Providence Blog: 8-15 November 2022

The fourth week of the season saw us welcome back a few old friends. The group’s excitement was contagious and felt by our guide team providing a little extra motivation to deliver another busy week on the flats.

The first day saw our guests enjoy several shots at the atoll’s GT population, with a total of 8 landed for the day. Dave, Joern, and Keith all managed 1 GT each, while Rob got his trip off to a cracking start adding 5 GTs to his name, 1 of which measured 101cm. Great job, Rob!

The second day delivered similar action to that experienced by our guests the day before, with a total of 7 GTs landed. A special moment was enjoyed by Andre who managed to finally land his first ever GT on the fly.  Mike, Joern, Dave, and Peter all landed a GT each while Tony went one better landing 2 GTs himself for the day. The bluewater provided our guests with several great opportunities for the acrobatic speedsters that frequent the perimeter of the atoll but after a couple of near misses we were unfortunately unable to convert any of these opportunities.

The third day started off with a bang with Dave landing the first bumpie for the trip, a solid 103cm fish and his personal best. The bommie bashing was superb with most of the group landing loads of large bohar snapper, grouper, and bluefin trevally. Our group experienced good fishing on the GT front and landed a total of 11 fish between them. Peter, David, Tony, Andre, and Keith all landed one a piece. Joern went 1 better and managed to land 2 for the day while Rob topped the totals with 3 himself. The fish of the day however, went to Mike who landed a trophy fish of 100cm on the dot. Great job, Mike!

Day 4 saw our guests experience challenging conditions which made for a relatively tough day of fishing. A total of 4 GTs were landed for the day with Rob and Joern both landing 1 each. Peter landed two for the day with one of his fish stretching the tape to 100cm, a special fish and well deserved, Peter! We had seen some sailfish around and it was only a matter of time before one was hooked and that’s just what happened – Dave and Joern both managed to stay connected and eventually land 1 of these bluewater speedsters each.

Day 5 saw a continuation of the tricky weather conditions with strong wind and dark overcast skies. Despite the less than desirable weather, Tony got stuck into the bones and was rewarded with a double-digit bonefish which ran him deep into backing. The sailfish were out in good numbers again and both Rob and Mike made their shots count by landing a sailfish each. The tough light and rough conditions made spotting fish over turtle grass very difficult, but we were still able to land 2 GTs for the day, 1 each for Andre and Rob respectively. Rob’s fish deserving of a special mention pulled the measured tape all the way to 109cm. Great job, Rob!

The last day of the week saw our guests enjoy a mixed bag of catches. Tony picked up where he left off on the bones landing another 2 double-digit fish, a truly remarkable feat and something that doesn’t happen every day. He also landed a triggerfish to end off his week on a high. There were 3 more GTs landed on the last day by Keith, Dave, and Joern to round off a tricky yet enjoyable week on the flats of Providence.

Our catch tally for week 3 was:

  • GTs: 35 (4 over 100cm)
  • Bonefish: 27 (3 of 10lbs)
  • Sailfish: 4
  • Bumpie: 1 (103cm)
  • Triggerfish: 1

Until next time,

The Flycastaway Guide Team

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