Providence Blog: 20 – 27 April 2021

Providence Blog: 20 – 27 April 2021

Sadly we were already at the beginning of the third and final week of the Providence April 2021 season. With two weeks of hardcore fly fishing action behind us, we were however excited to make the most of the remaining time we had on the atoll’s wild and abundant waters. Following our routine of tackle inspection, boat orientation, and guide’s meeting we settled in for the evening. Our minds whizzing, full of exciting thoughts of scores to settle and fish to be caught.

The first day dawned with dark skies and a stiff easterly wind. An early morning neap pushing tide allowed us to head straight for the flats with expectations of loads of tailing species and GTs following stingrays. The tough light conditions made the fishing tricky, however, we were still able to find the fish and land a total of 12 GTs, 2 Bumpies, and a few jumbo-sized Bonefish for the day. Michael and Tom got into the thick of the action when they encountered a massive school of GTs that were following several Nurse sharks along a shallow finger flat. Following a hurried approach to get into position both angler’s flies were delivered into the mass of boiling water and were exploded upon by two big GTs. Despite the amount of coral in the area both anglers managed to land their fish, Michael’s a monster of 113cm and Tom’s just as impressive measuring 107cm. The chaos continued for the pair when the school of GTs appeared again, this time following Lemon sharks. As before, both flies were delivered to the school and both Tom and Michael hooked up again and eventually completed the pair’s second double within 20mins. An incredible moment of GT fly fishing, well-done guys! The Bumpies were out in full force with large schools upwards of 25 fish encountered on the flats. After a few close calls, Brian’s fly fishing dream turned into reality when he hooked up with his first Bumphead Parrotfish. His dream catch charged across the flat tearing backing from the reel. Following a nervy tug of war, his Bumpie finally came to hand which led to an emotional celebration and a quick few moments in front of the camera. Well done, Brian! Tom, who enjoyed the wild GT action also managed to land his first Bumpie of the week, and a little later a few Bonefish securing his flats slam. Well done Tom! Tony also enjoyed some of the Bonefish action and went on to land a trophy of 10lbs, well done Tony. This concluded a wild day 1 one on Providence’s flats.

The second day saw the skies darker and even more ominous than day 1. Rolling sets of wind and rain hit the atoll constantly from the southeast. Despite the visibility being exceedingly difficult we were fortunate enough to encounter the fish whilst they tailed across the flats, giving us an indication of their whereabouts. A total of 6 GTs, 2 Bumpies, 2 Triggerfish, and several Bonefish were landed during the day. Top honors on the GT front went to Sean who encountered a school of large GTs that had rushed onto a shallow flat. The school then began tailing aggressively which allowed him to catch up and make his presentation. The first fish that spotted his fly raced across and crushed it. It then proceeded to blast off the flats taking loads of backing in the process. Sean eventually brought in his beauty which stretched the measuring tape to 105cm. He later went on to land a Triggerfish and several Bonefish completing another flats slam for the week. Well done Sean! Tony also got into the action and opened his triggerfish account with a beautiful Moustache Triggerfish, while Brian and Chris both made the most of their opportunities in front of Prov’s resident Bumpies landing one each, well-done guys!

Day three and finally we had clear skies, although a stiff southeast wind continued. Although the visuality had improved greatly it turned out to be a relatively tough day of fishing on the flats with 3 GTs, 12 Bonefish, 1 Triggerfish, and 2 Bumphead Parrotfish landed for the day. Tony however, experienced one of those days that only Providence’s diverse flats can deliver landing 4 of Prov’s 7 iconic fly fishing species. His day included a beautiful Moustache Triggerfish, a GT, and Bumpie before ending his special day and super slam with a turbo-charged Bonefish. Well done, Tony!

The fourth day dawned with clear skies and a move of our mothership for easier access to the flats better suited for the approaching spring tides. Our move delivered results on the GT front with a total of 12 landed for the day. Bryan and Chris enjoyed a stellar day landing several GTs between the pair. The largest fish of day 4 also fell to Brian who after spotting a GT moving along a lagoon edge presented a short cast ahead of the fish. Once his fly was spotted the fish wasted little time and after two hard tail beats, engulfed the fly. Following an intense battle, Brian eventually brought his beautiful 98cm fish to hand. Well done, Brian!

The fifth day saw a continuation of the clear skies and a stiff south-easterly wind. A total of 7 GTs were landed for the day with Brian encountering a lagoon-bound monster that attempted to eat his fly three times during the same presentation. The fish took hold of the fly just yards from the lagoon edge and what followed was 20 seconds of incredible power that eventually led to a broken fly line. Heartbreak! Claire and Sean enjoyed a great day taking on the various Grouper and Snapper species that call Prov’s coral gardens home. The pair landed several doubles of large Bohar Snappers, Bluefin Trevally, and grouper species which added numbers to their personal saltwater species tally.

The last day of the week and season dawned with a clear horizon and a full moon spring tide dictating the fishing schedule. The large volume of water moving over the flats resulted in short periods of activity during different stages of the tide. Our group landed 10 GTs in total with loads of shots at trophies throughout the day. Sean was in the thick of the action yet again. This time, while waiting in ambush on the outer rim of the atoll he had 3 trophy GTs approach his position. His presentation caught the attention of the largest fish in the school which unfortunately charged and missed his fly. The remaining two fish then shot towards the fleeing fly and crunched it at his feet. An intense battle ensued and after dodging the odd coral head Sean landed his second trophy Giant Trevally of the week, measuring 108cm. Well done Sean! Tony had a remarkably similar experience, however in a different area of the atoll. While in their ambush position on a bridge finger flat between two lagoons Tony had 3 giants push up onto the flat. He nailed the presentation, and the lead fish wasted no time inhaling the fly. After a long battle, the landed fish stretched the measuring tape to 109cm. Well done Tony!

This brings us to the close of a very exciting and productive 3 weeks of fly fishing Providence Atoll. A special thank you to all of those who made the journey out to join us this April. The fishing action lived up to our expectations and we can’t wait for what our October – December 2021 fly fishing season has in store for us.

Our catch tally between 7 anglers during week 3 was:

  • GTs – 50 (5 over a meter)
  • Bumpies – 6
  • Triggers – 3
  • Bonefish – 19 (1 of 10lbs)

Till next time, tight lines from the Providence Guide Team

Farquhar Blog: 13-20 Nov 2019

FARQUHAR - Week_6 - 13 - 20 November - Kyle Reed - 144

Farquhar Blog: 13 – 20 November 2019
Another week of fantastic flats fishing on Farquhar has just come to an end. The weather this week was just about perfect, with light winds and mostly sunny skies providing ideal sight fishing conditions. Our tides this week started out on full spring tides which tapered off into neaps as the week went by.

A total of 13 GTs were landed. Peter landed 3 fish as did Piers. Kelvin landed two fish including his first ever GT. Chantel, Louis, Piers, James, and Rod all landed one GT each. Well done everyone!


38 Bonefish were landed, including Charles’s first fish on fly and the largest Bonefish, a 62 cm trophy class fish! One Triggerfish was landed by James. Peter managed to catch his first Bumphead Parrot fish, a massive fish of 94 cm. Well done Peter!

Fishing partners Charles and Kelvin combined to land 21 species of fish this week, whilst Chantel landed a rare and beautiful saddle back grouper of 75 cm.The bluewater fishing also provided some great action, with 4 Yellowfin and 3 Skipjack Tuna being caught.  In addition, 1 Wahoo was landed by Piers, this was his first of this species.

Thanks to everyone for another great week!

The Farquhar Guide Team

Farquhar Blog: 6 – 13 Nov 2019

Farquhar Blog: 6 – 13 November 2019


Another fun week of flats fishing has come to an end out on Farquhar. Weather conditions this week were tough early in the week which certainly made things challenging, but things did improve and we ended on a good note. At the start of the week we had generally windy conditions with some cloud cover. The wind tapered off thankfully towards the end of the week and the last day was absolutely perfect.

Tides this week started off on neaps which progressed to full moon spring tides at the end of the week.


Seven GT were caught this week with the largest fish being a 94cm fish landed by Andrew. Craig landed one GT, as did his brother Mark, whilst Nick landed two. Nick’s first fish was his first ever GT. Nick and Chantel landed a nice Golden Trevally each, whilst Alan and George each landed one GT a piece. Nick and his father Mark also caught some great Bonefish over 60 cm. Well done!


FARQUHAR - Week_5 - 6 - 13 November - Kyle Reed - 10Two Bumpies were landed this week, a huge 103cm fish landed by Mark with Chantel getting our second. Two Sailfish were also landed this week, one by Alan and one by Andrew. In addition to the Sailfish caught offshore, George landed a nice Yellowfin Tuna and Genkel landed a nice big Wahoo.

Thanks to all our guests for the great week!

Tight Lines

The Farquhar Guide Team


Providence Blog: 5-12 Nov 2019

Providence Blog: 5 – 12 November 2019

IMG_2737A continuing trend of strong south easterly winds greeted us on the first morning with our new group of guests as the boats headed out. It was an eventful day on the flats with six GTs being landed. Congratulations to David, Peter, Peter, Kay and Mark for opening their accounts. With the cooler water being blown onto the flats there were a good number of Bonefish being hooked and landed, with an average of 6lbs for the session.

IMG_3097Day 2 dawned very windy but with clear skies the boats headed out with high hopes. With a slow neap pushing tide in the early morning the triggerfish were out in numbers. Chuan, Rob and Peter W managed to hook and land one of these feisty fish each. The Bumpies too showed us their massive tails and Mark hooked and landed his first Bumpie, well done Mark. The Bonefish were up and tailing hard again, with Dave and Rod managing to catch a Bonefish each to complete their Flats Slams of a GT, Bone and Trigger. Rod’s Bonefish was a monster, the fish weighing 10 pounds…Congrats! 5 GTs were landed, the day belonging to Dave, who after holding up on the apex of the flat with his guide, saw a monstrous commotion coming towards them in the shallow water. After getting in the perfect position the fly was presented in front of the pack of GTs. In unison the fish charged in the direction of the fly and a gargantuan mouth opened, inhaling the brush fly, the hook was set and after a massive tussle through a lagoon the fish was landed. With a fork length of 127cm, it was truly the GT of a lifetime, well done Dave!

PB080416Day 3 saw a shift in the weather conditions with high altitude cloud cover rolling in, obscuring the direct sunlight, making the fishing a little bit trickier. Due to the light conditions the Bumpies highlighted themselves as the targets for the day. A total of 6 Bumpies were landed for the day, the happy anglers being Mark, Kay, Chaun, Alfredo, Rod and Dave H. A great Bumpie day!!!! The GTs did manage to present themselves, Pete and Dave capitalizing on their shots. A special mention goes to Dave H whose fish came in at 105cm. With big seas comes great Sailfish fishing and Rob, Rocky and Dave F taking full advantage, Rocky and Dave landed theirs after doubling up from a pack attack.

PB070407Day 4 dawned gloomy with lots of cloud cover and high south easterly winds. After making a shift south to the midway point of the atoll the boats set out. A total of 3 GTs came to hand; well done to Peter getting 2 and Alfredo 1. Rocky managed to double down and land 2 Moustache Triggerfish. Kay and Dave R later joined the Sailfish club, landing a fish each. The day however belonged to Dave H who hooked and landed the first Milkfish for the week as the sun was setting, well done Dave H.

IMG_2845Day 5 saw a lessening of the cloud cover and with a mid-morning low tide the boats set out. The day was a well-rounded one on the species side with 5 of our 7 recognized species being landed. Pete E managed to land the Milkfish, whilst Rob and Dave R landed a Bumpie each. Rocky managed to land a Triggerfish of each species and Dave R managed to land a Moustache Triggerfish. Pete W landed a monstrous Sailfish, whilst Kay, Chuan, Dave R, Mark, Pete W, Pete E and Dave R each landed GTs. The day belonged to Dave R though, who after landing a Bumpy and Triggerfish in successive casts, saw a big bow wave coming up onto the flat. Despite a long chase to get into position, the fish dropped back into the deep water. Dave set up patiently above the area the fish had dropped off from. A couple of minutes later the bow wave reappeared and after presenting the fly it was engulfed on the second strip. The hook was set and the fish tore the line off the reel and ran straight back to the lagoon from where it came. After crossing the lagoon and reaching shallower water the fish was landed. At a fork length of 121cm it was another GT of lifetime for the week. Great fishing Dave!

IMG_2008-2Our sixth and final day of the week dawned with clear skies and dropping south easterly wind. With a morning dropping tide the Milkfish were up in good numbers around the edge of the atoll. Dave R and Pete W managed to land a fish each, bringing the Milkfish tally to 4 for the week. A total of 6 GTs were also landed. Rob and Dave R landed 2 fish each, with Chuan and Pete E landing a fish each. This brought the second week to a close. Some tough conditions, but as per normal some incredible fish and fishing was enjoyed by all!

The tally was as follows:

  • GTs – 35
  • Bonefish – 41
  • Milkfish – 4
  • Sailfish – 6
  • Triggerfish – 11
  • Bumpies – 10
  • Species – 334

Yours in fishing

The Providence Guide Team


Farquhar Blog: 30 Oct – 6 Nov 2019

Farquhar Blog: 30 Oct – 6 Nov 2019

FARQUHAR - Jarett Duty -Week_4 - 30 - 6 November 2019 - 254This week weather conditions were a little tough. High winds and multiple passing fronts unfortunately made things more challenging them normal. Tides started off on springs, with lots of water movement on and off the flats, and we ended the week in neaps. Six GTs were landed this week. Reid landed two, Kris landed two, Jason Cassel one and, Craig one. In addition to the six GTs, we also caught our first Golden Trevally of the season, Rudy catching this prized fish on a crab pattern.

FARQUHAR - Craig Derby -Week_4 - 30 - 6 November 2019 - 29In true Farquhar style, we did however enjoy some other great species fishing. Fifty Bonefish and three Triggers were landed. Craig landed one Moustache and one Yellow Margin, with Jarrett landing a large Moustache. Congrats guys! Three Bumpies were also caught this week, with William, Kris and Jason each landing their first. Well done chaps! And for the second week in a row, Eric landed an Indo Pacific Permit. This week he landed a trophy class fish of 73cm. Amazing fish Eric, well done!

FARQUHAR - Kyle Reed -Week_4 - 30 - 6 November 2019 - 232

The group did however enjoy some great bluewater fly fishing, with four Sailfish coming to the side of the boats! Craig landed his first Sailie on fly and followed it up with another fish later in the week for good measure. William and Jarret also landed one each for good measure.

Craig finished off his two weeks on the atoll in fantastic fashion by completing a Flats Slam on the last day of the trip. He landed a GT, a 54cm Yellow Margin Trigger and Bonefish to complete a wonderful day out on the water!

Thanks to all our guests for a fantastic week of multi species flats fishing!

Until next week

The Farquhar Guide Team

Providence Blog: 27 Oct – 5 Nov 2019

Providence Blog: 27 October – 5 November 2019

Welcome to the opening week of our Providence 2019-2020 season, a trip where we welcomed a couple of familiar faces who were joining us for the second time on the atoll with us.

IMG_0362The first day dawned with excitement and a slight south easterly breeze. With an early morning low tide the boats were straight onto the flats and with that the GTs came. Chris, Christiaan, Tom, Shiloh, Nic, Jordan and Jeorg managed to open their GT accounts, with Tom landing a great fish of 96cm and Chris landing a fish of an even 90cm. The Bumpies were up on the flats and Nic, John, Ron and Joerg manged to each land a fish. A special mention goes to Joerg, who, after landing a GT and Bumpy, managed to land an impressive 141cm Barracuda on the flat. With the water high on the flats later in the day we enjoyed a Sailfish session, with Tom and Joerg both landing a fish each before the day came to a close.

DSC01923The second morning saw another enthusiastic start and the rewards were reaped as Tom, Chris, Shiloh, Jordan and Christiaan all landed GTs. A special mention goes to Christiaan and Jordan who managed to land twin GTs of 118cm each; Christiaan spotting his fish late on into the pushing tide crossing a turtle grass apex, he managed to present the fly in the perfect place and the big fish engulfed the fly on a second attempt. Jordan’s fish was an exceptional tale of the magic of Providence. After teasing up a sailfish offshore he presented his fly to the fish, it was engulfed as it landed but instead of the customary Sailfish jumps, the fish sounded and after a tug of war was brought up to the side of the boat. He rounded off his remarkable day by managing to pick a Moustache Triggerfish out of a school of tailing Bumpies.IMG_2845

The third day brought a change of scenery as the boat was moved to the midpoint of the atoll and with a spring low tide at midday the boats managed to access the eastern side of the atoll. A great day was had as a total of 16 GTs were landed. Christiaan had a cracking day landing 7 by himself. A special shout goes out to Joe and Mike, landing 3 GTs and 2 GTs respectfully. Jordan managed to continue ticking fish off his list, this time landing a Bumpy in record time.
DSC02587The fourth day dawned clear and breezy. With some higher water on the flats in the morning, the boats had access into the unique inner lagoon systems of Providence. It proved to be fruitful as Joerg, Giles, Shiloh, Jordan, Nic, Tom and Joe managed to all land GTs. Tom finally being able to break the one-meter mark with a beautiful fish who was bow waking in super skinny water. Joerg managed to continue his stellar week landing 4 GTs before lunchtime. With access to the lagoons there is the potential for amazing Triggerfish fishing, and this was the case as Christiaan managed to land 3 Yellow Margin Triggers and Mike managing to get his first Moustache Triggerfish as well.

DSC02197With the tides starting to move towards the neaps, the fifth day brought some more lagoon fishing. A total of 8 GTs came to hand with congratulations going out to Mike, Joe, Christiaan, Jordan and Ron. Christiaan managed to land another Yellow Margin Triggerfish and Shiloh managed his first Triggerfish. This was welcomed with great excitement after many previous disappointments. Joerg tamed another Sailfish in the morning to add to his incredible week.

The morning of Day 6 brought in some heavy winds and the looming cloud cover forcing a move back to the relatively sheltered north western section of the atoll. After a slightly later than usual start the flats were hit. A tough day only saw 3 GTs coming to hand, although Joe managed to catch his first Moustache Triggerfish which was awesome!

DSC01821Day 7 dawned breezy again but with the mothership moored close to the flats the boats spread out for another day of fishing. A total of 8 GTs were landed, a special mention going again to Jeorg who managed a beautiful fish of 106cm. He wasn’t done there though and managed to land his first Yellow Margin Triggerfish, almost completing his list of targeted species. It was a day for the tailing species and after landing two GTs Chris managed to land 2 Bumpies as well, finally catching a Bonefish to round off the slam. Christiaan also managed a slam, landing a GT, a Bonefish and 2 Triggers. John ticked the Yellow Margin Triggerfish off of his list to round off another stellar day out on the atoll.

IMG_2882Dark skies and gloomy weather greeted us on the last morning of the trip. After launching off the mothership a large school of Milkfish were found feeding for the first time this week. The boats quickly got into position and it wasn’t long before Giles managed to hook and quickly land his first Milkfish. After a few near misses, Tom and Christiaan managed to land their first Milks as well. A few pods of GTs were found in the eastern coral gardens and Joe, John and Mike managed to land 4 fish. A special mention goes to Mike whose fish came in at 102cm. With the high cloud cover the water on the flats cooled off and brought with it some epic Bonefishing. A great session was had on the falling afternoon tide. With the fish tailing hard, Shiloh, Nic, Christiaan, Joe, John and Mike capitalized, landing many fish. Christiaan and Shiloh managed to land two great fish both going 10 pounds, a great way to round off the first week of the season.

The numbers stacked up as follows:

  • GTs – 69
  • Bonefish – 41
  • Bumpies – 10
  • Triggerfish – 13
  • Sailfish – 5
  • Milkfish – 3

Until next week

The Providence Guide Team.


Farquhar Blog: 23 – 30 Oct 2019

Farquhar Blog: 23 – 30 Oct 2019

FARQUHAR - Group Iphone selection -Week_3 - 23 - 30 October 2019 - 149Another fantastic week of flats fishing has come to an end on Farquhar. We enjoyed great weather, with lower wind speeds and clear skies providing great sight fishing conditions.Tidal wise we start on neaps which built towards a new moon spring tide. This provided a variety of wading opportunities as well as large movements of water in and out of the atoll as the week went on.

FARQUHAR - Gerry Nourice -Week_3 - 23 - 30 October 2019 - 3

A total of 21 GTs were landed this week. John Duty III landed the largest GT of the week at 90cm. Mike Becci, first time fishing the salt, came in a close second with an 87cm fish. Jarret Duty landed four GTs and so too did Colin Taylor. Gary Horican landed three, John Duty JR landed two, as did Craig Derby and Tom Gray. Eric Meyer landed one.

FARQUHAR - Group Iphone selection -Week_3 - 23 - 30 October 2019 - 72Besides the great GT fishing, the rest of the flat’s species were active. Six Triggerfish were landed, including Craig’s personal best 60cm Yellow Margin. Mike landed a massive Moustache Trigger of 56cm. Colin got a 54cm Moustache Trigger which was his first and to top it off Jarret managed a Yellow Margin and a Moustache in the same day!

FARQUHAR - Craig Derby -Week_3 - 23 - 30 October 2019 - 34Thirty-four Bonefish were brought to hand during the week, the largest being a huge 68 x 38cm fish landed by Eric. Also, a big shout to Eric on his first ever Indo Pacific Permit…what a special fish! A personal best Bonefish was also landed by Colin.

Two Bumpies were landed this week, one by John Jr…. on his first cast! Another great fish 0f 93cm was landed by Tom the Donkey Grey. The Bumpy was part of a slam, our first of the season! Congrats to Tom our top rod of the week!

Our first Sailfish of the season also made to the boat, Jarret landing the huge fish. Congratulations!

Thanks to all our guests for an incredible week of fishing! From the flats to the blue water, this week guides and guests dominated the fishing!

Until next week

The Farquhar guide team

St Brandon Blog: 28 Oct – 7 Nov 2019

St Brandon Blog: 28 Oct – 7 Nov 2019

This week saw us fishing over a new moon neap tide which gave us plenty of wading time to the full variety of species the atoll has to offer.


The Bonefishing was outstanding this week with all forms of opportunities presenting themselves. We enjoyed fishing to tailing fish in ankle deep water as well big schools in slightly deep water. A special mention goes out to Bill who was fishing the Indian Ocean for the first time. Bill managed to get stuck into great numbers of fish including a cracking 8.5lb slab. Well done sir! Randy also had some outstanding sessions landing numerous Bonefish for the week. A huge congratulation to Wessel for getting his 1st Bonefish on a fly rod on the first day of the trip and later in the week his 9.5lb fish proving to be our largest for the week.

IMG_0347The Permit were also around in decent numbers this week and we managed to get the guys into some really good opportunities, from tailing and cruising fish on the flats to fish high riding off sand banks and island structures, we had it all. A huge congratulations goes out to Andrew for managing to get it done, his 9lb fish slowly dropping down the flat when he presented the fly. The fish initially seemed to spook off the fly, but another cast was made, and the fish made no hesitations in inhaling the crab imitation second time round. Unfortunately, we did however lose a hooked Permit this week which is never nice, but that’s fishing and that’s why each fish landed is a special experience.

IMG_0938Good numbers of Giant Trevally were also around on the flats this week. We encountered fish riding on the back of Nurse sharks, big schools and single fish marauding bonefish in the shallows…any of these scenarios nail bitingly exciting. As it goes, we managed to have a few eat the fly as well as some missed opportunities, but Chris has done this before and managed to get it done with a gorgeous fish which measured 102cm! Well done Chris! Wessel also managed to get his 1stGt ever on a fly rod with a great 96cm fish, a really big fish for your first ever GT! The Bluefin Trevally were also around in decent numbers. Andrew managed to get a great fish which measured a whopping 78cm, congrats on yet another great fish. Bill also managed to get his 1st Bluefin Trevally on a fly rod this week adding to his species list. The golden Trevally were around in great numbers with Bill, Randy and Neil all managing to tick the box on this wonderful flats fishing species.

The week overall provided an abundance of variety, opportunities and species and as such look forward to sharing this special place with our next set of guests.

Until next week!

The St Brandon’s guide team

St Brandon’s Blog: 14 – 24 Oct 2019

St Brandon’s Blog: 14 – 24 October 2019

Anticipation was high as we headed into our fifth week of the season. We were coming off spring tides moving into the new moon neap tides as the week went on. This gave us ample wading time on the flats and allowed us to sight cast at the full array of species.

IMG_20191020_122220_2The Permit were around in great numbers this week with all of our guests getting numerous shots at this incredible species. We experienced an array of different opportunities, including both cruising and tailing fish on the flats, islands and coral ridges. Jim did not waste anytime opening up the week with an wonderful fish of 10lb. The fish was slowly free swimming along the flats with the pushing tide, Jim’s cast hitting the money a few inches away from its nose the fish. The fish slowly turned on the fly and engulfed the crab midwater before giving him a solid tussle before eventually coming to hand. Jim then managed to catch the next Permit he made a shot at, this one was holding on the lee side of a sand bar. Another well-presented fly and the result was two permit within an hour….a great achievement. Dan also managed to hook a decent Permit but unfortunately the fish came off a few seconds into the fight. Jim showed no signs of slowing down though, his 3rd fish coming to hand after it crushed the fly over some white sand… a pretty fish with long sickles. His 4th was a real beauty weighing 14lb, this fish spotted tailing whilst we were heading back to the boat to have a lunch. His first cast gained no reaction and the fish continued to feed up the flat, but his next cast landed about a foot in front of the fish’s nose and it sipped it in. We were now 20 yards from the boat. When the fish came to hand the screams scared most of the birds off the atoll… it was a great moment! Jim managed to land his 5th Permit later on in the week, this special moment capping off a truly remarkable week of Permit fishing for him!

IMG_4011The Trevally too were around in decent numbers this week, with Arthur opening the account on the first day after we located a pack of Bluefin Trevally, Giant Trevally and sharks in a feeding frenzy off one of the storm ridges. Arthur made a great cast at the GT’s and before he could even get his first strip he was tight into a great fish. After a solid fight, a beautiful 105cm fish was tailed. Great job Arthur! We saw a few other GT’s during the week with Ben unfortunately being bitten of by the one he hooked. All in all, we had some great shots and saw some really big fish smashing bait which always a great experience to have out on the water.

IMG_20191017_104657We experienced fantastic Bonefishing all week. Opportunities to fish in ankle deep water at tailing fish, small and big shoals on the flats, sand bars and island systems…our guests got to see it all! Although our largest fish was 7,5lb we did see and hook some really big ones, unfortunately we couldn’t land them. Let’s just say they don’t get that big for nothing, these really big fish are smart and need to be fished at with precision casts and even when hooked they know exactly where they need to run to cut you off. All in all, still some superb Bonefishing as per usual!

The atoll is in great condition and is teaming with an abundance of life. We all had a great time out on the water even during some tough weather periods. We would like to thank all the guests for their energy and sharing this wonderful place with us and look forward to fishing with them all again!

The St Brandon’s Guide team

St Brandon Blog: 22 – 28 May 2019

St Brandon Blog: 22 – 28 May 2019

The final week of the April – May 2019 season on St Brandons brought with it a sense of expectation as we were all keen to make the most of the final days we had left on the atoll. Needless to say, this was certainly one action-packed week!

IMG_5307Our guests were treated to phenomenal Bonefishing during the week with loads of larger fish landed. Some days the average size of the fish landed was as big as 6.5lbs. Many fish in the 7-8lbs range were caught with Tristan landing 2 large 8lbers this week. Terry, who was completing his third back-to-back week with us landed a solid 9.5lb Bone. Charles also landed a 9.5lb Bone but he landed an even larger fish when he hooked and landed a 10.5lb fish on the first morning of the week! An absolute monster of a fish and a fine way to end the season on the Bonefishing front.


The Permit fishing this week was once again out of this world with our guests enjoying multiple shots at these prized fish and by the end of the week, we had landed 5 in total. Charles kept his great streak going by landing his first ever Indo-Pacific Permit on the first afternoon, while taking an early evening stroll around Raphael Island with his son Tristan. The fish weighed in at 7lbs and was surely a great moment for the father and son fishing duo to share together. Jarod and Justin who were both fortunate enough to join us this week for a bit of fishing and training on St Brandon managed to enjoy some world class fishing with each of them landing an Indo-Pacific Permit. Jarod’s beautiful 6lb fish was caught late in the afternoon with a deadly accurate cast, the fish moved all of 50cm and tailed on his crab imitation. Justin’s 7lb fish was caught earlier in the week while it tailed along a sandbar.  Arguably the most special Permit this week was landed by Tristan, not only was this 10lber his first ever Indo-Pacific Permit caught on fly but it also formed part of what would be and Indian Ocean Grand Slam! He had landed a GT and a Bonefish earlier that day, Well done Tristan!

IMG_5578We experienced excellent Trevally fishing on the last week of the season which is no surprise as we have encountered big numbers of Golden, Bluefin and Giant Trevally around the atoll this season. We were able to hook a couple Goldens this week with the standout fish caught by Jarod, who landed a strong 10lb Golden on the first morning of the trip. The Bluefin Trevally fishing picked up this week too with shots at many larger specimens. Charles landed a solid 72cm fish while Jarod kept his good fortune going and landed a 77cm Bluefin that was found while it was riding the back of 2 large Nurse sharks along with a bunch of other Bluefin and GTs.

IMG_5435Our GT fishing this week turned out to be fantastic with just about everyone in the group getting quality shots at these apex predators. 4 were landed in total for the week, 2 by Tristan with the aforementioned 90cm fish that led to his Grand Slam and a few days later he landed an even larger fish of 92cm; to land 2 GTs on St Brandons and pull off a Grand Slam is no mean feat! Well done Triston. Justin also got stuck into the atoll’s large GTs and managed to land 2 large fish in as many days. First, he landed a 110cm fish that was giving a school of Bones a seriously hard time and the next day he went one better and landed a 111cm fish that was caught while it was holding in the current just below a coral ridge.

Another fantastic season has come to an end on the wild flats of St Brandon. The atoll really did leave the best for last this season which left us all excited for what the coming September – November 2019 season has in store for us.

Until next time,

The FlyCastaway St Brandons Guide Team