Farquhar: 21-28 Oct 2013

P1000689There is no greater feeling of excitement and in truth relief for a guide than an abundance of fish. After having to work a bit for the fish last week, often pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, there was an air of apprehension amongst the team at the start of the week. Now that the birds had left the islands, had the GT’s left the atoll for the offshore reefs? Was it the swimming crabs again? Sure, we’d find them…. we always get people onto fish, but it would be great to have a week where everything came together and we could show our guests what Farquhar is truly capable of.

IMG_1873As it turns out our prayers were answered. Day one alone produced 15 GT’s. The next day 21.The fishery was on fire! This trend continued throughout the week, catches being consistent both on the flats and offshore. At the end of each day there were not only stories of many large fish landed, but also of stories of even larger fish lost. By the end of the week 81 GT’s had been landed, 21 of which were on the flats. 13 of the total were over a meter, a few of them well over a meter. Here are some of the special ones:

  • Dennis Bidigare -139cm & 131cm
  • John Skidmore landed 11 GT’s on the flats for the week, the largest being 114cm. On the first day Nick put him onto 5 GT’s, including his big one, as well as a 105cm fish.

IMG_1835The week just couldn’t get any better…could it? Well we were on a roll and as such Mark Jensen landed the largest Bumphead Parrotfish we’ve seen to date. At an estimated 100lb you have to see the photo to believe it. Remember, that was on a 9wt with 17lb flouro.  His brother Craig followed suit landing his first Trigger on the flats the next day and together with a handful of GT’s capped off another great trip to Farquhar for the Jensen’s.

IMG_1954The fishing and week carried on in style, with regular guests Rob Tapert’s son, Judah, landing a truly colossal Napoleon Wrasse estimated at 100lb. Judah, on a good luck streak was not done though and subsequently landed his first Sailie. Congrats Judah!

IMG_1913By the end of the week we’d experienced truly awesome GT fishing as well as great fishing for Bonefish, Triggers, Bumpies and other odds and sods. As you can imagine the guide team is on top of the world. We only hope that we can top it next week!

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