Providence Blog: 27 Nov – 4 Dec 2018

Providence Blog: 27 Nov – 4 Dec 2018

IMG_7849Day 1 – The GTs were seen in good numbers on the flats with some really great fish coming to hand. Dick who had fished the Seychelles before but hadn’t landed a GT yet managed to get it done within the first 20 mins after hooking an awesome fish cruising on the back of a stingray. Skip managed to get a fish of a lifetime in the deep south dungeons of the atoll, his beautiful GT measuring 117cm. The action continued with a second fish of a meter plus landed by Bjorn. At 103cm, it was his new personal best. There were also some Triggerfish and Bonefish seen moving around the flats, but we looked forward to fishing to them later in the week.

Day 2 –  The atoll was full of life and some great catches were made today. The Milkfish were around and Vidor who hadn’t chased these fish before managed to get one to the boat after a brutal 45 minute fight. Anyone who has ever fought one of these fish sure knows how strong they are. Biker managed to also get a trophy Napoleon wrasse measuring in at 95cm…well done sir!


Day 3 – The Triggerfish and Bonefish were seen in good numbers. Best of all they were in skinny water and tailing hard and the guys managed to land some really good sized Bonefish. Bjorn managed to hook and land two great Yellow Margin Triggerfish and a few others were lost during the day. Don also managed to get it done in the dying hours of the day by getting two GTs to hand. It just goes to show you need to stay focused and be ready at all times while wading on the flats, your day is not done until you get back to the mothership!

Day 4 – The Bonefish were around in good numbers on the north eastern side of the atoll with Bill, Wes and Lake enjoying some really good Bonefishing. Wes also managed to add a new species to his catch list with a prized Yellow Margin Triggerfish. Lake meanwhile added a Yellow Dot Trevally to his catch list as Providence continues to dazzle with its diversity. The GTs were seen in various scenarios however we only managed to capitalize on a few of the opportunities for the day.

Day 5 – Mike hooked an enormous GT that was estimated to be in the range of 130cm, unfortunately this monster of a fish broke him off. Bjorn managed to land two GTs, whilst Vidor caught a good fish that was holding in the current much the same way a trout would do in a river. One well presented cast above the fish was all it took.

IMG_0876Day 6 – We were treated to some awesome Bonefishing with shots at large single fish tailing in skinny water. The GTs were around in decent numbers as well, however the overcast conditions made it tricky to spot them in time. Mike did not let anything stop him on the last day and managed to get a couple GTs to hand. Dick also made the most of his last day on the flats by landing an incredible Moustache Triggerfish and finally he added a beautiful Sailfish to his catch list for the week. This meant two new species for Dick on the last day, well done! Thank you to everyone who joined us this week, we had loads of fun on the flats and look forward to catching more great fish together in the future. Our fish tally for the week was:

  • GTs – 53
  • Milkfish – 1
  • Triggerfish – 4
  • Bonefish – 34
  • Species – 180
  • Sailfish – 1

Until next time

The Prov guide team

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