Farquhar: 18 – 25 April 2018

Farquhar Blog: 18-25 April 2018

IMG_1496This week on Farquhar we welcomed a group of 10 guests from the UK for our 6th week of the 2018 season. After a short fight from Mahe our guests touched down on the atoll. This week we are into full neap tides meaning minimal tidal fluctuations between low and high, ensuring large volumes of water on the atoll throughout the day. With an early morning push and a late afternoon low our guests got to enjoy the entire drop throughout the week. The weather was tricky during the first part of the week as our guests were greeted by dark and windy conditions with a north easterly changing to north westerly blowing 40 knots at times but as the week progressed the weather improved and with it, so did the fishing.

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The GTs were around in solid numbers with twenty six landed for the week as well as an amazing Bumpy week with six successfully coming to hand together with four Triggers. Fishing friends Robert and Eric enjoyed the atoll, with Eric landing his first GT on the last day, and Robert landing two GTs during the week, the biggest being 92cm. Dominic enjoyed a fantastic start to the week, landing a big Bumpy on the first day, and going on to tussle with numerous Geets, unfortunately none coming to hand. Patrick landed a Bumpy as well as three GTs, the biggest being 87cm. Gilan landed the biggest GT of the week, a monster fish of 114cm. Richard had a great week landing a Bumpy and three GTs. Father and son duo Hamish and Tarquin had a great week with son Hamish landing two GTs as well as Tarquin landing a Trigger slam on day 4 with a GT of 104cm, a Moustache Triggerfish and a Bone. His week also included a further two Triggers; a Yellow Margin Triggerfish and a Moustache Triggerfish as well as another three GTs. David also had a fantastic week landing a Bumpy slam on day 4, a Bumpy, GT and a Bone to complete the slam. He went on to notch up a further three GTs. Tom had a solid week which saw him land a Bumpy slam on day 4 with a Bumpy, a GT and a Bone. Tom went on to land a further four GTs throughout the week, the biggest being 87cm. The Bones were around although not in huge numbers but this did not stop the guests from landing some solid Bones between 63-66cm.

IMG_1528This group of guests are already looking at dates and planning a trip back to this incredible fishery as all of our guests hooked numerous GTs and got to experience the power and agility of these incredibly strong fish as well as the Bones, Triggers, Bumpies and all the other species that Farquhar has to offer. The guests were highly impressed with the guest house and accommodation as well as the food making the week a resounding success.

Until next week

The Farquhar Guide Team.

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