Providence Blog: 6-13 Nov 2018

Providence Blog: 6-13 Nov 2018

IMG_4384Day 1 – our first day out and the GTs were around in good numbers. It wasn’t long when Mike was onto a solid oceanside fish whilst Mel, Bomber and Matt also enjoyed landing their 1st GT on fly. All the guys were was also very keen on adding to their species lists…they had come to right place land 14 different species on their first day out alone. The Bumpies are back and happily tailing on the flats, John managing to present a perfect crab imitation to a fish which kicked it up. He got a huge shock as to how strong these fish are, but after a good tussle the fish was finally netted and measured at 108cm!

Day 2 – Our second day and the atoll continued to deliver the goods with more guys landing their first GT on fly. The species fishing continued to impress with guys managing to land more great variety including Mel’s great Napoleon Wrasse.


Day 3 – A strong south westerly wind had arrived and as such we took the Mayas Dugong over to the eastern side of the atoll. This area still needs to be fully explored although we have certainly seen its potential. On the GT front we saw some really big fish, some of which were lost. We also came across some Permit, Bomber managing to hook one of these amazing fish although it sadly found it’s way into the coral. Bad luck Bomber The Bumpies were also tailing hard in good numbers and your guests continued to enjoy some  great species fishing including some Bohar Snappers in the region of 20lbs.

Day 4 – A morning dropping tide on the eastern edge saw some amazing fish coming to hand. Eric finally broke the meter mark with a beautiful ocean GT measuring in at 106 cm and later on catching a beautiful Napoleon Wrasse. His fish was over a meter and was sight cast to on the flats…truly a remarkable catch! Mike landed our second meter plus GT, his 110cm fish giving a great account of itself before it surrendered. To cap off the day, Lee managed to get a Bumpy to his name which was taken out of a small pod of fish feeding on a mottled coral flat on the dropping tide.

IMG_7013Day 5 – The flats were a little slow but the guys managed to capitalise on the shots that did come our way, everyone now having landing a GT during the trip. The coral heads which are full of life continued to provide action full of life, a huge variety of grouper snapper and emperors ensuring a great day out was still had by all. The bluewater fishing has also been rewarding on the high tides with some nice Tuna, Barracuda, Rainbow Runners and Green Job fish coming to hand.

Day 6 –  Our final day and the guys put in a big effort. Matt who after losing 8 bumpies throughout the week eventually overcame his nemesis and on top of that landed a 100cm GT  which was spotted drifting in the surf. A great effort Matt! John who has fished with us a couple of times also managed to land his first Bumpy on fly which was great to be a part of. And finally in the dying moments of the day and trip SHE arrived. Charging in towards Bomber at speed he held his nerve and the fly was engulfed. The end result was 114cm of pure aggression and the fish of lifetime! Great job Bomber.

Despite some tricky wind and weather conditions our group was stilled thrilled with the trip. The sheer diversity of fish species and fishing scenarios clearly leaving an impression not easily forgotten. We hope to see them all back out with us in future seasons. The tally at the end of the trip being:

  • GTs x 74
  • Bumpies x 6
  • Triggers x 1
  • Species x 280

Until next week

The Prov Guide Team

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