Farquhar Blog: 23 – 30 November 2011

Faquhar 23-30 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (85)The last week of the season has unbelievably arrived. With a group of guys from the U.S.A, Scotland, London, Italy, Botswana and South Africa, we knew we would be in for a good time. As you can imagine, they were all excited to get their tackle set up and pursue the countless species Farquhar has to offer. Bonefish and GTs were on the top of the list, but as the week progressed, they quickly realised the numerous other species found on Farquhar and their priorities changed.

The first day on the flats and all hell broke loose! Chris Brown and Dale Wigley landed eight GTs between them, with the biggest coming in at 100cm and 105cm. Their day got even better when the carnage continued as they landed about 20 industrial sized Bluefin, all between 10lbs-20lbs.Faquhar 23-30 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (65)

Day two and the action showed no sign of slowing down. Once again Chris and Dale were in the hot seat, landing another eight good size GTs (all by 11am). Not to be outdone, Antonio Riccardi bagged a 102cm GT after which a further eight GTs came to hand….sadly however many more being lost. The Bluefin hung around and the guys took full advantage of these beautiful and powerful fish. I might add, we were also being treated to some terrific Bonefish, with some fish in the 8 – 10lb range impressing the guys.

Faquhar 23-30 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (124)Another notable mention must go to Ian Stuart, who skilfully managed to land three Napoleon Wrasses, one of them weighing close to 40lbs. Stuart Brown narrowly missed the meter mark with a GT of 99cm, however we were still in for a special treat when Antonio landed the largest fish of the week, with a gorgeous specimen of 108cm. Congratulations Antonio!

Faquhar 23-30 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (71)A crazy week of fun and incredible fishing was had by all, but sadly as with all things it had to come to an end. Thirty six GTs, 6 Napoleons, monster Bluefin Trevally, Bones up to 10lbs, two Bumpies and some enormous Bohar’s, made for a truly outstanding final week of 2011.

Faquhar 23-30 Nov 2011 - Jako Lucas (67)Pulling the covers onto our boats and climbing onto the IDC flight, it is hard not to get excited for our next season. Farquhar is undoubtedly one of the finest saltwater fisheries…roll on 2012!

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