St Brandon’s Blog: 14 – 23 October 2011

14-23 Oct 2011 DSC00054 2In our minds the off season had taken an age this time round, but thankfully the cold of winter has finally passed and we finally stepped back onto some of the finest Bonefish, Permit and Giant Trevally flats known to man. By the end of every season we may become slightly numb to the quality of fishing we have witnessed, well our first week of our 2011-2012 certainly shook us awake big time. And who better for us to experience it with than four very special guests and friends Pete, Vince, Rob and Rick!


14-23 Oct 2011 DSC01276But let’s cut straight to chase. We all know St Brandon’s offers Bonefishing which is at times becomes difficult to describe, in truth it exceeds anything a few feeble words can offer, however the range of species encountered on this trip added a dimension which will be hard to forget. In the first two days we ran into some terrific GT fishing with a fish of 105cm; 104cm; 100cm; 85cm, as well as a truly monstrous 80cm Bluefin Trevally coming to hand. But it didn’t stop there. Peter Goldstein not only joined the Permit club with a memorable 10 pounder, but claimed our second ever Grand Slam on St Brandon’s (a Bonefish, GT and Permit in one day). And the fishing didn’t cool off there, with Greenspot, Bluefin and Golden Trevally all feeding hard on the flats throughout the week.


14-23 October 2011  DSC00026In saying that, my report wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the real reason everyone joins us on St Brandon’s. Time and time again clients agree St Brandon’s is the ultimate Bonefish destination, and this week the atoll confirmed its reputation as the guys were treated to a seemingly endless supply of ‘Grey Ghosts’ which fed in rhythm with the tides


The guys even suggested we give each guide a clicker/counter which would allow us to get an exact number landed at the end of a week. Subsequently and barring Vince (who has fished with us on St Brandon’s before), it was unanimously agreed that they’d never encountered as many large and powerful Bonefish in all their years of stalking the flats.


14-23 Oct 2011 DSC01348It was a real pleasure spending time with Peter, Vince, Rob and Rick this week. A bunch of more jovial, easy going, humorous bunch of guys would be near impossible to find and besides catching an absolute stack of fish we had a fantastic time and look forward to fishing with them again in the future..


Finally (and I hope Peter doesn’t mind me saying so) it is so great to be back on St Brandon’s….“We all just love it out here in the wilderness”!


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