Farquhar Blog: 19-26 Nov 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFrom a guiding point of view a slight adjustment needed to be made for our second last week of the season. We quickly realized that although some quality fishing was on the agenda, our group of eight Russian guests wanted to treat the week more like a holiday and would be soaking up the Farquhar vibe. Typically the weather and tides played their part and with some exceptional conditions made for an exciting week.

DSCN1932An area we call Wrasse Hole fired on the first day, the GT’s pouring in from everywhere. A stingray and GT combination appeared on the flats every 10 meters or so and provided some truly exhilarating fishing to start us off. This set the tone and soon the anglers were slightly more focused on the fishing than just enjoying their time out on the atoll. A sense of urgency had hit home!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOld faces Dimitri and Sergey capitalized on the opportunities that were presented on the flats and landed four GT’s, a Golden Trevally and a Giant Trigger on Day 2. The biggest fish was a gorgeous GT of 97 cm. This spurred on the need to land a fish over a meter, with Gennadi and guide Tim Babich sealing our first with brute fish of 108 cm. This particular fish came in on a large Nurse Shark and quickly left the side of the shark to rapidly chase down and inhale the fly. Shortly thereafter, Alex landed our second fish over the meter mark, with his 105 cm prize guaranteeing he too would own a coveted 100cm red GT cap.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAndrey and his wife made it clear from the get go that the need for tuna sashimi was imperative. Thus most of their time was spent fishing the deep blue water off the shelf of Farquhar. They were rewarded with exceptional fish including two Sailfish, numerous Tuna, the odd GT and a 60lb Dogtooth Tuna. This sort of fishing spurred Andrey onto the flats where he was rewarded with an epic Bonefish session where every fish landed weighed in over 6 lb.

IMG_0438Seasoned fly angler Dimitri focused most of his attention on targeting and catching the wily Triggerfish. The finesse and subtlety he showed whilst presenting a crab pattern to some skittish specimens eventually resulted in a few fish chasing down and tailing hard on the fly. His hard work and solid casting skills ensured he was rewarded with three Giant Triggerfish and an exceptional Yellow Margin Trigger. A job truly well done!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOn the Bumphead front, the large shoals kept Sergey enthralled throughout the week. Sadly however, despite countless casts and an opened hook, the Bumpies would win this round. Listening to Sergey however, I don’t think they should rest easy as he is determined to win round two.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll in all it was another great few days out on the atoll. A few great fish were caught and plenty of sunshine, good humor and some liquid refreshment ensured another truly memorable week on Farquhar. It was a pleasure guiding the group and we cannot wait to see you back soon!

Nostrovia !!!!!

Wesley & The Farquhar Guide Team

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