Farquhar Blog: 27 April – 4 May 2013

27 April - 4 May 2013 Jako Lucas 6First off I must apologize for the delay in the final two reports.

27 April - 4 May 2013 Jako Lucas 1Although I hate making excuses for myself, I feel I should fill you in as to why there has been a two week long wait for the last blogs of the season. You see, I usually write these things on the very last evening of the week, sometime after dinner. However, on the second last week there was a gentleman by a gentleman in the group (who shall remain nameless) who invited me over to join in on a conversation with the rest of the group. I can’t recall the particular nature of that topic, for reasons that I shall soon enlighten you with. You see, during this conversation, I was offered a beer. Although this may seem an innocent enough thing to partake in, I can assure you that after nearly three months of sobriety and hard work, a single beer acts not as a refreshing beverage, but more like a social lubricant. The guest, sensing my weakness and stoking what I’ll put down to as “youthful exuberance”, plied me with many more ice cold beers. Fast forward to three o’clock in the morning, and I return to my bed having made many friends for life and not typed a single letter towards the weekly post.

In any case it’s done now so here goes:

27 April - 4 May 2013Jako Lucas 5The second last week of the season was an Aardvark McLeod week, which was led by Peter McLeod and a stack of his loyal clients and friends, many of which we’d guided only a season before. The week produced many fine moments, one of which was on the very first day. Ty, Mat and I were walking around Dipose after what had been a quite morning. The tide was nice and high and I was sure we’d see some GT’s. We covered the lee of the island, and seeing nothing our pace began to pick up. Of course, the GT’s were on the windward side, but conveniently close to the beach.

27 April - 4 May 2013 Jako Lucas 4Ty spotted them at the same time I did, and without me having to say anything rushed down the beach and slapped the fly in the water. I was amazed that the fish didn’t spook, barely his whole leader was out the rod tip. The creature in fact went crazy! The fish seemed to be in some sort of frenzy as the all tried to snatch the static fly away from one another. Ty missed one, and then managed to pin another, and off it went… That was not the largest fish of the week, but it was one that I will remember for some time to come, if only for the sheer aggression. The week went from strength to strength, and the only way I can convey how successful it was is by giving you the numbers:

27 April - 4 May 2013 Jako Lucas 3We landed 10 GTs – biggest 109 cm. 5 Bumpies landed – 14 lost. 2 Golden Trevally, 2 Bluefin Trevally, 6 Triggerfish, countless Bonefish, 3 Dogtooth Tuna along with the usual mixed bag of large snapper and groupers.

Not bad for 6 days of fishing and sadly only one more week to go!

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