Farquhar Blog: 2011 – 2012 Season

Cam Musgrave (9)



The second part of the 2011/2012 Farquhar season is now well under way, with 4 trips already having been completed. Feedback from the guides and our clients has been positive, with the diversity of species in particular being the theme throughout the season to date.


Farquhar 14-21 March 2012 - Jako Lucas (29)The Triggerfish fishing has been superb. Good numbers of these colourful characters (both Yellow Margin and Giant) can be seen scuttling along all the usual spots, coming to a complete halt every now and again as they pin down and crunch into a hapless crustacean unlucky enough to have been spotted. One of our fortunate clients even managed to hook and land two separate fish in consecutive casts and after both specimens were netted, he was able to get a picture with both of both of them!


Farquhar 14-21 March 2012 - Cam Musgrave (29)The Bonefish fishing too has been of an incredible standard. On most days one can look across the flat and see a group of anglers, each of them rod bent over, lining peeling off the reel as the hold onto a solid ‘Bone’ as it tears off towards deeper water. At other times some of our favoured flats seem black, so large are the shoals. One guest commented that, out of all his years of fishing the Seychelles (including Cosmoledo, Providence, Astove) with us, this was simply the finest Bonefish fishing he had seen. The size of some of the Bones has been particularly impressive for the Seychelles, with some solid 6-8 pound single and double fish coming to hand.


Then there are the “monsters of the flats”, the infamous Giant Trevally! Good numbers of these highly adaptable predators have been holding offshore, with large shoals of bait and some tropical squid attracting these ferocious hunters. On the flats some truly big fish have also been landed, specifically fish of 107cm and 110cm in the last 7 days.



IMG_4927Large Dogtooth & Yellowfin Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse, Bluefin Trevally, Yellow Dot Trevally, Barracuda and a host of exciting other species have also made consistent appearances….. including one of the most highly prized fly rod quarries, Chanos Chanos aka the infamous Milkfish. Two weeks in particular will be remembered for some outstanding milkfish fishing. Flat calm seas and the correct tidal movement attracted good sized shoals and as always it was a privilege to behold as these incredible fish sucked and scooped their way up and down large current lines which had formed just off the flats.Farquhar 14-21 March 2012 - Maria Pravdina (2)


A big thank you to all our guests who have spent time with us on Farquhar over the past few weeks, we are already looking forward to having you back sometime soon. For those of you whose week is still to come, we cannot wait to wade Farquhar’s flats with you.


IMG_5008Tight Lines
The Farquhar Guide Team (Jako, Rhett, Brad & Cameron)Farquhar 14-21 March 2012 - Matvey Ivanov (2)

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