Providence Blog: 30 Oct – 6 Nov 2018

Providence Blog: 30 Oct – 6 Nov 2018

Our opening week of the Oct – Dec 2018 saw us welcome many familiar faces along with some new ones, all of whom were really excited to see what incredible fishing Providence had in store for them.


Day 1 – We came across good numbers of Milkfish feeding offshore whilst heading out to the flats and it didn’t take long before we had our first one of the season in the net. Congratulations to Jean Louis for not only landing one but two Milks to get our season underway. The GT fishing started off well,  good numbers of fish coming to hand before the opening day was done. Well done Bertrand who landed our first fish over a meter, his beautiful specimen measuring a solid 102cm.

IMG_4336Day 2 – The atoll was looking good with big numbers of fish patrolling the flats and it didn’t take long until the second GT over a meter was landed. Stephane managed to make the perfect cast on a beautiful oceanside fish after it had slowly drifted in with the surf. After a solid tussle his beast 109cm fish came to hand.  Malik had a great day as well, landing 3 GTs for the day and unfortunately losing a big Napoleon Wrasse whilst fishing the north eastern lagoons of the atoll. The Triggerfishing was superb, countless fish spotted tailing on the edges and fingers of the lagoon. Well done to Jack, Bertrand and Stephane for all getting a Trigger to hand for the day. Bertrand’s Trigger capped off a special day for him with our first SLAM ( Gt, Trigger and Bonefish on one day).

Day 3 – The fishing was on fire. Large numbers of GTs came to hand and to top it off the Bonefish were happy and hungry tailing in super skinny water, the Bones ranging from 22-28 inches. The bluewater also offered some incredible fishing, with some really big Tuna and Sailfish being landed. The Bumpies were the only major target species missing, however huge numbers of Bluefin Trevally ensured everyone was kept busy and alert throughout the day.

Day 4 – We continued to enjoy great weather and ideal spotting conditions, the good numbers of GT’s, Bones and Triggers providing great sport for the entire group. On the Bluewater side of things, Alberto and Stephane both enjoyed the thrill of landing Sailfish on fly. Congrats guys!

IMG_4349Day 5 – We headed out early to enjoy a morning pushing tide, some of the guests on the hunt for Triggers and others more GTs.  Jack landed another Moustache Trigger, whilst Jean Louis landed two beautiful yellow margin trigger fish. Jean Louis’s fish complete an incredible day of angling, other notable fish for him on the day including a solid Bonefish, a GT and to top it all off his third Milkfish for the week. Stephane who also managed to get a Milky to the net in an awesome session with good numbers of fish feeding hard in the late afternoon. A great day!


Day 6 – Good numbers of GT’s continued to come out, Stephane in particular reaping the rewards for some good angling. He landed our third fish over a meter after about 30 well conditioned fish were spotted tailing on the turtle grass. His fish didn’t hesitate eating the fly and gave a solid fight before being tailed. Stephano who specifically came for a Triggerfish finally ticked the box with a very special Triggerfish. Well done! To top it all off Jack managed to land his first Milk on the fly, Stephane following suit with his second of the week. Great job guys.

In total we landed the following numbers during the week:

  • GTs x 80
  • Bonefish x 31
  • Triggerfish x 10
  • Sailfish x 9
  • Milkfish x 6
  • Species x 108

All in all it was a great week and we cannot wait to see what next week has in store for us!

The Prov Guide Team

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