Farquhar Blog: 16 – 23 November 2011

Another week on the magical atoll of Farquhar, and this week we had some good friends and long time clients (the Georgiades and Ackerman group) along for the ride. For some of the guys in the group, this was to be their first flats experience and what a destination to get started on…they were in for a treat!Faquhar 16-23 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (13)


All the boats were loaded and the boys headed out in determined fashion, looking to capitalize on the excellent GT, Bumphead Parrotfish and Bonefish fishing Farquhar had produced throughout the season. Pat Georgiades was off to a flying start when he landed the first GT over a meter, a fish of 101cm. Justin Williamson followed suit shortly after with a real beauty of 103cm. Faquhar 16-23 Nov 2011 - Brad Hyman (17)Welcome to the ‘meter plus’ club guys!  A Further eight GTs were quickly landed amongst the group, as well as the first Napoleon Wrasse for the season, courtesy of Marc Truman who managed to entice this crazy looking fish. Pat was soon again in the action, bringing another really respectable fish of 97cm to hand. Between himself and Donovan they landed another 4 good sized GT’s in the first 2 days.

Faquhar 16-23 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (26)

On the Bumpie front, it is fair to say we were not having much luck! Alan and Jack can certainly testify to this, hooking eleven between them but unfortunately losing each and every single one. Mark on the other hand, only needed one cast and that was that…Bumpie landed.Faquhar 16-23 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (25)


Some tough light conditions made the next few days slightly tougher than usual although some more good sized GT’s and some impressive 8lbs Bones showed why Farquhar is so highly regarded amongst the guides. In total 23 GT’s, 2 Napoleons, a Golden, a Bumpie (many more lost), some really BIG bones and a bagful of other species made another week on Farquhar impossible to forget. Thanks to both groups of guys who are always such a pleasure to fish with!Faquhar 16-23 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas

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