Providence Blog: 21-28 Nov 2017

Providence Blog: 21-28 Nov 2017
C16A3473-1Day 1: We started off our week with half moon neap tides that included an early morning high tide. This allowed us to fish a good drop late morning tide and as well as a push during the afternoon. The GTs were around in solid numbers with Stefan managing to land our first two for the trip. The ladies Waltraud and Maria then got into the action each of them opening their account with a fish apiece. There was also some great species action throughout the day to ensure spirits were high at the end of our first day out.

IMG_2734Day 2: The GTS were around in good numbers today and our guests really capitalized! The team of Bern, Stefan and Alex really got stuck into it, between the three of them they landed 19 GT’s the biggest fish one of 103cm which was landed by Alex. The other teams also did well, Thomas landing two GTs, whilst Michael and Olly each got one. Maria’s day was equally special, her first “Slam” including a GT, Triggerfish and Bonefish. All in all it was a great day out with only our Bumpy friends being on the scarce side.

IMG_2535Day 3: After an exciting morning session over the high tide ticking off the species, we eventually got onto the flats where we found our friends the Bumpies. We had some solid hook ups but hooks pulling and snap offs was a recurring theme. The GT fishing continued to impress, good numbers of fish prowling around sharks and rays. Waltraud got a nice one, Alex smashed them again with five, Thomas four solid fish and Stefan not far behind with two. The fishing was great and best of all we had found these fish in some newish areas that we have not spent much time on.

C16A2986-1Day 4: We headed out for some offshore action over the early morning high tide action. The Sailies were around in great force and with 30 mins Alex, Stefan and Thomas each had one at the boat. Just incredible! The Triggers were around in good numbers on certain parts of the atoll, Stefan making them shots count when he landed his biggest Giant Triggerfish to date. Congrats! The GT’s were not around in huge numbers today but we still managed a few. Olly managed to tail three for the day, Alex another two, whilst Bern and Maria each managed to land one. We also managed to land some seriously good-sized Bluefin Trevally, another highly underrated and common species on this amazing fishery.

C16A3552-1Day 5: We again headed straight out for some Sailfish action in the morning and it sure paid off, with both Waltraud and Olly getting beautiful big sailfish by the side of a tender. Maria continued on her good form and landed two sails before the morning session when quite. Congrats! The GT fishing was solid but no fireworks, however Stefan did manage our second 100cm fish for the week. Congrats! Alex also managed another one but it was his 105cm Bumphead parrot, which will surely stay with him for along time to come. Awesome fish Alex.  Unfortunately the Bones continue to be a bit scarce but the species fish was simply off the charts.

C16A1825Day 6: The tides allowed for a full day out on the flats. The Triggers were subsequently around in good numbers and despite quite a few being lost, Stefan had them under control and managed to land a beastly sized Yellow-Margin Triggerfish (#rollingbeadcrabforthewin ). Michael and Waltraud ended their week off strong with one GT each for the day but as a group we probably should have landed more considering the solid numbers encountered. The species fishing continued to impress, the variety of fish landed for the day a real standout. Well done however to Bern for making it happen today on a Sailfish late in the day to cap off a really enjoyable week with a great bunch of people.

Until next week

The Providence Guide team

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