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We welcomed a group of anglers who were busy doing a very special trip, fishing Providence Atoll 50 km away the week earlier and now Farquhar. Picking up from where they left off on Providence proved challenging however as a large low-pressure system continued to hag about. This resulted in winds gusting up to 35 knots and together with the continued cloud cover made the fishing tougher than all of us had hoped for. Nonetheless we gave it every effort and in the end we were rewarded with some good fish!

SAM_2432We experienced some great Bonefish fishing during the course of the week, the cool water no doubt enticing good numbers of them into the shallows to feed. Whether it was fishing to shoals or the classic singles and doubles, many quality specimens were landed. Some fish tipped the scales at the 8lb mark, however the week’s average being a very solid 4 pounds.

IMG_0696Jonathan, Don and Richard capitalized on the GT opportunities that were presented landed a GT a piece. The biggest fish coming agonizingly close to the magical meter mark I.e. 93cm. Opportunities to cast at more GT’s were definitely there, however the tough weather conditions made it tough for our guests to get the fly into the “kill zone”.Rob, Judah and Dennis did however manage to get some good fish offshore, their biggest coming in at an impressive 121cm.

SAM_2437With the ever-present low pressure hanging over the atoll, a voice in the back of every guide’s head screamed Permit. These special fish are known to feed with more intent when conditions are less than favorable so we kept a close eye on the usual spots. Bill and Tom have travelled to some top destinations targeting Permit, however the Indo-Pacific permit until now has eluded them. Witnessing the joy on their faces after each landed their first Indo-Pacific Permit was therefore a massive privilege. Congratulations to you both on your “Holy Grail’s”.

IMG_0717Seasoned anglers Richard and Tim focused their attention on the numerous Triggerfish we are privileged to have on the atoll. The finesse and subtlety required when presenting a crab pattern to theses illusive specimens is next level and highly addictive! The fish would follow the fly, tail on the fly…in truth do everything except get a hook in their mouths. Frustrating for sure, but a perfect example as to why they are so highly prized when they do come to hand.

So despite some really nasty conditions, some good catches and fun times were enjoyed by our group. Thank you to all of you for sticking at it…we know at times the conditions made it tough!

Until next week

The Farquhar guide team

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