Camp Sterkfontein Sight Fishing Experience

Sterkfontein Dam has long been our favourite high summer fly fishing experience. Consistent quality sight fishing opportunities for smallmouth yellowfish are a rarity during the wet months of the year in South Africa. Fortunately, the dam’s impressive population of smallmouth yellows, crystal clear waters and unique eastern Free State scenery all combine to provide the most consistent sight fishing experience in the country.

Sterkfontein’s location, just +/-3 hours from Johannesburg & Durban respectively makes it the perfect venue to leave the city behind for a few days of presenting dry flies to high riding and hungry yellowfish.

Your Sterkfontein experience with us is hosted by two of our highly experienced professional fly fishing guides, each of whom will be paired with the very best infrastructure available, namely our 17′ Fusion boats. Each boat has been customized with front and rear casting decks and a sneaker motor, ensuring you the very best possible fly fishing experience available at Sterkfontein.

Where to stay? Although there are a few options in the area we highly recommend Little Switzerland Resort: https://www.dreamresorts.co.za/hotels-resorts/little-switzerland-resort/rooms-and-suites/#top. The resort’s close proximity to the access we have secured onto the dam and well managed and comfortable accommodation will add positively to your Sterkfontein experience.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions or queries about our Sterkfontein 2021 experience:

Timothy Babich: Tim@flyCastaway.com / 084 399 6562


Nic Isabelle: Nic@FlyCastaway.com / 072 884 8715

In the meantime, please enjoy the short image gallery we have put together below:

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