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FlyCastaway is a unique adventure-fly-fishing-travel concept. Our recipe for success? The most exciting species in the world, using the best guides, at the best venue, during the best time of the year. Once we have identified the species, venues and dates, we then set up the camps. Camps can take the form of a luxurious lodge, a tented camp, or a mothership however with FlyCastaway it’s always fish first and camp second. We go to the ends of the earth to find you the best fly fishing in the world, then, we build a camp around it. We do everything in our power to maximize your chances of success. If you visit a FlyCastaway destination, rest assured that you’re at the best venue for that particular species, during the best time of the year, and under the watchful eyes of the world’s finest fly fishing guides.


Gerhard Laubscher – CEO

Gerhard is the founder and CEO of FlyCastaway. His saltwater fishing and guiding have taken him to just about to every atoll and archipelago in the Indian Ocean. He has been instrumental in opening up many of the Indian Ocean’s world-class saltwater fisheries to the international angling fraternity, including Providence, St Brandon’s, Cosmoledo, Astove and Farquhar atolls. His knowledge and experience on Africa’s freshwater and coastal systems is also substantial, his experience with Tigerfish, Largemouth Yellowfish, Smallmouth Yellowfish and West Africa’s giant Tarpon placing him as a forerunner in these fields. Gerhard’s list of fly fishing travels is enormous, armed constantly with a bundle of fly rods and his beloved cameras, he has fished and photographed countless waters in Russia, Bolivia, Argentina, the US, New Zealand and the UK on top of numerous Indian Ocean and African fisheries!

Email: gerhard@flycastaway.com

Ryan Hammond – Operations Director

Our head of operations started with FlyCastaway as a guide on Cosmoledo and Providence Atolls back in 2007. Since then he has guided and fished on most of the major Indian Ocean atolls, including Providence, St Brandon’s, Cosmoledo, Astove and Farquhar. His freshwater knowledge and experience on some of Africa largest waterways is just as extensive, having spent vast amounts of time on the Zambezi and Orange-Vaal River systems, as well as countless other rivers and lakes in Sub Saharan Africa. Ryan’s passion for world class fishing has taken him to some of the finest fisheries abroad including New Zealand, Bolivia, the USA, Mongolia, Madagascar and Tanzania to name a few.

Email: ryan@flycastaway.com

Dirk Ackerman – Chairman

An ardent conservationist, Dirk is not only our trusted advisor but also the chairman of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, an organisation who campaigns for the protection of our indigenous fish species, catchment areas, wetlands and waterways. Dirk has been privileged to fish for a huge variety of species ranging from Bonefish to Mahseer. He has fished at venues including New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Florida, Colorado, Maine, Canada, various sections of the Zambezi River, India, Mexico, many of the outer atolls of the Seychelles, Kenya, Bom Bom Island, Malawi, the Maldives, Bassas da India, the Amazon, Argentina, Chile and Germany.

Tim Babich – Partner & Head Guide

Tim is one the most experienced Indian Ocean guides there has ever been. Starting with us way back in 2006 on Cosmoledo Atoll, Tim has for the last 11 years spent over half his year guiding clients into GT’s, Bonefish, Bumphead Parrotfish, Trigger, Permit and Milkfish. An exceptional all-round angler and guide Tim is just as comfortable wading a technical springcreek as he is a remote saltwater flat. His incredible passion for fishing has taken him all over the globe, including fisheries in the following countries: Brazil, the USA, the UK, Poland, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lesotho and Namibia. A day on the water with Tim is one spent with a highly skilled professional!

Email: tim@flycastaway.com


Matthieu Cosson – Head guide

Matthieu is our Head Guide on Farquhar and is one of the most experienced Indian Ocean guides out there. Matthieu’s first guiding stint in the Seychelles was back in April 2006 on Cosmoledo, since then he has guided or fished most of the outer islands of the Seychelles and Mauritius including Providence, Farquhar, St Brandon’s, African Banks, Alphonse, Assumption, Astove, Bijoutier, Cosmoledo, Desroches, L.D.P. Shoal, Poivre, Remire Island, Remire Bank, Saint-François, Saint-Joseph, Saint- Pierre and Sand Key. He is the epitome of professionalism and highly respected within the industry for good reason!

Craig Richardson – Head Guide

Craig started guiding for us back in 2013 at the tender age of 19, his initial saltwater season taking place on Farquhar Atoll where he handled himself with a maturity beyond his years. After completing his first season, he was moved across to our St Brandon Atoll program where he has now spent the last three years. He is currently our Head Guide on St Brandon’s atoll, his impressive knowledge of the fishery and calm demeanor has allowed him to guide guests into thousands of Bonefish, including good numbers of double digit fish. His core passion currently is the atoll’s Indo-Pacific Permit, his personal tally with guests at the time of writing currently sitting at 53 fish landed.

Brendan Becker – Guide

Brendan joined the FlyCastaway team back in 2013. Since then he has guided guests into huge numbers of GT’s, Bonefish, Permit, Milkfish, Bumpies, Triggers and many others during stints on Farquhar, Providence and St Brandon’s. He is very knowledgeable, dedicated, professional and personable, ensuring a day out on the water with him is with one of the best!

Wesley De Klerk – Guide

With a MSc in Marine Biology, Wesley joined FlyCastaway back in 2014 and has done multiple seasons on both Farquhar and Providence Atolls. He has strong communication skills, an intense love of the ocean and with his offshore background is equally skillful leading guests out on the big blue as he is out on the flats. Your day on the water with Wes is sure to be as informative as it is successful.

Peter King – Guide

After initial stints on Alphonse and Desroches, Peter joined FlyCastaway back in 2014 where he did his opening season on Farquhar. Although he has done stints on Providence Atoll, he is one of the core Farquhar guides, his in-depth knowledge of the atoll and fish species, together with his calm and relaxed nature putting guests into great fish season after season.

Nic Isabelle – Guide

Nick joined FlyCastaway funnily enough after experiencing a week on Farquhar Atoll the year before as a guest. Clearly the week made an impression! Since then Nick has been an integral part of the Farquhar team, his great people skills and professional attitude making him an extremely popular guide. On top of his extensive experience on Farquhar, Nick has spent a season on St Brandon’s honing his Permit and Bonefish skills!

Justin Rollinson – Guide

Justin’s initial full season arrived after he came highly recommended by one of our past Head Guides who just so happens to be one of the fishiest people we know. Since then Justin has done seasons on Farquhar and Providence atolls, his high energy levels, sound flats knowledge and positive attitude really getting the best out of our guests. He is a fun guy to fish with who just loves being out on the water!

Gerry Nourrice – Guide

Gerry joined us after coming highly recommended by Head Guide Matthieu Cosson who had spent time with him on Desroches. Gerry is an extremely likeable and energetic guide to spend time with. These attributes, together with his ability to get guests consistently into great fish leaves us with little doubt he has a great guiding future ahead of him.

Milan Germishuizen – Guide

When we first met Milan we knew he would become a really good guide. He had a sense of maturity and an obvious hunger for the ocean and all things fishing. Move ahead to now and he is an integral part of our St Brandon’s team, day in and day out providing opportunities at sizeable Bonefish, Indo-Pacific Permit and every now and again some really large GT’s!


Helen Vermaak – Office Administrator

Helen takes care of all FlyCastaway’s and our clients administrational needs. She grew up in England and moved to sunny South Africa after completing a BSc (hons) in English and Psychology at Staffordshire University. With previous experience as a legal secretary and PA she is an invaluable link between management, our guides and our guests.

Email: helen@flycastaway.com

Alfred Chiwaya – Fly Tier

‘Alf’ is our lead fly tier and has been since 2009. His impressive tying skills allow us to consistently provide clients with some of the most cutting-edge fly patterns available on the market. Rest assured…if Alfred has tied one of your flies…it’s guaranteed to entice a fish or two.

Bismarck Moyo – Fly Tier

‘Biz’ as he is affectionately known has been a member of the FlyCastaway team since 2008. He is the second member of our fly tying team, his attention to detail and the pride he takes in his work resulting in thousands upon thousands of world class flies being produced on an annual basis.

“World-class fisheries with world class-guides!”