Farquhar Blog: 26 Oct – 2 Nov 2018

Farquhar Blog: 26 Oct – 2 November 2018


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Our week with a group mostly made up of return visitors to Farquhar started with a mid-day spring tide. This allowed us to fish the full drop and pushing tide for the first couple days of the week moving to neaps into neap tides as the week developed. The weather was somewhat challenging for the first few days of the week but cleared up nicely with us enjoying a good 4 days of great weather conditions.


IMG_3529The GT fishing was fantastic this week, 20 of the 39 hooked fish being landed. Matvey landed our largest for the week, his 99cm part of a truly special moment with good friend and fishing partner Alexander. Alfredo opened his GT account with a stunning 90cm GT on the first morning of the week. This was Alfredo’s first ever GT on Fly and he managed to land another later in the week. David in particular fished well and had a cracking week, landing 9 GTs of varying sizes. Superb fishing!


The Bumpies also provided good chances throughout the week, in the end we landed 4 of the 7 we had hooked. David landed his first and second Bumphead Parrotfish on fly on the same day and when he managed to land a GT as well as a Bonefish before the day was done he had completed our Bumpy Slam. Congrats! Matvey and Andrey also managed to hook and land their first Bumphead Parrotfish on the fly. Well done guys! The Triggers were busy on the flats this week, our managing to hook 7 but only a beautiful Yellow Margin caught by Alexander and a strong Titan landed by Gennadii. Gennadii’s fish was part of our second Slam for the week, the other two species on the day including a Bonefish and GT. Great job!


We also experienced some terrific Bonefishing this week, all the guests landing solid numbers before the week came to a close. Our offshore fishery continued to fire. Two Sailies, multiple Tuna, some Rainbow Runner and a 115cm Dogtooth Tuna landed by David capped off a really enjoyable week highlighting Farquhar’s terrific species possibilities.  It was a great week with a great group of people and we look forward to welcoming them back to Farquhar soon.

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