Farquhar Blog: Feb 2016 Pre Season Update!

_DSC0450The FlyCastaway Farquhar guide team is back on location and ready to deliver some world class flats fishing and serious fish during the Feb – May 2016 season. Before we could welcome our first group of guests onto the atoll we had some serious work to get through to ensure the level of operation remains at an extremely high standard. We departed the IDC hanger on the 23rd of Feb to allow us 8 full days to work on servicing boats and to scout out the current movements of the different fish species. We were welcomed by K.K and Mona after landing on the atoll and taken directly to the guesthouse and guide house. These two individuals run and manage the guesthouse in fine form and so it was no surprise after inspecting the guesthouse to find everything looking top notch.

_DSC0431Once settled into the guide house, we along with our proficient Yamaha outboard motor mechanic Marcel began servicing the engines for the tenders. First up were the carburettors! We stripped each one in clock work fashion until all were left in mint condition. Working as a team, we then replaced all the battery terminals that were rusted and then cleaned and greased the ones that were still in good shape. Next on the list were the bilge pumps and GPS’s. If there was any damage to the wiring it was replaced immediately. We then started to install all the gearboxes which had recently been refurbished on Mahe, finally attaching the propeller’s to each of them.

_DSC0456We then installed all the steering arms, following which we changed all the spark plugs, checked the wiring and fuel lines, at the same time replacing any small parts which looked they had taken some wear and tear. Last on the list was some fibreglassing (in true island style) on Cerf’s hull. Once dry all 6 boats were launched and moored ready for testing. The following day all boats were run in and we are happy to report all boats are in great working condition for the season ahead! It was now time for some scouting!
_DSC0463We ran all over the atoll, stopping here and there for brief periods to get into the groove and rhythm of the atoll. The good news is the fish are around and the water looks great. Bumpies, GT’s, Triggers and Bones all were seen in positive numbers. In addition there were large schools of Milkfish offshore during periods of warm weather and flat sea conditions. During a brief stint Gerry and Nick both got stuck into fish, sadly Nick’s fish coming off prematurely. Gerry however landed a cracking fish on one of our Wade Chanos fly reels which performed flawlessly! Congrats Gerry!

IMG_1323An added bonus is that it seems there are still good numbers of Sailfish, Wahoo and some Tuna around which no doubt will add to our guests experience during the season. So in closing, all the boats are running smoothly, the guesthouse is ready and waiting, spirits are high and the team is focused. Its time to smash some fish!

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