Providence Blog: 20 – 27 Nov 2018

Providence Blog: 20 – 27 Nov 2018

DSC07335Day 1 – We started the day with mid morning low tide which allowed a short period of time to fish the dropping tide as well as a full pushing tide as the day continued. Chris, a first time visitor to the Seychelles took full advantage of the good numbers of GTs seen on the flats by opening his account for the week early into Day One. He later hooked and got a second to hand, good job Chris! John and Tom also managed to get a GT each for the day, whilst Christiaan who wasn’t letting opportunities swim by, set the hook on a great fish and eventually got it to hand. Our first meter plus fish had arrived on the first day. Congratulations Christiaan! Nick also managed to get an awesome Yellow Margin Triggerfish while Mike fooled a great Moustache Triggerfish, which he landed after a spirited fight. The Sailfish also showed up to the party, which resulted in a hooked and landed Sailfish on fly for Chris G. With the flats looking as good as they were the excitement levels were high as we ended Day One!

DSC07141Day 2 – The GTs were showing up all over the place, which kept everyone focused and scanning the flats for any movement or wakes. Nick, keeping calm and collected managed to fool a beautiful GT as it slowly swam up the flat on the incoming tide. A special note here for Christiaan who came to Providence Atoll with the hope of getting a Bumphead Parrotfish on fly. He managed to tick this one off the list on Day Two by landing a real beauty, well done Christiaan! Shilo, Joe and Mike all got into some Sailfish action. These special fish should be on everyone’s ‘must catch’ list as their acrobatic jumps and blistering runs are just incredible to experience!

IMG_7611Day 3 – Another great day on Providence, Dick and Bruce managing to land their first GTs, both fish measuring around 80cm. John meanwhile managed to break the magical meter mark with a great GT picked out of a school of around 30 which were marauding across the flats. The coral heads were full of life, which provided great fun for everyone landing a bunch of Snappers, Groupers and Emperors. The diversity on the flats of this atoll is certainly unlike any other place in the Indian Ocean.

DSC07361Day 4 – Chris G managed to land his first GT for the week, an episode which wasn’t without drama. A knot in the fly line after hooking the fish resulted in three sections of his rod going for a swim. Fortunately, he was able to land the fish and retrieve the rest of his fly rod! Bruce and Chris after a display of jumps and hard runs got their first Sailfish each to the boat, Christiaan also managing to hook and land a lively Sailfish before the day came to an end. The Milkfish were around in good numbers daisy chaining in the blue water, Christiaan, who was focused on getting one this trip unfortunately lost his fish after getting it near the boat. We win some and we lose some and unfortunately the Milkfish won this battle.

Day 5 – We decided to head over to the eastern edge of Providence as the tides were ideal to do so, this decision paying off with plenty of GTs patrolling the flats. Shilo, who had hooked and lost a few GTs this week managed to two for the day. Chris G and Chris both managed to get meter fish, fish of  100cm and 102cm respectively. Great job gentleman! Christiaan chipped in with two Moustache Triggerfish for the day; these fish are always great fun to chase on the flats.

IMG_1568Day 6 – The fishing was again on top form, Randy managed to get a massive Barracuda and 5 GTs for the day. Christiaan made the most of his last day on the flats by landing two fish over the meter mark, a 101cm and 105cm. Great job! Bruce, Shilo and John all managed to get two GTs to hand, Shilo who was making the most of the final day got our second Bumphead Parrotfish for the week. Mike landed a fine GT on the last day whilst Nick landed an awesome Napoleon Wrasse which is a special catch anywhere in the world! Joe ended his Providence fishing experience with a beautiful Moustache Triggerfish. This was a great week with lots of fun and laughter enjoyed by all. Thank you to all of the guests for joining us…we look forward to seeing you again soon. Our fish tally for the week was:

  • GTs – 66
  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 2
  • Triggerfish – 8
  • Sailfish – 8
  • Species – 449

Until next week

The Prov Guide Team

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