on the atoll’s wild and abundant waters. Following our routine of tackle inspection, boat orientation, and guide’s meeting we settled in for the evening. Our minds whizzing, full of exciting thoughts of scores to settle and fish to be caught.

The first day dawned with dark skies and a stiff easterly wind. An early morning neap pushing tide allowed us to head straight for the flats with expectations of loads of tailing species and GTs following stingrays. The tough light conditions made the fishing tricky, however, we were still able to find the fish and land a total of 12 GTs, 2 Bumpies, and a few jumbo-sized Bonefish for the day. Michael and Tom got into the thick of the action when they encountered a massive school of GTs that were following several Nurse sharks along a shallow finger flat. Following a hurried approach to get into position both angler’s flies were delivered into the mass of boiling water and were exploded upon by two big GTs. Despite the amount of coral in the area both anglers managed to land their fish, Michael’s a monster of 113cm and Tom’s just as impressive measuring 107cm. The chaos continued for the pair when the school of GTs appeared again, this time following Lemon sharks. As before, both flies were delivered to the school and both Tom and Michael hooked up again and eventually completed the pair’s second double within 20mins. An incredible moment of GT fly fishing, well-done guys! The Bumpies were out in full force with large schools upwards of 25 fish encountered on the flats. After a few close calls, Brian’s fly fishing dream turned into reality when he hooked up with his first Bumphead Parrotfish. His dream catch charged across the flat tearing backing from the reel. Following a nervy tug of war, his Bumpie finally came to hand which led to an emotional celebration and a quick few moments in front of the camera. Well done, Brian! Tom, who enjoyed the wild GT action also managed to land his first Bumpie of the week, and a little later a few Bonefish securing his flats slam. Well done Tom! Tony also enjoyed some of the Bonefish action and went on to land a trophy of 10lbs, well done Tony. This concluded a wild day 1 one on Providence’s flats.

The second day saw the skies darker and even more ominous than day 1. Rolling sets of wind and rain hit the atoll constantly from the southeast. Despite the visibility being exceedingly difficult we were fortunate enough to encounter the fish whilst they tailed across the flats, giving us an indication of their whereabouts. A total of 6 GTs, 2 Bumpies, 2 Triggerfish, and several Bonefish were landed during the day. Top honors on the GT front went to Sean who encountered a school of large GTs that had rushed onto a shallow flat. The school then began tailing aggressively which allowed him to catch up and make his presentation. The first fish that spotted his fly raced across and crushed it. It then proceeded to blast off the flats taking loads of backing in the process. Sean eventually brought in his beauty which stretched the measuring tape to 105cm. He later went on to land a Triggerfish and several Bonefish completing another flats slam for the week. Well done Sean! Tony also got into the action and opened his triggerfish account with a beautiful Moustache Triggerfish, while Brian and Chris both made the most of their opportunities in front of Prov’s resident Bumpies landing one each, well-done guys!

Day three and finally we had clear skies, although a stiff southeast wind continued. Although the visuality had improved greatly it turned out to be a relatively tough day of fishing on the flats with 3 GTs, 12 Bonefish, 1 Triggerfish, and 2 Bumphead Parrotfish landed for the day. Tony however, experienced one of those days that only Providence’s diverse flats can deliver landing 4 of Prov’s 7 iconic fly fishing species. His day included a beautiful Moustache Triggerfish, a GT, and Bumpie before ending his special day and super slam with a turbo-charged Bonefish. Well done, Tony!

The fourth day dawned with clear skies and a move of our mothership for easier access to the flats better suited for the approaching spring tides. Our move delivered results on the GT front with a total of 12 landed for the day. Bryan and Chris enjoyed a stellar day landing several GTs between the pair. The largest fish of day 4 also fell to Brian who after spotting a GT moving along a lagoon edge presented a short cast ahead of the fish. Once his fly was spotted the fish wasted little time and after two hard tail beats, engulfed the fly. Following an intense battle, Brian eventually brought his beautiful 98cm fish to hand. Well done, Brian!

The fifth day saw a continuation of the clear skies and a stiff south-easterly wind. A total of 7 GTs were landed for the day with Brian encountering a lagoon-bound monster that attempted to eat his fly three times during the same presentation. The fish took hold of the fly just yards from the lagoon edge and what followed was 20 seconds of incredible power that eventually led to a broken fly line. Heartbreak! Claire and Sean enjoyed a great day taking on the various Grouper and Snapper species that call Prov’s coral gardens home. The pair landed several doubles of large Bohar Snappers, Bluefin Trevally, and grouper species which added numbers to their personal saltwater species tally.

The last day of the week and season dawned with a clear horizon and a full moon spring tide dictating the fishing schedule. The large volume of water moving over the flats resulted in short periods of activity during different stages of the tide. Our group landed 10 GTs in total with loads of shots at trophies throughout the day. Sean was in the thick of the action yet again. This time, while waiting in ambush on the outer rim of the atoll he had 3 trophy GTs approach his position. His presentation caught the attention of the largest fish in the school which unfortunately charged and missed his fly. The remaining two fish then shot towards the fleeing fly and crunched it at his feet. An intense battle ensued and after dodging the odd coral head Sean landed his second trophy Giant Trevally of the week, measuring 108cm. Well done Sean! Tony had a remarkably similar experience, however in a different area of the atoll. While in their ambush position on a bridge finger flat between two lagoons Tony had 3 giants push up onto the flat. He nailed the presentation, and the lead fish wasted no time inhaling the fly. After a long battle, the landed fish stretched the measuring tape to 109cm. Well done Tony!

This brings us to the close of a very exciting and productive 3 weeks of fly fishing Providence Atoll. A special thank you to all of those who made the journey out to join us this April. The fishing action lived up to our expectations and we can’t wait for what our October – December 2021 fly fishing season has in store for us.

Our catch tally between 7 anglers during week 3 was:

  • GTs – 50 (5 over a meter)
  • Bumpies – 6
  • Triggers – 3
  • Bonefish – 19 (1 of 10lbs)

Till next time, tight lines from the Providence Guide Team

Providence Blog: 26 Nov – 3 Dec 2019

Providence Blog: 26 Nov – 3 Dec 2019


Despite dark stormy skies we began our fishing week in style with a total of 12 GTs landed on Day 1. Igor, Rob, Steve and Chris all managed to open their accounts with the fish of the day going to Rob. His fish was fooled into eating the fly while he waited on a turtle grass finger in a large lagoon, after a quick presentation the fish inhaled the fly and following an intense fight the fish was brought to hand, measuring 108cm, well done Rob! A special mention for Steve whose first GT on fly broke the meter mark, well done Steve. The large green tails of the Bumphead Parrotfish were seen waving their way across the flats resulting in several great opportunities in front of these green giants. Igor converted his chance and landed a fin perfect Bumpie to end day 1.


The second morning brought with it difficult conditions with strong winds and heavy rain for most of the day. Despite the tough conditions, it turned out to be an incredible day of GT fishing with 30 fish landed. Chris, Alex, Peter, Serhiy, Slava, Igor and Vadim all landed fish. The standout catch for the day went to Slava who managed to successfully steer it out of a coral garden and land a monster of 120cm, a fish of a lifetime. Igor also managed to land a brute coming in at 118cm. Vadim managed to the tame a proverbial unicorn of the flats landing a Napoleon Wrasse of a meter off the edge of a turtle grass pancake, well done!


Day 3 continued in similar fashion with less than ideal weather conditions and yet still fantastic fishing on the GT front with 28 fish landed. Rob, Vadim, Slava, Igor, Nataliya, Alex, Chris and Peter got into the action. Alex, Chris, Peter, Vadim and Rob all managed to land fish over the meter mark with the fish of the day belonging to Alex, who managed to fool his brute 111cm fish while waiting in ambush on a sandbar. Serhiy managed to land the first Triggerfish of the week, hooking and landing an energetic Yellow Margin Triggerfish.


The fourth day saw a continuation of the prevailing heavy cloud cover and rolling squalls. With the GT fishing slowing down ever so slightly, 19 fish were landed. Igor, Nataliya, Serhiy and Chris all got GTs to hand while Rob managed to land another fish over the meter mark. After working hard through the first half of the week, Serhiy managed to hook and land a truly memorable GT of 127cm which was hooked while waiting patiently on the incoming tide. Slava got into the action yet again, after swimming through some deeper water he got onto an isolated turtle grass pancake and saw the blue tail of a Napoleon Wrasse waving on the edge. After presenting the fly the fish wasted no time and inhaled his baitfish imitation, he somehow managed to keep the fish from the coral and landed a trophy Napoleon of 100cm on foot on the flats, a very special catch!


Day 5 brought with it an increase in the intensity of the weather with a stiff south easterly wind blowing and large banks of rolling squalls. A total of 5 GTs were landed for the day with Vadim, Nataliya, Serhiy, Alex and Chris all getting fish to hand. With the bumpier seas the Sailfish once again presented themselves and Rob and Vadim managed to land our first Sailfish for the week.


Day 6 and another tough weather day with the wind picking up dramatically overnight. The boats headed out to the midway sections of the atoll. A total of 3 GTs were landed by Serhiy, Vadim and Slava. Rob managed to find himself drifting onto a large school of feeding Milkfish and didn’t hesitate to land the first Milkfish of the week. Steve had a stellar day landing his first Sailfish on fly and then a 115cm Dogtooth Tuna that was successfully teased in on the Sailfish teaser. After seeing the fish at the back of the boat he shot out the cast and the Dogtooth Tuna smashed the fly, well done Steve! Vadim rounded off his week by landing the second Yellow Margin Triggerfish for the week. With that we concluded an incredible week of fishing, despite the tough weather conditions we were still able to land a number of very special fish.

Our tally for the week was as follows:

  • GTs – 97
  • Triggerfish – 2
  • Bumpies – 1
  • Sailfish – 3
  • Milkfish – 1
  • Napoleons – 2
  • Species – 422

Yours in fishing,

The Providence Guide Team

Farquhar Blog: 13-20 Nov 2019

FARQUHAR - Week_6 - 13 - 20 November - Kyle Reed - 144

Farquhar Blog: 13 – 20 November 2019
Another week of fantastic flats fishing on Farquhar has just come to an end. The weather this week was just about perfect, with light winds and mostly sunny skies providing ideal sight fishing conditions. Our tides this week started out on full spring tides which tapered off into neaps as the week went by.

A total of 13 GTs were landed. Peter landed 3 fish as did Piers. Kelvin landed two fish including his first ever GT. Chantel, Louis, Piers, James, and Rod all landed one GT each. Well done everyone!


38 Bonefish were landed, including Charles’s first fish on fly and the largest Bonefish, a 62 cm trophy class fish! One Triggerfish was landed by James. Peter managed to catch his first Bumphead Parrot fish, a massive fish of 94 cm. Well done Peter!

Fishing partners Charles and Kelvin combined to land 21 species of fish this week, whilst Chantel landed a rare and beautiful saddle back grouper of 75 cm.The bluewater fishing also provided some great action, with 4 Yellowfin and 3 Skipjack Tuna being caught.  In addition, 1 Wahoo was landed by Piers, this was his first of this species.

Thanks to everyone for another great week!

The Farquhar Guide Team

Farquhar Blog: 6 – 13 Nov 2019

Farquhar Blog: 6 – 13 November 2019


Another fun week of flats fishing has come to an end out on Farquhar. Weather conditions this week were tough early in the week which certainly made things challenging, but things did improve and we ended on a good note. At the start of the week we had generally windy conditions with some cloud cover. The wind tapered off thankfully towards the end of the week and the last day was absolutely perfect.

Tides this week started off on neaps which progressed to full moon spring tides at the end of the week.


Seven GT were caught this week with the largest fish being a 94cm fish landed by Andrew. Craig landed one GT, as did his brother Mark, whilst Nick landed two. Nick’s first fish was his first ever GT. Nick and Chantel landed a nice Golden Trevally each, whilst Alan and George each landed one GT a piece. Nick and his father Mark also caught some great Bonefish over 60 cm. Well done!


FARQUHAR - Week_5 - 6 - 13 November - Kyle Reed - 10Two Bumpies were landed this week, a huge 103cm fish landed by Mark with Chantel getting our second. Two Sailfish were also landed this week, one by Alan and one by Andrew. In addition to the Sailfish caught offshore, George landed a nice Yellowfin Tuna and Genkel landed a nice big Wahoo.

Thanks to all our guests for the great week!

Tight Lines

The Farquhar Guide Team