Farquhar Blog: 26 February – 5 March 2011

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany, if not most, of our clients treat their fishing trips as a present to themselves. A boys week so to speak. This week was refreshingly different. We had three couples joining us, which kept the rest of the chaps in line. If there are any wives reading this it might be time for my disclaimer- on boys only fishing trips the men involved DON’T drink too many beers and swing from the rafters in monkey suites, that’s just what they tell their mates when they OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAget home. It heightens the appeal for the listener, you understand…

While the wives either accompanied their gentleman for a days fishing, snorkelled around the coral close to the lodge or just relaxed in the air conditioned lodge, the men went forth. They would return each evening not with carcasses as with our prehistoric ancestors, but with photographs and tales of close encounters with monster fish. I submit an example:

Husband: “The Triggerfish had us completely surrounded, all I had was a 9wt and some crabs”

Wife (Shocked): “Crabs? What on earth do you mean?”

Husband: “Velcro crabs honey, tan ones to be specific. Anyway, as I was picking them off one by one, when a huge Napoleon Wrasse came out of nowhere and engulfed my fly. It must have weighed150lb’s”

Wife: “That’s incredible honey, I am concerned about your fly though, does the zipper still work?”

Husband: “No honey, the Wrasse ate the crab I was using”

Wife: “Your wrasse now has crabs? This is beginning to remind me of your Bangkok business trip last year, what on earth has this got to do with today’s fishing?”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHusband looks confused and gets up to get another beer.

On a serious note though, some beautiful fish were caught this week. The weather stayed true, in fact a few of us prayed a slight breeze would arrive to help cool us down. I am happy to report that the wives all had a fantastic time and looked very relaxed by the time of writing.

Oh, by the way, the Napoleon wrasse got away….it really was about 150lb’s!

On a serious note though, some beautiful fish were caught this week. The weather stayed true, in fact a few of us prayed a slight breeze would arrive to help cool us down. The Tides were almost perfectly set for a full day of action. At mid week it was dead low by mid morning, giving us plenty of time on the flats. Here the guys had a complete plethora of fish species to choose from. Tailing triggers and bones, to shoals of bovine looking Bumphead Parrotfish. As soon as the tide began to push, GT’s would strut onto the flats looking to cause harm to any baitfish pattern that happened by. Soon we’d get pushed off the flats by the high water. In most locations this means the end of the action for the day, but at Farquhar it’s far from over. We’d then target corral heads or ‘Bommies’ – what we call Bommie Bashing- which produces a staggering amount of fish you’d otherwise never be able to target on a fly rod. The list is endless, but just to give you a taste- Groupers (saddle back; Marble; African; Swallow Tail); Bohar Snappers; Bluefin Trevally; Baracuda- like I say its endless and and a constant source of hilarity watching guys try hold of for dear life as a grouper “Goes Home”.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis week we also did a lot of Island and wreck hopping, where we teased and cast to the reef and wreck structure dotted around the athol. Jako Spotted a collosal Napolean Wrasse (yes, the affore mentioned) around an old abandoned bouy. Don had a cast, and by Jako’s description the strike resembled Bikini Athol’s Nuclear trials as the fish sent a plumb of water high into the air, followed by a gut wrenching run for home, which as it turns out, was very very far away. The fish was lost, but to make amends Greg shortly after caught a lone GT. The backslapping and laughing lasted longer than the fight, and it was a long fight. The wives gave it a crack too, and While Tyson Jackson was explaining the current status of salmon fishing in South West Dorset (which I really enjoyed by the way Tyson) his partner Gill quietly caught a beautiful single Bonefish, making the whole action seem entirely trivial, even though it was her first Bonefish ever. I was exceptionally impressed by Athony and Sandra’s teamwork, whereby Athony would hook a grouper and hold on for dear life while istructing Sandra to kindly reel in his running line. Although in theory this sounds like a good system, practically it had it’s floors. For one communication between husband and wife becomes somewhat erratic when there’s a fish at the end of the line. I was very very privilaged to watch such a spectacle when I wasn’t blinded by tears of mirth.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am happy to report that the wives, fishing or otherwise, all had a fantastic time and looked very relaxed by the time of writing, although whether it had anything to do with the exceptional behavior of their husbands over the course of the week is an uncertainty. *****


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