Providence Blog: 14 – 21 Nov 2017

Providence Blog: 14 – 21 Nov 2017

After having enjoyed two productive expeditions already, excitement levels and expectations for our third trip of the season were right up there!

SAM_3451Day 1: Our first morning and we headed straight out onto the flats where we enjoyed the tail end of the dropping tide as well as the full pushing tide. The Triggerfish were around in good numbers and we managed to hook a few. Congrats to Nic who managed to win his battle with a feisty Giant Triggerfish. The GT’s were also around in healthy numbers, which provided some great opportunities. Congrats to Olli who managed who land three during his first day out, including a solid fish that was spotted hugging the back of a stingray. Other guys who enjoyed tussling with Providence GT’s included Gerry, Spencer, Vince, Kris and Randy. Well-done chaps!


Day 2: Our friends the Bumphead Parrotfish were around in good numbers today, happily tailing on the flats. Despite a few coming off prematurely, Vince held his nerve and landed his ‘top of the list’ species when our first Bumpy for the week ended up in the net. The GT fishing was slightly on the slow side but we still managed to get a few to hand.  Olly landed a beautiful 94cm fish, which had been spotted holding stationary in a pot like depression, whilst Nic, Gerry, Spencer and Kris successfully fought their own GT’s before the day came to an end. The Sailfish also made an appearance with quite a few being raised up. Randy and Spencer both capitalized, each of them landing prime specimens. It was a good day out with everyone looking for more of the same in the days to follow.

IMG_2147Day 3: We were all eager to get back out on the flats for a better portion of the dropping tide as well as the best part of the push. Added to which the weather was holding nicely and everyone was extremely positive heading out. We fished in areas of the south as well as the mid section of the atoll, both producing some solid GT action as well as some other variety.  Spencer landed one GT, Kris and Gerry each managed two, whilst Randy who fished really well on the day capitalized with four GT’s before we headed back to the Dugong. The Bumpies were still around in big pods but unfortunately none came to hand. Late in the afternoon we headed offshore to look for a Sailfish or two, subsequently being treated to multiple fish being raised. Kris managed to convert one of the opportunities and we had our first Sail for the trip! Congrats Kris!

IMG_3899Day 4: After seeing good numbers of GT’s in the midway and southern areas the day before we opted to stick to these zones and it sure paid off! Congrats to Spencer, Vince, Mike, Olly and Jeff for getting one each to hand for the day and to Gerry and Randy for landing two each for the day, Randy also breaking the meter mark with personal best fish of 104cm. Well done sir! Congrats must also certainly go out to Nic for landing three GT’s during his day out. And lets not forget about the species fishing on this atoll, the guys landing some great range of species including Bohar’s, grouper, emperors, Bluefin and many more. The bluewater fishing however was truly on fire. With free jumping Sailfish and Tuna all around we managed to tease up a load of fish, Jeff and Gerry each managing to land Sails before the day came to end. Another truly awesome day out on Providence!

IMG_0704Day 5: The tides are just getting better and better and we headed out to make the most of it. Good numbers of GT’s were seen by all, and with our guests now well into their stride and making more and more opportunities count we had a stellar day. Spencer, Randy, Gerry, Olly and Nic each landed a fish a piece, whilst Mike and Vince came home in style with a brace of fish each after some exciting moments in the surf line. The Sailfish were still around in big numbers which continued to add excitement at the end of the day, sadly we had quite a few hooks pull but Kris got it done once again when he landed his second billfish for the trip. Great Job Kris!

IMG_2147Day 6: We decided to do some exploring on the final day of the trip and head across to an area that has seen very few anglers. The long runs and effort were however rewarded with good numbers of GT’s encountered and landed throughout the day. Spencer hauled in one for the day, Jeff and Olly two each, whilst Mike and Vince capitalized big time, each of them landing three to cap off their final day on the water with us. Great job guys! Another notable encounter were the good numbers of Permit we saw in this area. Sadly none made it to the net but definitely a mental note made by the guides on this exciting find. This capped off a really exciting week on the atoll once again. The flats had fished well and with the high numbers of Sailfish around we were able to provide our guests with a truly unique saltwater fly fishing adventure. Thanks to all of them for joining us…we hope to have them back someday soon.

Until next time

The Providence guide Team

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