St Brandon’s Blog: 7 – 19 Sept 2018

IMG_6819The first trip for the September – November 2018 season on St Brandon’s got off to a cracking start with some phenomenal Bonefishing. Both numbers and average sizes were impressive, the large numbers of fish found in shallow water reconfirming to our guests why St Brandon is so highly thought of in the Bonefishing world. On top of this we landed ten fish over 8lbs, three of over 9.5lbs and one trophy fish of 10.5lbs, Randy’s monster hooked whilst it’s back was out of the water. Randy presented his shrimp, the fish rushed over and crushed the fly before speeding off to the horizon. What a special fish!

IMG_3813The amount of Indo Pacific Permit seen out on the atoll during the trip was nothing short of staggering. The guests enjoyed multiple shots each day at these highly sought-after fish, but as can be expected with Permit, it didn’t always go to plan as there were a few eats that didn’t stick and fish coming unbuttoned during the fight. Fortunately, we did put six Permit into the net before the trip came to end. Randy fished really well and in the end was rewarded with fish of 4lb, 5lb and one of 10lb. Ferdie also got stuck into the Permit action with a perfect 5,5lb fish, however the biggest Permit for the week went to Andre who landed a 10,5lb fish that was feeding into some heaving current despite the shallow water. ‘Dre’ sent out a pin-point cast and the fish followed for 10 feet before inhaling the crab. After a tense and dogged fight, the fish was slid into the net and the celebrations began. Andre also added to his Permit tally on the last day of the trip with a stunning 4lb fish. Great job!


The various Trevally species found on St. Brandon were also present throughout the trip, our guests enjoying some great shots at some the massive GTs present. We did manage to get two huge fish to eat the fly, sadly however both the flies came straight back out of their cavernous mouths on the strip set. The Bluefin Trevally were seen smashing baitfish around the coral ridges on most days, Ferdie and Andre both landing notable fish with specimens of 75cm and 78cm respectively. The more elusive Golden Trevally also presented themselves on occasion, Eugene making it happen when he caught his first ever Golden, a super charged 76cm fish that was cast to whilst tailing hard on a turtle grass edge.

All in all, it was great start to the season with a great bunch of guys who we hope to see more of in the seasons ahead!

Until next week

The St Brandon Guide Team

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