St Brandons Blog: 9 – 19 Oct 2023

Welcome to the report from our 6th week of the season. Our lucky group of anglers from the previous week had another 7 days on the flats to look forward to as they had all booked a 2-week back-to-back stay with us. With a bigger tidal range and clear blue skies predicted in the weather report, we felt excited to get out there and show them more of water the atoll can deliver

Week 6 conditions: Spring tides, clear skies, and little wind.

This week saw our guests enjoy the fly fishing experience St Brandon’s is most famous for; skinny water bonefishing. With cool water and loads of hungry bones around, our guests got stuck into the action from the moment their boots hit the white sand. Typical encounters included fishing for the bonefish while they tailed and worked their way up the gradual taper of the flats with the morning’s pushing tide. With productive fishing sessions enjoyed by everyone, we managed to rack up a very respectable catch tally for the week. As for the big fish, our standout catch on this front went to Trent when he hooked into a silver missile that not only ran him into the backing several times but also tipped the scales at 10 lbs! Great job, Trent!

Permit fishing is a cruel pursuit and although we had our shots, were only able to get 3 of these elusive creatures to hand for the week. Justin was the only fisherman this week who could convince the fish to pounce on a fly and he landed all 3 himself, 1 of which was a genuine trophy, weighing in at 15,5 lb! He managed to pick up this beauty while it followed a large stingray near a storm ridge. A very special catch late in the day. Well done Justin!

We experienced decent action on the trevally front as well, with favourable conditions in the way of good light and loads of baitfish found around the landmasses. This set us up nicely and we enjoyed several shots at large Giant Trevally. 1 of our anglers enjoyed all the spoils here, landing 2 beautiful fish, 1 of which stretched the measuring tape all the way to 105cm.


Our catch tally for the week was:

  • Bonefish – 113 (3 of 10 lbs)
  • Indo-Pacific Permit – 3 (1 of 15,5 lbs)
  • Bluefin Trevally – 31
  • GTs – 2 (Biggest 105 cm)

Till next week,

The FlyCastaway Guide Team

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