St Brandon’s Blog: 30 March – 8 April 2010

The first two trips for our early 2010 St Brandon’s season have just come to end and we know everyone is itching hear the initial reports. To wet your appetite read through the brief extract below from guide Keith Rose-Innes’s diary on the first trip:


St Brandon 30 March - 8 April“I looked back towards the island and saw a wall of huge GT’s charging in to feed on a shoal of Bonefish that had moved up behind us. Roughly forty GT’s between 130cm & 170cm split into two pods as they tore into the shoal of panic stricken Bones.”


According to the rest of his diary entry, the clients hooked three of these fish! The largest was conservatively estimated at 160cm but sadly the hook pulled loose. One of the other three giants hooked towed them around for 35 minutes and just before they thought it was ready to be landed decided to give one final effort and ended up spooling a luckless Taylor Roberts….our condolences Taylor.


St Brandons Slide Show Trip 4 30 March - 8 April-430Going through the rest of the dairy entries from all the guides the fishing appeared quite productive. The Bonefishing seemed pretty good with quite a few of this seasoned group of anglers topping their personal bests. The largest fish landed was 76cm, with the guides expecting the Bonefishing to go from strength to strength as the season moves forward.


St Brandons Slide Show Trip 4 30 March - 8 April-454Permit were around in good numbers, being fished too during most sessions, but only three smallish fish were landed, the largest around 12lbs. Unfortunately at least five adult fish were hooked and lost, either with coral break offs or hooks pulling.


Good numbers of Golden, Greenport & Bluefin Trevally were reported throughout the week, with at least 15 various sized Goldens landed. Lots of good sized Greenspots were also landed.

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