Providence: 17 – 24 April 2017

Providence Blog: 17 – 24 April 2018

IMG_4805Welcome to the sixth and final week on Providence Atoll. After the consistency of the recent weeks with good numbers of fish around on the flats we were all eager to get out there to see what was in store for us.

The tides suited us to head straight over to the east with a morning dropping tide. We are still on spring tides so we have to be on the ball and full of energy to make it happen as the opportunities that present themselves will be quick ones. Brian (from Fly Water Travel) who has been anticipating this trip for a while wasted no time getting stuck into his first GT for the trip along with Roger who has fished the outer atolls of the Seychelles a good number of times. On the other hand TJ, who is a first timer to the Seychelles didn’t take long to put his first GT ever to his name and not long after followed with his second. The fish which stands out was caught by Watty, after thinking it was a shark for a while it actually turned out to be a solid GT eating the fly and after a good tussle on the fish they finally managed to win the battle, landing a beast of 120cm, well done – truly a fish of a lifetime!

RSCN1452As the week progressed the weather turned for the worst with dark skies and rain for the majority of the week which made for tough spotting. The fish were around in good numbers still which forced us to concentrate even harder, Nicole and Kevin (after having just completed a week on Farquhar) did not take long to tail their first Geets for the week, together with Basil (who has been having a love hate relationship with these fish after them winning the battle on a few previous trips) he finally won this time landing a couple GTs for the week, congrats Basil!

IMG_4853Bully got it done as well by getting the second fish over a metre for the week, measuring in at 101cm, well done Sir. The Bumpies were around and making their presence known in huge numbers on the later neap tides of the week with Penka, Brian, TJ, Roger, Judah and Rob all managing to capitalize and land their first ones ever which was an awesome achievement as anyone who has ever tangoed with one of these beast would know you feel completely under gunned – hooking it is one thing but the landing part is where things get challenging! We also experienced some really good Bone fishing despite the bad light, it wasn’t tough seeing 5+lb fish tailing in super skinny water.

RSCN1449The Triggers were around in decent numbers with Penka and Brian managing to get one each of these tricky fish to hand. On the final day the skies finally decided to clear which increased everyone’s hopes for a great final day and it sure paid off with good numbers of GTs, Bumpies and species coming to hand. Judah landed his first GT ever on a fly rod and as he is a conventional angler says it was an unforgettable experience and the whole charge and eat will stay clear in his mind for a long time to come. All in all it was a tougher week out there but we still managed to get some good fish to hand and most importantly we all had a lot of fun.






Until next season,

The Providence Guide Team.

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