Farquhar Blog: 13 – 20 April 2013

Fishing is among other things about good memories. I thought compiling a list of a few from the last week that spring to mind would give you more of an idea of what happens during a week on Farquhar Atoll:

  • Craig Derby Farquhar 13-20 April 2013 (38)The Walk. A session with Bill, Rich and myself where every cut in the reef held at least a pair of GT’s. Bill Landing a beautiful fish, Rich saying “God Damn it” every time he missed one.
  • Rich and Rob giving me the day off after The Walk due to epic chafe. The subsequent snorkelling session and listening to Rich’s tunes while eating pizza.
  • Jako Lucas Farquhar 13-20 April 2013 (33)Jonathan’s freak Bumpie, hooked and landed over the biggest, whitest sand flat on the atoll.
  • Roberto’s Italian swearwords usually associated with some sort of fishing related catastrophe.
  • Roberto’s 107cm GT and Jako once again landing the fish 100 yards away, right at the end of its initial run.
  • Rob Ramsey’s 108cm GT, and Rob’s bewilderment at finding that Keegan had somehow lifted him onto the boat during the fight. No one knows when, where or how that happened.
  • Jako Lucas Farquhar 13-20 April 2013 (42)Rich’s 108cm GT and the pot of money that was lost on the fish. Oh, and Jako having to change his underwear after the fish ate the fly right next to the boat.
  • Jim’s one liners, and someone saying, “boy he don’t say much, but when he does he sure packs a punch”
  • Jim’s Bumpie, and the fact that it was huge, and that he only let it take about twenty yards of backing, landing it in about three minutes- over coral.
  • Jako Lucas Farquhar 13-20 April 2013 (31)Craig laughing about “going commercial” on fish throughout an epic bommies bashing session.
  • Seeing the guides gobsmacked when Paul returned from one of many early morning runs just after they’d made their first cup of coffee.
  • Peter’s flybox. It was beautiful, now it’s empty.
  • Peter’s Golden Trevelly, and then his 120cm GT!
  • Bud, quietly catching seven GT’s – all in a gentlemanly fashion so as to suggest…this is easy.
  • Rob getting the guides to sign his trip shirt, making us feel like rockstars.
  • Craig and Jim getting a double up with some big snappers, and Craig saying “Jim I’m glad you’re here to see this with me” while posing for the photo’s.

Paul Imperia Farquhar 13-20 April 2013 (19)So there you have it, these are just a few moments from a truly memorable trip. As always We had a really great time with the Fly Water Travel group. After two weeks you’d think we’d be ready to see them go, but nothing could further of the truth. I guess I’ll have to wait till next time. I hope they’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

Till next week

James Topham

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