St Brandon’s Blog: 10 – 20 April 2010

St Brandons 10 - 20 April (5)The report from the second trip of 2010 was equally encouraging, the fishing seemingly going from strength to strength. Of notable interest was that during the trip five adult Permit were landed and gauging by the guides daily reports anglers had many opportunities to cast at these gloriously finicky fish.


St Brandons 10 - 20 April (3)This is an extract from guide Jako Lucas’s dairy during the week: “The morning saw us fishing below Island 5. The tide was close to low when we first got onto the flat and immediately had some very exciting skinny water fishing to big tailing Bones. After we picked some good fish off we gradually crept further down the flat. Out of nowhere a shoal of Permit were suddenly in front of us. Even better the fish were zig-zagging slowly across a small area of the flat, tails twitching excitedly as they stumbled across something tasty below them. Right…we’ve had plenty of shots at big fish this week and now it’s going to happen. Jim was in place and made a nice cast at two very good sized fish. %#$%…..they didn’t seem to see the bloody fly. Jim calmly made a second cast. The big fish charged up onto the fly and literally engulfed it. Yes please! After an awesome fight filled with some nerve jangling moments we landed a 15lb fish. These fish will drive me nuts…I love it!”

St Brandons 10 - 20 April (1)“During the rest of the morning we were given a few more awesome chances at Permit but unfortunately the fish simply didn’t oblige. Later on we had an awesome double, with Jim and Rob landing a 10lb Bone and nice Yellow-spot Trevally at the same time.”


All in all the fishing had was very well received by the anglers. The Bonefishing according to the guides is just starting to heat up …if this is possible. Quite a few fish of 10lbs and slightly bigger were landed, with anglers again experiencing symptoms of being “all Boned out”!


St Brandons 10 - 20 AprilOn the GT front, congratulations must go to Richard Spraker who landed a boss fish of 101cm after a truly epic tussle. This a brief piece from guide Tim Babich’s diary on the event: “there were four of these brutes, the biggest of these monsters was first to charge the fly but out of nowhere the ‘baby’ of the group snuck in, seemingly grabbing the fly out of the big fish’s cavernous mouth….”!


We like you are already itching to hear the reports about the third trip of 2010 which is currently underway. We will be sure to keep you posted on the rest of our 2010 St Brandon’s season as it develops.

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