St Brandon Blog: 28 Oct – 7 Nov 2019

St Brandon Blog: 28 Oct – 7 Nov 2019

This week saw us fishing over a new moon neap tide which gave us plenty of wading time to the full variety of species the atoll has to offer.


The Bonefishing was outstanding this week with all forms of opportunities presenting themselves. We enjoyed fishing to tailing fish in ankle deep water as well big schools in slightly deep water. A special mention goes out to Bill who was fishing the Indian Ocean for the first time. Bill managed to get stuck into great numbers of fish including a cracking 8.5lb slab. Well done sir! Randy also had some outstanding sessions landing numerous Bonefish for the week. A huge congratulation to Wessel for getting his 1st Bonefish on a fly rod on the first day of the trip and later in the week his 9.5lb fish proving to be our largest for the week.

IMG_0347The Permit were also around in decent numbers this week and we managed to get the guys into some really good opportunities, from tailing and cruising fish on the flats to fish high riding off sand banks and island structures, we had it all. A huge congratulations goes out to Andrew for managing to get it done, his 9lb fish slowly dropping down the flat when he presented the fly. The fish initially seemed to spook off the fly, but another cast was made, and the fish made no hesitations in inhaling the crab imitation second time round. Unfortunately, we did however lose a hooked Permit this week which is never nice, but that’s fishing and that’s why each fish landed is a special experience.

IMG_0938Good numbers of Giant Trevally were also around on the flats this week. We encountered fish riding on the back of Nurse sharks, big schools and single fish marauding bonefish in the shallows…any of these scenarios nail bitingly exciting. As it goes, we managed to have a few eat the fly as well as some missed opportunities, but Chris has done this before and managed to get it done with a gorgeous fish which measured 102cm! Well done Chris! Wessel also managed to get his 1stGt ever on a fly rod with a great 96cm fish, a really big fish for your first ever GT! The Bluefin Trevally were also around in decent numbers. Andrew managed to get a great fish which measured a whopping 78cm, congrats on yet another great fish. Bill also managed to get his 1st Bluefin Trevally on a fly rod this week adding to his species list. The golden Trevally were around in great numbers with Bill, Randy and Neil all managing to tick the box on this wonderful flats fishing species.

The week overall provided an abundance of variety, opportunities and species and as such look forward to sharing this special place with our next set of guests.

Until next week!

The St Brandon’s guide team

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