Farquhar Blog: 12 – 19 Oct 2018

Farquhar Blog: 12-19 October 2018

IMG_6754We welcomed a very excited bunch of guests onto the atoll on the 12thof Oct, most of whom were pretty new to fly fishing. We were subsequently super excited to show them what Farquhar had to offer. From a tidal point of view we were on a full neaps, with the mid-morning high tides allowing our guests the opportunity to fish the last bit of the pushing tide and the entire dropping tide.


These tides typically produce better fishing for the tailing species such as Bumpies and so it was when in the end we hooked ten of the gentle green giants. Sadly only one was landed but the thrill of casting at those enormous flagging tails will certainly not be forgotten in a hurry by the group. The GT fishing was unfortunately tough this week as we only managed to hook five, landing three of these normally aggressive predators. Some solid Bonefishing and Trigger fishing also provided good sport but it was Farquhar’s offshore fishing which really made an impact this week. Forty two Sailfish were raised, sixteen were hooked and five were landed. On top of this ten Dogtooth Tuna, four Yellowfin Tuna and two Wahoo provided some adrenaline filled moments in the deep blue. Having an offshore fishery capable of producing that level of fishing is testament to how diverse this atoll really is.

DSC_0659Four friends who were completely new to fly fishing had a great week on Farquhar, Nick landed two beautiful Sailfish (200cm and 207cm) as well as a tank 185cm Wahoo and a 85cmGt. Gert enjoyed a solid week landing a Dogtooth Tuna, some big Bluefin Trevally in excess of 70cm and loads of species. Johan got stuck into a Dogtooth Tuna of 110cm and a Yellowfin Tuna of 110cm, whilst Henk hooked and fought multiple Sailfish and landed a great different number of flats and reef species. Father and son who were also new to fly fishing had a special week as father Kelvin landed a 220cm Sailfish on his birthday whilst his son Shaun landed a tank Dogtooth Tuna of 136cm as well as a 82cm GT.

Farquhar Atoll - Seychelles

Jonathan landed a 70cm GT and although he had very little fortune in landing them, he showed great skill by hooking 6 Bumpies during the second week with us. His partner for the week Pierre had a pretty good week, landing a Bumpy, a Golden Trevally of 78cm as well as a Sailly of 195cm amongst some other flats and reef species. Brothers Louis and Stefan had some great offshore success, Louis landing a Sailfish of 203cm, a Dogtooth Tuna, two meter long Yellowfin Tuna and to top it off a beautiful Wahoo of 110cm.

We would like to thank all our guests for a really enjoyable week and really hope to see them back on Farquhar in the future.

The Farquhar Guide Team

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