St Brandon’s Blog: 16 – 25 November 2010

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs usual, we met an eager bunch of anglers on the morning the Gryphon departed. For some of our anglers it was to be their first taste of the flats, and what a way to begin their journey into sight fishing the ocean’s crystal clear shallows! On the other hand, some of the other rods for the week were extensively seasoned…we were set to have a cracker of week!


St Brandon 16-25 Nov (2)I was fortunate enough to take Jon & Les out for their first taste of Bonefishing …and what a place to begin…spoilt for life I tell you! I will never forget the look on Jon’s face as that first Bone stripped backing off the reel at a furious rate. Needless to say both him and Les soon got the hang of it and by the end of the week were seriously notching up the numbers. On one particular evening after fishing, I asked them how their day went. They replied that they had caught Bones from the moment the stepped onto the flats until the light in the afternoon got too flat….magic!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow Stephane and Gauthier have fished all over the world! Obviously Bones were a major part of the agenda, but they had their eye on some Permit and hopefully a Golden Trevally or two. Inevitably they caught serious numbers of Bones….Stéphane expressing the following after his first day: “Very Big Fish!”

As for the Permit…well to cut long story short, fish hooked = 4, landed = 0! Got to love Permit fishing!

And what about the Goldies? On one morning we had a shoal of franticly tailing fish in front of us for 3 – 4 minutes…Stéphane was first to hook up and then Gauthier had one eat and somehow spit the hook. He did manage to land some really nice Bluefin Trevally to ease the pain!


St Brandon 16-25 Nov (3)The week seemed to fly past in the blink of an eye and what an enjoyable trip it was. Typically exceptional fishing, very nice group of people and fantastic weather, a really nice way to end off my guiding stint for the season – it’s Gerhard’s chance to guide in Bonefish heaven! Chat to you next season




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