Farquhar Blog: 2 – 9 May 2012

Keith Rose Innes - Fraquhar 2-9 May 2012 (17)The last week of the season has unfortunately come a knocking. Thankfully however we had one of our loyal group of Russian clients on the week, so we knew we were in for one hell of a week both on and off the flats. As always the group was keen to get stuck into some quality fishing, with the infamous Bumphead Parrotfish sitting on the top of their wish list. As the week developed however, the guys quickly found out Farquhar has plenty more to offer than just one species.


First day on the flats and the search for the infamous Bumpy was on. Locating the schools was no problem, it was getting them to eat which can prove tricky….and so it proved for this day at least! Boha’s, Bluefin and Bonefish made up the day’s catch, along with another meter long Farquhar GT which was landed by Steve Estela. What a way to start the week, congrats Steve. And with that, the tone for the rest of the week had been set.


Keith Rose Innes - Fraquhar 2-9 May 2012 (6)Day two and things were heating up, fishing wise that is. Nikita got stuck into and thankfully landed a ‘Bumpy’ with another being lost. Rodiun and Nikita each pinned a GT off the flats with Steve once again in the action landed his second good sized GT in two days. This quickly changed to three when Steve landed a third, a real beauty of 105cm.

Jako Lucas - Fraquhar 2-9 May 2012 (67)And then it happened. After years of being denied, Ilya landed his first Bumphead Parrotfish. Well done Ilya, we are sure it was worth the wait. The Bonefish too were providing consistent sport as well and the guys took full advantage of these infamous fighters. Pieter and Victor decided to head offshore late in the day and were rewarded with a monster Barracuda which put on one hell of fight before being landed.


Jako Lucas - Fraquhar 2-9 May 2012 (57)Young Dimitri also got stuck into the action landing his first his first GT despite some tough casting conditions. Ilya then hooked a good Napoleon Wrasse, Cameron having to swim in after it after it had wedged itself into a crevasse.  The group was racking up the species and


Soon our second last day had arrived and things were far from slowing down. Dimitri landed a solid GT of 108cm, which was made possible by the help of his guide swimming out to untangle it from the coral. This gorgeous fish ended up being the biggest for the week and one of the heaviest for the season. In stead of taking it easy, Dimitri continued his form and promptly landed a Trigger and a Bonefish….. Farquhar Slam number five for the season! Steve too had his chance at the Slam by landing a Trigger and a 102cm GT, unfortunately as luck would have it the Bonefish us down.


Brad Hyman - Fraquhar 2-9 May 2012 (12)Last day of the season and the guys were out to make it as memorable as possible. The last chance to get the species of fish that had been eluding a few guys during the week. Steve made up his mind, made the cast and hooked his Bumpy to end the week on a high. Ilya then sealed the trip with a 100cm GT….a golden moment for sure!

An epic week of fishing and fun was had. Three Bumphead Parrotfish, eight GTs (5 of which broke the meter mark), some Triggers, plenty of Bones and a huge array of other species made up one superb final week of fishing. With the boats out the water and their covers on, we can only imagine what next season has in store for us.


Until October later this year…..Tight Lines!

The Farquhar Guide Team


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