Farquhar Blog 23 – 30 November 2018

Farquhar Blog 23 – 30 November 2018

WhereWiseMenFish-Farquhar-Nov18-10Our 8th and final week on Farquhar for the 2018 season started with good weather and bright sunlight which is helpful from a sight fishing perspective. Tide wise we began the week with spring tides that progressed to afternoon neap tides towards the end of the week, thus allowing us a lot of time on the flats of the Atoll.

IMG_4479The GTs were around in good numbers this week and of the 36 that we managed to hook, we unfortunately only got 15 to hand with the biggest landed being a lovely 97cm GT caught by Vadim. This fish was caught while drifting close to the surf, the GT was seen holding in a depression, Vadim then put the fly down and a few strips later got the fish to jump on the fly. Vadim had a great week and went on to land 3 more GTs. Not to be outdone, Igor M landed 4 GTs with his biggest being a beautiful fish of 89cm. Justin made the most of his chances by landing 3 GTs, one of which was part of a Bumpie slam. Justin also managed to land an enormous Bluefin Trevally of 82cm. Two dark fish were spotted, Justin made a good cast and the fish reacted without any hesitation attacked the fly!

WhereWiseMenFish-Farquhar-Nov18-52The Bumpie fishing was good with large pods of tailing Bumphead Parrotfish seen all over the atoll. Our guests managed to hook 8 and land 5, the largest measuring 105cm and was caught by Justin during a walk over a turtle grass flat. A good cast ahead of the lead fish went out and as the school moved over the fly one of the fish dipped down and he came tight. The fish then tore across the flat and eventually after couple nervous moments came to hand. Well done Justin! To complete the Bumpie catches Justin landed another of 80cm, Viacheslav landed 2 Bumpies on one day, a 69cm and 75cm fish respectively and Igor D landed a solid fish of 88cm.

WhereWiseMenFish-Farquhar-Nov18-6The Triggerfish were seen tailing often throughout the week. Of the six Triggers hooked, the three landed were all Moustache Triggerfish. Krister who was on his first ever saltwater fly fishing experience got his week off to a great start on Day 1 by landing a beautiful 51cm Moustache Triggerfish. This fish was tailing on a turtle grass patch during a surf walk and after making several casts to the fish his perseverance paid off with the fish pouncing on the fly. Igor D who was enjoying a stella week landed two Moustache Triggers measuring 52cm and 54cm.

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The big spring tides and consistent wind ensured cool water on the flats which resulted in our guests enjoying some fantastic Bonefishing, everyone landing decent size Bonefish ranging from 40-70cm.

Vadim landed a Tank 158cm Barracuda during a surf walk. This fish was seen cruising the surf when Vadim put the fly in front of the fish and without any hesitation the Barracuda engulfed the fly and sped off. Viacheslav also managed to land a beautiful 103cm Barracuda.


The incredible diversity of Farquhar provided our guests with great species fishing this week, keeping their rods bent throughout the day. Our guests landed a few big Grouper, Emperor, Snapper and Wrasse species. The highlights on this front were Audrey’s large 78cm African Marble Grouper and Krister’s solid 75cm Boha Snapper caught during a surf walk. It’s been an awesome 2018 season for us and we looking forward and we look forward to what 2019 on Farquhar Atoll.

The Farquhar Guide Team

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