Farquhar Blog: 22-29 Oct 2014

DSCF0258A multi national group of anglers arrived on the North Island rearing to get stuck into our fishy friends on Farquhar. Despite the odd rainsquall passing through, the weather was in our favor for the most part of the week which ensured we were rewarded with some convincing catches.

IMG_4699The Sailfish were around in good numbers and coupled with the early morning high for most of the week ensured we maximized our productive fishing time. At least an hour each day was spent raising these majestic fish from the deep, with a total of 28 Sailfish showing themselves before flies were sent out to greet them. The action was fast, furious and in a word “Unforgettable”, however every conceivable mishap plagued us during this time. Fly lines popped and hooks refused to stick. It was just one of those of weeks.

IMG_4689On the flats however, the Bumpies made their first appearance on our catch returns for the season. Three of these incredibly powerful fish came to our nets this week, one of which completed the first Slam for the week.


IMG_0794Roland completed the only Bumpy Slam for the week, when he landed a GT, Bonefish and his Bumpy in one day walking Farquhar’s productive flats. But we were just getting started as Four Trigger Slams followed shortly thereafter. John, Julian, Peter and a second slam for Roland followed, each of which consisted of some an impressive Trigger, GT and some large Bonefish. Roland almost completed a Grand Slam, unfortunately losing a Permit that popped the leader. A tough pill to swallow for all concerned!

DSCF0284Tony and Dave our South African counter parts were also into the thick of it, both on the flats and offshore. Tony’s massive GT of 132cm offshore ending up as our biggest fish for the week, whilst good numbers of GT’s were seen throughout the week. A total of 49 GT’s were landed on the flats and offshore during the 6 days.

IMG_4657All in all a fantastic week of fishing was had by all. Despite two rods being lost and two rods breaking on fish, all anglers were left contempt with what Farquhar had to offer. We look forward to our next week in an attempt to tame all the beasties on this incredibly diverse atoll.

Yours in fishing

The Farquhar Guide Team

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