Farquhar Blog: 8-15 Nov 2017

Farquhar Blog: 8-15 Nov 2017

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur third week of the opening season on Farquhar after the cyclone Fantala hit the island in 2016; the newly built guest house has seen two groups of guests enjoy its facilities. This week we welcomed some new comers to the atoll as well as some familiar faces and party of two guests doing an extended trip. After touching down mid-morning on the atoll the guests enjoyed a few welcome drinks and snacks and then a safety briefing on the week’s activities, settled into their rooms and enjoyed lunch. We got right into tackle setup, ensuring everyone was ready for the week. Our guests were then able to have a short afternoon session where a few impressive Geets and Bones were landed around the lodge on the home flat, setting the tone for the week ahead.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveryone was up early and raring to go, in search of that fish of a lifetime. After a full breakfast our guests jumped on the boats and headed out. As we head into neap tides the sheer amount of water expands the options for the fish as they now have multiple entry and exit points from which to choose from to hunt and ambush prey making the window of opportunity for our guests longer but at the same time finding the right depth and fish holding water the challenge. With the western side of the lagoon holding more clear water some chose to explore this option while others chose to do a surf walk. With a morning high a few guests opted to try their hand at some blue water to try and see if they could raise a Sail fish, there were a few raised but non committed to the fly on the switch. The GTs were around in solid numbers and a few came to hand. Congratulations to Chantel for landing her first Geet of the week at 79cm and to Ferdi for yet another Geet, this one measuring 78cm. The wait was finally over for Eugene who had hooked 6 Bumpies the previous week but hadn’t managed to convert, this day saw him land a fine 78cm specimen. Well done to Christian for his first Farquhar Bumpie, stretching the tape at 103cm. There were really high numbers of Bumpies around on the Atoll with a few more Bumpies hooked but bitten off during the fight. The Triggers were tailing hard and a few hook ups were lost, thankfully a few did come to hand with a first Trigger for Stephanie. There were many Bones landed today and a few big ones. The species count opened with a bang with a whole variety of reef dwelling species coming to hand, including a big 80cm Boha for Andre.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a solid start to the week some guests were keen to go and seek revenge on the previous day’s missed opportunities while others were in search of something specific. With the day’s fishing plans explained and briefings done we headed out. A midmorning high tide gave our guests the chance to go blue water fishing or frequent a land mass until the tide had receded enough to access the flats. With the eastern side of the atoll experiencing some warmer green water, finding the right conditions, water temperature and depth was going to be crucial. The Geets were around and a few came to hand, huge congratulations to Stephanie who on day one had hook ups with the predatory Geets that just didn’t work out. Today she turned it around and converted to land a fine 81cm Geet and her first ever, this fish was swimming with a shark and another GT over a white sandy bottom on the highway; after making the cast both Geets charged the fly and the smaller of the 2 got to the fly first and engulfed it. The day was an eventful one with the powerful GTs causing havoc – a rod snap during the fight and a rod pulled out of a guest’s hand as the Geet turned on the gas and with it went the rod lost to the ocean. It was an incredible day for Nadine who completed a Grand Slam with a Permit of 50cm, a Trigger of 45cm and a reputable 66cm GT, well done Nadine! The Triggers were around in good numbers with a few being landed but unfortunately more battles being won by the fish at this stage.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHot and humid with little to no wind was in store for our guests on the third day, finding blue cool water was the way to go. Andre getting it done on a nice Bumpie of 86cm, this fish was the lead fish in a pod of 12 Bumpies tailing over the turtle grass flats. This fish put up a solid tussle and 35min later the fish was landed. The Geets were around in solid numbers and unfortunately for the fishermen won the day with a few hooked but none landed. There were good numbers of Bones landed and an impressive 25inch bone caught by Ferdi off a white sand flat, this fish was swimming alone just off the beach. The species account was especially high today as the high water gives our guests the opportunity to catch some of Farquhar’s incredible species with a nice 67cm Boha landed by Chantel off a coral head.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a solid breakfast our guests were ready to head out to try and land that fish of a lifetime. As the week progresses some have lost a few battles with fish and some have been won, at this stage of the week specific species are usually targeted by some and one guest who made it happen today with the holy grail of fish was Andre, landing a sizable Permit, this fish fell prey to an accurate presentation and tailed on the fly, charging off after the hook set taking Andre well into his backing a few times, this beautiful fish was 69cm, a fantastic achievement! With there being good volumes of water around the GTs were smashing bait that was packed close to shore in and around the coral ridges making for some exciting eats. There were Geets caught today by Ferdi and son Eugene up to 85cm during a long surf walk. A GT was also hooked and a shark landed as the hooked GT was smashed by a Blacktip and then hooked, after some exciting visuals the shark was landed. The Triggers won the day with the hook ups ending in the fish’s favour while the Bones are keeping our clients’ rods bent and reels screaming.



IMG_0214Nearing the end of the week our guests have enjoyed themselves immensely, sampling the diverse range of species this incredible fishery has to offer. With a mid-morning high we still got to experience an increase in water depth through the morning bringing with it some cooler water and feeding fish. After having racked up all but one of her target species Chantal was determined to land a Bumpie today and she got the job done with an impressive fish of 105cm, this fish was landed off the turtle grass flat and was in a huge pod of around 25 fish. This fish was the lead fish, the pod tailing on the turtle grass, after stalking these fish for 3 hours Chantal got the fish to eat and then the battle began; after a 35min fight the fish was landed much to her delight. She also managed a solid 80cm Geet as well as a few other fish through the day. There was another special fish for our guest Hani today who was hunting his first GT of the week, after hooking and parting ways with a few it all came together with a fish of 81cm. This fish was hooked swimming with another 3 Geets. A well-presented cast and the GT peeled off from the group and smashed the fly. There was a Geet for Christian as well of 72.5cm, this fish on the back of a sting ray on the flats. The fish didn’t hesitate and shot off the ray, charged the fly and took off.


IMG_0337Into the final day and a few of our guests were still in search of that special fish. With an afternoon high, giving our guests a solid morning session getting to fish the entire push and most of the drop the day was looking good, stable weather around, low winds and high humidity made the last day picture perfect. There was still some warm water around on the eastern side of the inside of the lagoon so our guests opted for surf walk and some headed out to the western side of the atoll which had been dropping and pushing blue. In search of yet another special fish, the Bumpie, Christiaan headed out on the final day with high hopes and had a day to remember! He landed 2 Bumpie slams off the turtle grass flats – a solid 95cm and 80cm respectively as well as a few Bones to complete the slam. The Bumpies were landed 20 minutes apart, both from the same school of fish tailing hard on the flats, the first being the lead fish in the school, after epic battles both fish were landed. It didn’t end there for Christian though, he also landed an 80cm Geet that had been spotted cruising with a shark. There were some big Bones hooked and lost in the surf with a few decent specimens landed. The species account increased as most of our guests had caught their targeted species and wanted to catch a variety of the Farquhar species on offer. After a tricky week with high water a solid amount of fish were landed and our guests had a great time . We shared stories over a final dinner and made plans to keep in contact, many of our guests already looking to book for next year, having enjoyed their stay and the comfort of the new guest house as well as the food and hospitality.


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