Providence Blog: 11 – 18 April 2023

We welcomed eight new guests onboard our mothership for the 6th week of our season, as Paul, Dan, Bill, and Tom were lucky enough to have another week of fly fishing bliss ahead of them on Providence. We quickly set up our 8 new guest’s gear and set for the open ocean with a few large conas in tow hopeful of an encounter with the large schools of Yellowfish Tuna seen on the outskirts of the atoll.


The first day of the fishing week provided high-quality action with a total of 22 GTs and 7 Triggerfish landed for the day. The trio of Dan, Bill, and Paul enjoyed a particularly special day sharing 10 GTs between them, with old-time buddies Dan and Bill landing a 100cm and 102cm GT respectively. Well done, chaps! The Triggerfish were out and about in good numbers which provided our guests with numerous sight fishing opportunities to these charismatic flats dwellers. Tom, Rex, Rio, Bryan, Mike, and Chris all tasted success on this front. A strong opening day, great work, guys.


On day 2 we were dealt with tricky conditions with heavy cloud cover and diminished visibly.  Despite this, our group persevered and managed to convert 1 Barracuda and 8 GT encounters into catches. Catches of note during this day included first-time GT success for the father-son combo of Rex and Rio, well done, gents! Meanwhile, Mike and Dave enjoyed excellent success while fly fishing in the teeming coral gardens, landing loads of new and interesting Grouper and Snapper species. This being the duo’s first-ever saltwater fly fishing experience, it made it that much more exciting!


The tricky conditions continued into day 3 and made for challenging fly fishing conditions on the flats. Nevertheless, 5 GTs, 6 Bonefish, and 2 Triggers were still brought to hand for the day. Highlights were a slam for Dan consisting of a Bonefish, Triggerfish and GT. Bryan got stuck into the action on the GT front and landed a very respectable 92 cm specimen while Mike managed to land a monster 9ft Lemon shark.


The fourth day had our guests enjoying some exceptional fishing for large skinny water Bonefish, with a total of 41 brought to hand during a very busy session on the flats that included personal bests for most of our group. A special mention for young Rio, only 12 years old, and already a proud member of the Providence 10lb Bonefish Club! As for the other iconic species available on Providence, there were 3 Triggers and 4 GTs landed for the day, with John landing a slam consisting of a Bonefish, Trigger, and GT. Great work, lads!


The fifth day of the week delivered slightly more challenging opportunities for Prov’s iconic fish species with just 6 GTs and several Grouper and Snapper landed for the day. Paul did however experience a moment of GT fly fishing magic when he hooked a powerful fish of 89cm in water no deeper than the shin. His fish rooster tailed its way down the flat towards deeper water taking loads of backing in the process. Eventually, the fish succumbed to the pressure of the drag and Paul had his beauty firmly in his hands… a moment and memory we’re sure Paul will remember for a long time to come.


The 6th and final day of the fishing week saw us wake up to glorious conditions. The catch of the day went to Chris, who encountered a pair of large GTs while they slowly patrolled down the edge of a lagoon. One cast and as many strips is all it took for him to connect to his beautiful 96cm GT! The boat team of John, Dave, and Mike enjoyed Prov’s diversity scenarios, with plenty of Grouper and Snapper species landed. They also got stuck into the action on the flats with Dave converting his first-ever Bumphead Parrotfish catch, as well as his first GT catch on the flats. Great job, Mike! Dan also concluded his 2 weeks of fly fishing in style with a feisty GT.


That brings us to the end of the 6th week of our season. Memories were made and smiles were shared during a wonderful week of exploring and fishing. We look forward to welcoming our new and old friends back to Prov soon!

Our catch tally for the week was as follows:

  • • GTs – 50

  • Bumphead Parrotfish – 1

  • • Triggerfish – 12

  • • Bonefish – 47 (1x 10lb)

  • • Barracuda – 3

  • • Other species – 202

Until next week,

The providence guide team

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