Providence Blog: 5 – 14 March 2023

The opening week of our March – May 2023 fly fishing season saw us welcome a group of guests to our favorite fly fishing destination in Seychelles for the third consecutive year. Following a round of excited hello’s and a quick tender boat run from Providence Island to our trusty mothership, we set about readying our everyone’s gear for their customary extended 9-night/8-day trip with us.

Day 1 saw us treated to excellent weather with clear skies and a slight breeze originating from the west. Our group which consisted of eight anglers got stuck into the action immediately landing 23 GTs for the day. Scott opened his account in style landing an impressive 6 GTs while Charlie, a newcomer to the group brought his first-ever Seychelles GT and Milkfish to hand. Ivan followed suit by landing a powerful Milkfish and 5 GTs to close off a very productive day of fly fishing on Providence Atoll.

The pleasant weather continued during day 2 and provided our guests with the perfect conditions to tackle the larger GTs found throughout the atoll. Scott, who is no stranger to landing big fish on Providence managed to find himself in the right place at the right time bagging a monster 117cm GT. His fish was picked from a school that was following a large shark. Great job, Scott! The father and son team of Jeronimo and Camillo made hay while the sun shone and managed to land 3 GTs respectively. Kyle enjoyed a stellar day adding 6 GTs to the tally which clocked 23 by day end. Well done guys!

Day 3 and no change in the conditions, still perfect. Our group enjoyed excellent fishing with Juan landing 4 GTs himself while brother Jeronimo went on to land the first Triggerfish of the season and another 2 GTs. Scott continued to enjoy the action on the big fish front. This time he found himself attached to an immensely strong 113cm GT which had his reel working overtime before it was tamed. Kelly however landed the standout catch of the day when he hooked a massive 118cm GT that was found in a large lagoon. Our end-of-day tally saw us land another 23 GTs…incredible fishing!

The 4th day saw our team explore areas of the atoll known to deliver a variety of grouper, snapper, and wrasse species. The plan paid dividends with the standout catch of this session going to Jeronimo who managed to bag himself the iconic Napoleon Wrasse that measured over the 1-meter mark. Kyle maintained his streak of good fortune on the flats taming 5 GTs, however, the top rod for the day was Charlie who managed an impressive 7 GTs bringing the total count for the day to 18 GTs landed.

Day 5 and we were beginning to encounter more and more of the tailing fish species that frequent the atoll. Juan and Kelly enjoyed great fishing for both Bonefish and GTs landing 4 GTs and 6 Bonefish between them. One of Kelly’s bones measured 28,5 inches which put it in the region of 10lbs… Great catch Kelly! The GTs were still around in great numbers with a total of 18 landed for the day. The standout catches on this front went to Ivan and Charlie, a 107cm & 106cm fish respectively.

Day 6 saw a change in conditions with a strong draft and a bank of clouds hanging above the atoll. Despite the conditions, every flyfisherman in the group managed to land at least one GT. Kelly landed yet another 4 GTs, one of which stretched the tape to 115cm! Camillo, Kelly’s boat partner for the day also managed to land 3 GTs which brought the total of GTs for the day to 13.

Day 7 and the weather conditions were as they were the previous day. Despite the variable conditions, everyone in the group managed to land a GT with a total of 14 landed for the day. Charlie enjoyed the bulk of the action landing 5 GTs, one of which broke the meter mark measuring 103cm. It did not stop there for Charlie, while walking one of the lagoon edges, a very large blue shape emerged and tailed on a tapered turtle grass bank. It was quickly identified as a very large Napoleon Wrasse and after a couple of presentations, the wrasse charged the fly and engulfed it. Panic ensued as the fish sped off for his coral bommie home and after an intense tug of war Charlie managed to break the fish’s will to get to the coral and eventually landed. Great catch Charlie!

The weather finally broke for the final day of the trip and we were treated to clear skies and a light breeze prevailing from the southeast. It was decided that the family affair of Camillo, Juan, and Jeronimo would partner and fish together. They made the most of their day together with Juan landing a slam that included a Trigger, 3 GTs, and a 10lbs Bonefish. Jeronimo narrowly missed his slam landing a Milkfish and 2 GTs, 1 of which broke the 1-meter mark measuring 101cm. Camillo finally landed his Trigger bagging himself a beautiful Yellow Margin. Kyle came in hot again landing himself 4 GTs for the day. Charlie also kept up his good form saving the best for last managing 6 GTs for the day, two of which broke the 100cm mark measuring 109cm and 115cm.

This brings us to the end of an action-packed season opener on our favourite flats in Seychelles. Our catch tally for the week was:

  • 148 GTs (10 over 100cm)
  • 3 Milkfish
  • 3 Triggerfish
  • 10 Bonefish (2 over 10lbs)
  • 2 Napoleon wrasse (both over 100cm)

Till next week,
The FlyCastaway Guide Team

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