Providence: 3-10 April 2018

Providence Blog: 3-10 April 2018

9B3A1332The first day of our fourth trip of the season started off solidly with good numbers of fish on the flats. Shamal, who is no novice when it comes to landing big fish got the monkey off his back with a solid GT of 101cm, whilst his teammates Deon and Mike also got in on the action before the first day came to a close.

DSCF0036The opening day will however be remembered for a very special fish, Lee’s 120cm  certainly the biggest fish of it’s species we are aware of coming out on the fly. Congrats Lee! John who was only 16 years old had a great time with the multitude of species Prov has to offer, whilst Matt, Hal and Spencer all new to the Indian Ocean managed to get their first ever GTs on fly during our first day out.

DSC_0669Hal came in with an amazing fish on the second day, his 109cm GT our second metre plus fish for the week. Jim too joined the GT club with his first GT on the fly and when Lee landed his first GT on fly, everyone had ticked the box.

The rest of week produced some solid fishing, although we did experience a bit of warm water around the atoll. This seemed to make the Bumpies encounters scarcer than normal. The Triggers were around in good numbers on our neap tides later in the week but they almost won the battle on us this week until Lee managed to make it happen on the last day with a solid Yellow Margin.


Tyler managed to tame a beast of a GT on the second last day chasing his fish down for a few hundred metres before finally getting the cast in. The fish turned and smoked the fly and after all was send and done we had we had our third fish over a meter with his 113cm prize. Great job Tyler!

DSCN0292Shamal had one fish that he really wanted to tick off his bucket list. So when he landed a rare Saddle Back Grouper his excitement was audible for all to hear, The Milkfish were a bit scarce this week, although a few Sailies and large numbers of Yellowfin Tuna busting up bait provided some exciting blue water action.

So despite some warm water build up making conditions slightly tricky, some great fishing with a great bunch of people was the lasting theme as everyone boarded the plane back home to Mahe. Our numbers for the week were as follows:

GTs – 61

Triggers – 1

Napoleon Wrasse – 2

Bonefish – 25

Other species – 187

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