Providence Blog: 1-8 November 2022

Our third group during the Providence October- December 2022 season arrived with high hopes for a great week of flats fishing in the Indian Ocean. Spirits were high and that showed in the fish numbers for the first day as the guests landed some impressive fish.

Our guests didn’t have to wait very long to get stuck into the action as Ivar tasted success first thing on day 1 by landing an exceptionally powerful milkfish. As we made our way onto the flats the guests got to experience the variety of species that Providence has to offer. Brian landed the first bumpie for the week that was picked out from a large school of fish found happily tailing away on the flats. Doug, Justin, Christian, and Matt P all landed GTs on the first day of the week. Matt P’s GT was a special one as it was part of a Providence slam as he also landed a triggerfish and bonefish. Great job, Matt! Trent added a splash of colour to the catch report with a beautiful triggerfish on day one. The bone fishing we experienced was nothing short of spectacular as all our guests landed solid numbers of big bonefish late in the day. Carson got stuck into a few bigger fish and managed a double-digit bonefish to end off a very productive first day on the flats.

Day 2 saw our guests pick up from where they left off landing 4 triggers for the day. Lars, Christian, and Ivar all getting a yellow margin each, while Doug managed a moustache trigger. The GTs were also out on the flats in good numbers providing everyone in the group with numerous shots. Justin, Brian, Matt, and Rob all landed a GT each. The bone fishing was once again something to write home about with several large specimens brought to hand. 

By the third day of the week our guests were well and truly in the swing of things and this showed as Doug, who was busy with his second week on Providence, landed 3 GTs for the day – one of which stretched the measuring tape past the magical 100 cm mark, measuring 103cm! Dave and Justin also got stuck into the GTs landing 2 each while Matt G joined the party with another GT to complete a great day on the GT front. Justin added to his 2 GTs for the day with a solid yellow margin triggerfish.

The fourth day of the week saw our guests enjoy several phenomenal catches. Ivar kept his impressive streak going on the triggerfish front by adding another 2 to his tally for the week. We also saw 2 more bumpies caught with Rob and Matt G each landing one of these bizarre and exciting creatures. The diversity of Providence shone bright yet again treating our guests to exceptional fishing for the plethora of resident groupers, snappers, and wrasse. The standout catch on this front was a large napoleon wrasse landed by Carson. The GT fishing continued to impress with our guests converting 7 fish for the day. Brian, Dave, Doug, Carson, Justin, and Ivar all landed these iconic flats fish with the catch of the day going to Matt P who landed his first GT over a meter with a respectable fish of 101cm. Well done, Matt!

Day 5 saw more impressive catches of the various groupers, snappers and trevally that frequent providence’s wild waters. We experienced good fishing on the flats as Brian landed his first ever bumphead parrotfish on the fly. Our group also encountered good numbers of giant trevally on the flats during the day although the shots proved tricky due to less than desirable weather conditions. Rob and Ivar landed one apiece while Christian ended the day with 2 GT’s to his name rounding off another successful and exciting day.

The last day of the week had our group chomping at the bit to get out and make the most of their final day’s fishing on Providence. The focus was on GTs and a total of 7 were caught for the day. Matt G and Brian both landed 1 GT each while Carson went 1 better with 2 GTs to his name. Christian continued his good form and went onto land a total of 3 for the day closing off a challenging yet exciting week of fishing on Providence. 

Our catch tally for week 3 was as follows: 

  • GTs: 35 (2 of 100cm plus)
  • Triggerfish: 9
  • Bumpies: 3
  • Milkfish: 1
  • Bonefish: 42 (1 of 10lbs.)
  • Total number of other species landed: 268

Until next week, 

The Providence Guide Team

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